The Benefits of Promotional Pens

When considering marketing and branding options, make sure not to skip promotional pens. They will be just a fragment of your advertising costs and will bring in a lot more than they’re worth. You doubt it? Well, keep reading, and you’ll begin to see the benefits of promotional pens and why they are the best selling promotional product in the UK.


First of All – Why Would You Want a Promotional Product?

You have the entire world of digital at your disposal, why bother with the physical?


Well, Here are Three Good Reasons, For a Start!

People love physical marketing – in this digital era of ours, ads are screaming at us wherever we look. If you’re on Facebook, your videos will be interrupted by ads, and between posts of your friends, you’ll see advertisements for all sorts of companies. When you’re browsing the internet, ads are popping out of everywhere. On the other hand, when you’re walking down city streets, billboards and flyers are everywhere. When you open any magazine or newspaper, you’ll notice that there are almost more ads than content. So, people get sick and tired of seeing and hearing ads.

That’s when promotional products are great. Not everyone is giving away pens to their customers, clients, or partners, so you get to be a bit different. Instead of bothering senses that are already overwhelmed, you can take a different road and give them an ad they can actually use in their everyday lives.

Branding benefits – promotional products will increase brand recognition. Also, people who receive branded promotional products from you will remember your brand for up to two years. Furthermore, when they need something from your niche, thanks to that promo product, your business will be the first one they check out.

Amazing return on investment – the life cycle of a branded pen is a couple of months. That means that the audience you targeted will see your advertising message every day for months. If you buy printed pens in bulk, their prices are incredibly low. And that, in turn, means that those pens will reach hundreds, if not thousands of people for a minuscule price.


Promotional Pens are The Best Selling Promotional Product – But Why?

Sure, promotional products are popular, and have great potential when it comes to branding and marketing, but why would you choose custom printed pens? The answer is simple – because they are the number one promotional product worldwide and marketing with branded pens represents a unique way to increase brand awareness and create a product that truly reflects what your business is about.

When it comes to promotional products, it’s not about the real value, but about the perceived one. Anyone can buy a pen, but people still love getting them as promotional products. What’s more important, thanks to simple branded pens, they become your brand advocates. They will not just use that pen at work, school, or home – they will also be willing to tell people about how they got it and from whom.


But, why are pens so effective at this?
Why not mugs, or bags, or USB sticks?

Over 50% of consumers own promotional pens, and that’s a fact. Businesses know that this is the best way to get their money’s worth, as pens offer the best cost per impression. Better than any PPC campaign, search engine optimisation, or Facebook ad, proving that promotional products are worth the investment.


The Benefits of Promotional Pens

1. Price

When it comes to price, nothing can beat a printed pen. They are cheap to start with, and if you buy and print in bulk, they will cost you next to nothing per pen. That means that you get cheap branding and advertising on something that is wonderfully durable. Your foot in the proverbial door of your potential customers’ lives – for a few pennies for each pen.

The only thing we have to warn you about – don’t expect to take cheapest basic plastic option there is and get extraordinary results. Make sure to take a model that looks good – something that isn’t boring, and that customers will perceive as valuable. High-quality pens are still very budget-friendly when you order in bulk, and they will make a lasting positive impression on your customers.

2. Choices

This is where it gets exciting. You have so many choices that you’ll be shocked at first. There are banner pens, brand name pens, colouring ones, highlighters, markers, novelty pens, multi-function ones, recycled and ordinary pencils, stylus penscheap promotional pens, plastic pens and metal ones. However, if you sift through all the models, create a good design, and choose the right pen for your audience, you will be rewarded with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

3. Customer loyalty

Thanks to printed pens, you will be able to build a base of loyal customers. They won’t simply remember your brand but will also go to you for all of their needs in your niche. Once you give them your premium quality branded pens, they will remember you as a high-quality business that pays attention to details.

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4. Everyday exposure

If you choose the right model and do the branding properly, your printed pens will be in people’s eye-line most of the time. A good pen can last a long time, and a good-looking one is something people will want to use every day, and take to their place of work, where others will be able to see it.

5. Versatility and practicality

The golden rule of every good promotional product – give them something they need, and something that can be used frequently. Some businesses tend to give out things that end up in the garbage bin, or the back of a drawer. That’s a mistake, and that’s why promotional pens are so popular. We all write on a daily basis, which means that branded pens get a lot of use.


In the end

The point here stands – whatever you want to achieve with your branding and/or marketing campaigns, printed pens will definitely help you get there faster. If you make sure you choose the right audience, if you present everything properly, and you develop a good design, you will ensure customer loyalty and a long-lasting advertisement for your company.


Find the perfect promotional pens with GoPromotional

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