Leavers Hoodies for Schools and Universities

Introducing 'Leaves Hoodies' - the perfect combination of comfort, style, and brand promotion. Custom printed leavers hoodies not only provide warmth but also offer a unique canvas to showcase your brand and represent a fantastic way for students to commemorate their time at university, college or school. Branded leavers hoodies act as a practical, keepsake on which students can print all their peers names to the back and their university, college or school logo to the front. Celebrating their achievements and friendships made, personalised leavers hoodies are a permanent reminder of 'where it all began'. We offer a wide range of custom printed leavers hoodies in many styles and colours all of which can be personalised with your design. In addition, we offer hoodies which are designed for school trips, university societies, sports teams, junior schools and so much more ...  

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AWDis Varsity Zipped Hoodies branded in a range of colours with a logo for student leavers
AWDis Varsity Zipped Hoodie
From: £15.62
Min Qty: 12
AWDis Street Hoodies printed with a design for student leavers at GoPromotional
AWDis Street Hoodies
From: £16.29
Min Qty: 12
AWDis Varsity Hoodies embroidered with a University logo at GoPromotional
AWDis Varsity Hoodies
From: £13.33
Min Qty: 12
Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirts printed with a univeristy logo for student gieaways in a choice of colour options at GoPromotional
Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt
From: £12.66
Min Qty: 12
Roly Urban Hoodies promotional branded with a logo for corporate promotions at GoPromotional Products
Roly Urban Hoodie
From: £14.64
Min Qty: 12
Fruit Of The Loom Classic Zipped Hoodies printed with corporate logos at GoPromotional
Fruit Of The Loom Classic Zipped Hoodie
From: £15.75
Min Qty: 12
AWDis Chunky Zipped Hoodies logo embroidered for college leavers
AWDis Chunky Zipped Hoodie
From: £23.71
Min Qty: 12
Gildan Heavy Blend Zipped Hoodies branded with a logo for event and charity promotions at GoPromotional UK
Gildan Heavy Blend Zipped Hoodie
From: £16.02
Min Qty: 12
Roly Urban Womens Hoodies pritned or embroidered with a logo for leisure and outdoor brand marketing events
Roly Urban Womens Hoodie
From: £14.64
Min Qty: 12
Roly Montblanc Full Zip Hoodies custom branded with a logo in a choice of colours for business event giveaways
Roly Montblanc Full Zip Hoodie
From: £15.28
Min Qty: 12
AWDis Womens College Hoodies printed with a logo in various colours at GoPromotional for student promotions
AWDis Womens College Hoodie
From: £13.53
Min Qty: 12
Custom Roly Kids Urban Hoodies branded at GoPromotional
Roly Kids Urban Hoodie
From: £12.73
Min Qty: 12
Uneek Classic Hooded Sweatshirts printed or embroidered with a corporate logo for exhibition and conference event marketing
Uneek Classic Hooded Sweatshirt
From: £10.02
Min Qty: 12

Custom leavers hoodies: Ensure the memories live on!

In recent years, custom leavers hoodies have become powerful tools that bring communities together through shared memories. Namely, they serve as mementoes from school or university days that can last for years and decades to come. Their power also lies in their practicality, as they are beloved garments during autumn and winter. Below, we will explore what else makes these pieces of clothing such powerful marketing items, so read on.

Distributing and using branded leavers hoodies

Leavers hoodies are most widely used by schools and universities. These institutions usually brand them with their logo and hand them out to students, helping them feel like a community. In addition, these custom personalised hoodies are superb gifts for graduating classes, as they give each student a lasting and tangible reminder of the time spent at their alma mater. Moreover, aside from schools, even summer camps and any other group-oriented organisations can benefit from branding these garments.

Leavers hoodies as walking billboards for your brand

The success of custom hoodies lies in their versatility. Namely, besides being a nice reminder of school days, they also help attract attention to the school’s message and logo. As such, your printed leavers hoodies easily become portable advertisements that continue being effective long after they leave campus. Over the years, they also can inspire others to enrol in those same establishments by improving their reputation.

Quality brands for leavers hoodies

To ensure your printed or embroidered leavers hoodies leave a good impression, it’s pivotal to buy them from quality brands. Good options include Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Uneek, and AWDS, among others. With them as a part of your promotional merchandise, building an institution’s good reputation will be seamless.

A wide range of options for hoodies

Another major benefit of leavers hoodies and custom clothing is how diverse they are. Namely, they come in many colours, styles, and sizes. In addition, you can choose from a variety of materials and branding methods.As such, the hoodies can easily fit into any establishment’s merch collections. Even more importantly, they can represent a school or university well to the rest of the world.

Lastly, it is also important to mention that the price range of leavers hoodies is quite extensive. Thus, they can fit into any budget and ensure you still have leftover funds for other promo plans.

Extensive printing and branding options

To capture the best your brand has to offer, you need a good visual identity. Luckily, you can achieve that with leavers hoodies. We offer a variety of printing options on our range of hoodies and branded sweatshirts. From screen printing, embroidery and the very latest in UltraHD print which allows us to reproduce full-colour images and logos to an exceptional standard.

Our team of professional graphic artists are on hand to help you choose the right apparel and assist you in creating an eye-catching design. We aim to help you increase brand recognition for your company at every event!

Buy your leavers hoodies today!

We offer an extensive range of custom leavers hoodies to choose from in many different colours, styles, fabrics and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your hoodies? Then maybe consider our range of custom water bottles, winter fleeces, outdoor rain jackets, custom caps, or even some corporate socks or shoe laces? These complimenting giveaways are perfect for college students and graduates alike.

For additional information on our collection of printed and embroidered hoodies and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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