Promotional Screen Cleaners

Branded screen cleaners are one of the most useful promotional products available today. Screen cleaners wipe away dust, smudges and grease without scratching mobile phones, computer monitors or tablets. It's easy to print your name and logo on these screen cleaners to use as customer appreciation gifts and trade show giveaways. Conserve your marketing budget with custom printed screen cleaners!

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Printed Sticky Screen Cleaners with your graphics in full colour
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Large
From: £0.31
Min Qty: 300
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Small
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Small
From: £0.20
Min Qty: 300
Large MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths personalised with your design at GoPromotional in full colour print
MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Large
From: £0.58
Min Qty: 300
Small MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths branded with a company design for employee giveaways
MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Small
From: £0.41
Min Qty: 300
Large Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths custom printed in full colour for office promotions
Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Large
From: £0.78
Min Qty: 300
Small Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths personlised with your brand design at GoPromotional
Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Small
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 300
Buzz Keyboard Multi-Screen Cleaner
Buzz Keyboard Multi-Screen Cleaner
From: £0.95
Min Qty: 100
ColourBrite Computer Power Sweeper
ColourBrite Computer Power Sweeper
From: £1.59
Min Qty: 250
Promotional Screen Saver Microfibre Cleaning Mouse Mats branded with a design for employee gifting
Screen Saver Microfibre Cleaning Mouse Mat
From: £2.24
Min Qty: 100
Angel Webcam Cover Screen Cleaner
Angel Webcam Cover Screen Cleaner
From: £0.39
Min Qty: 100

Custom printed screen cleaners - A new way of brand promotion

Living in a digital age, most people handle at least one screen on a daily basis. For many of them, this number is higher, because they usually have different phones, tablets, and laptops for work and leisure.

In such circumstances, finding tools that will help keep all these screens clean is pivotal. Screen cleaners are a perfect option, so it comes as no surprise that many brands have started including them in their promo campaigns.

Are you thinking of doing the same? In that case, read on - here is what you need to know about these practical promotional products.

What are branded screen cleaners?

As their name suggests, these products are specifically designed for cleaning screens. They are usually compact and light, which makes carrying them around and using them seamless.

When you add branding into the mix, you turn these useful tools into excellent portable billboards. And since people use them often, the screen cleaners can definitely bring a lot of impressions.

The practicality of promotional screen cleaners

Made of unique materials, these cleaners can keep screens clean of dirt, dust, and debris. In addition, they are highly effective at removing smudges or fingertip marks from screens.

People typically use them for phones, tablets, laptop screens, as well as TVs. Besides helping you eliminate dirt, they can also improve your viewing experience and reduce eye strain.

Who distributes logo printed screen cleaners?

From tech firms to corporate companies, many brands have started capitalising off of promo screen cleaners. Here are only some of the examples across various sectors:

? IT companies 
? Retail stores 
? Event organisers 
? Healthcare providers 
? Universities 
? Schools

…as well as many, many more!

Where to distribute personalised screen cleaners

Custom screen cleaners can help you stand out on many occasions, such as:

? Product exhibitions
? Trade shows
? Orientation programs
? Conferences

Screen cleaners offer great value for money

When planning a promotional campaign, it is pivotal to consider how high a brand’s ROI will be. In that regard, screen cleaners are a superb choice. Namely, they are a lot less expensive than many other promotional products. All the while, they are so practical that people use them every day, which ensures constant exposure for your brand. As such, they are incredible investments in the long haul.

What type of screen cleaners can be customised?

Many screen cleaner types are available on the market, with the most popular being:

? Sticky screen cleaners - can be attached to the back of devices, used, and then reattached for a more portable tool
? Microfiber screen cleaners - extra soft, ensuring they won't damage any screen

Extensive printing and branding options

At GoPromotional we offer a range of printing options on our branded screen cleaners. This includes screen printing through to the very latest in UltraHD print technology. This allows us to reproduce full-colour images and logos to a standard most suppliers can only dream of. Our team of artists are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection. This ensures that your logo is reproduced to the highest quality, and portrays your brand in style.

Buy your promotional screen cleaners today!

Custom screen cleaners are much more than ordinary promotional items. In reality, these are practical tools that are used daily, giving your logo constant exposure. As the digital age progresses and screens become more and more ubiquitous, products like this will only continue to gain popularity.

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive the very best possible prices on cleaning cloths. Why not compliment your order of screen cleaners with some additional technology related giveaways such as branded charging cables, practical power banks or even some practical custom notebooks and printed pens?

For additional information on our logo branded screen cleaners and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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