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Practical and low cost, branded canvas bags are popular reusable promotional products. With a large printing area they're perfect for growing brand awareness with current and new customers. College students use custom promotional bags to carry their books whereas high-street shoppers use them for retail purchases. Hand them out at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and charity events to great effect. Printed canvas tote bags are eco friendly advertising winners for business! Featuring your company logo, slogan and corporate message, canvas bags will carry your brand in style.

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5 Top reasons to use promotional canvas bags

Branded canvas bags are one of the best marketing tools to promote your company. They are low-cost, durable, useful, and stylish. Customers will use them and spread brand awareness for your company. There are many custom products you can use to promote your company, but not all work the same. Canvas bags will make a good impression when given to clients.

1. The many uses for canvas bags

These products are great because they have so many uses. They can carry school supplies, books, toys, or clothes. This means that customers will use them. High use rate is an important part of any branded product. If you want your brand to impress the client, they must use the item. Canvas bags are great for conferences and trade events.

When you hand out canvas bags, they can use them to carry other products at the event. After a while of use, they may throw out the other items, but they will keep your branded bag. They will use this bag every day and recall your branding and corporate message. This will work for any demographic or target market.

2. Canvas bags are washable, durable and sturdy

Promotional products are at their best when they last a long time. Branded canvas bags are perfect for this. Clients can put these bags into the wash with their other clothes with no problem. This helps for use as a grocery bag as leaks will not be harmful. To ensure the bag will last, instruct clients on how to wash them. Water heat can make a big difference in how long the bag will be useful and promote your company.

Canvas totes have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They do not weight much at all but are strong. They use a durable plain weave method. This keeps the bags soft while strong. You can use one of these bags for years with no holes or rips. After the bags wear out, your customers can turn them into other items for extra life. All of this means that your logo will be in their life for years. Every time they use this bag over a long-time frame, they will remember how your company has helped them. They will want to buy your products.

3. Use custom canvas bags for your business promotion!

When you put money to your marketing budget, make sure to buy high ROI products. If you spend your budget on low-impact items that don’t last long, you are wasting your money. Canvas tote bags spread your branding message for a great price. Feel free to contact for more information. Grab a bunch for big client meetings and company shows. You can buy some freebies for your next trade event. If you’re looking for a great branded product, you’ve got it in the bag!

4. Bags that are perfect for branding

These items have many aspects that make them ideal for customizing. They are easy to print on. Some materials do not take ink well and the process is messy and costly. Canvas is not like this. These bags will take the ink without any blurring at all. Once the ink sets, your client can wash or rub the fabric and the design will not come out. They have many custom options to make them perfect for your brand. You can choose from many changes that add style and flair to your branded bag. Longer handles, bottom gussets, extra pockets, and stripes are all options.

You can choose from extra fabrics as well. Burlap, denim, polyester canvas, and poly-canvas can all give your custom bag extra style. This helps your company make the bag that will work for your target market. Your promotional canvas bag should match the style of your company. These extra options help with that goal. Canvas bags are blank slates which makes them ideal for branding. If your company has a big logo or a long tag line, that is not a problem. With other products, you would have to choose which parts of your branding you want to include. With a canvas bag, your company can include a logo, slogan, and message and have extra space. You do not have to cut out any important parts of your company’s branding. You can show all the pieces that make your business unique.

5. Even more benefits to canvas bags

Canvas bags have a high ROI. They are low-cost to make due to the fabric being quite cheap to produce. While they have a stylish appearance, they cost little to make. This is perfect for making a lot of them on a small budget. With both a high impact and low cost, canvas bags are the ideal promotional product to brand with your company’s logo.

Canvas bags are bigger than other promotional products and can hold books, a laptop, or other accessories. This helps your branding and your clients. Clients will see a larger logo with more impact and will use the bag a lot. A smaller item might see less use because customers will not find them as practical. A canvas bag is big enough to hold any item they think to put in it. The more they use the custom bag, the more they see and think about your brand message.

Canvas bags are manufactured in heavyweight cotton, a plant resource which makes them environmentally friendly. They have now replaced plastic bags which harm the environment as the preferred choice for retail and marketing sectors. By distributing canvas bags you are demonstrating to customers that you care about climate change and the planet. This can only be seen as a positive message for any brand to be associated with in the current age.

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