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Choosing custom printed bamboo pens as a part of your next marketing campaign will show what your brand stands for. These branded pens featuring your company logo are reliable, eco-friendly, and durable. Those are the attributes that your clients will associate your brand after they receive their pens from you. Promotional bamboo pens are perfect for people from any industry sector or in any profession. However, they will be especially fitting for those who care about the environment and ecology. 

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Eco-Friendly Contour Bamboo Pens personalised with a logo for environmentally conscious promotions
Contour Bamboo Pen
From: £0.63
Min Qty: 100
Kennedy Bamboo Pen Sets printed with your branding for eco-consicious promotions
Kennedy Bamboo Pen Set
From: £8.16
Min Qty: 25
Texas Sustainable Bamboo Pen
Texas Sustainable Bamboo Pen
From: £0.30
Min Qty: 250
Rushden Sustainable Bamboo Pen
Rushden Sustainable Bamboo Pen
From: £0.62
Min Qty: 100
Wrexham Bamboo Pen
Wrexham Bamboo Pen
From: £0.57
Min Qty: 100
Simplicity Sustainable Bamboo Pen
Simplicity Sustainable Bamboo Pen
From: £0.37
Min Qty: 100
Branded Workshop Spirit Level Bamboo Stylus Pens with your logo at GoPromotional
Workshop Spirit Level Bamboo Stylus Pen
From: £3.78
Min Qty: 50

Discover the Power of Branded Bamboo Pens: Promote Your Brand Ethically and Sustainably

When people think of corporate gifts, they often imagine boring stuff that nobody wants. But we can be different. We can get a batch of promotional products that show our love of eco-friendly practices, as well as our passion for big business. Couple that with a cost-effective plan, and we get branded bamboo pens!

There are plenty of advantages to using a bamboo pen as your go-to eco-friendly branded product. Sure, we can use cotton tote bags or reusable cutlery. But there’s just something magical about this item. Something that associates it with success.

Care to learn what it is? Well, this article will tell you everything an entrepreneur needs to know.

Custom printed bamboo pens for eco-conscious businesses

First, we have to ask ourselves: what kind of message am I trying to send to the world around me? What do I want my branded items to communicate to my clients? What about business partners or current colleagues?

Well, if we’re eco-conscious, we will want a line of promo items that sends that kind of message. Bamboo pens are made out of green, recyclable material that won’t pollute the earth. In fact, it’s often biodegradable, nurturing the soil once it’s run its course as a pen!

Bamboo pens are ideal for socially responsible organisations

Attracting a good business partner is difficult. It’s especially hard in the 2020s when our competition is so large and fierce. That goes double for a partner that’s socially conscious and wants to work on improving the world.

Believe it or not, logo printed bamboo pens may even help in that regard. When we offer them as promo items, we’re showing that we’re ready to conduct ethical business on every level. But more importantly, we signal to our clients that we know what they’re about and what their main mission is. In short, we’re saying, “We’re ready to go green — even with something as small as our promo items!”

Personalised bamboo pens are your ID card at eco-conferences and events

What would be one of the biggest steps forward for a modern company today? Attending a conference or an event that revolves around ecologically ethical practices. Now, we can leave a great impression by simply laying out our business plan going forward. But we must never forget about one crucial concept — “show, don’t tell.”

So, when a host or an attendee sees that we offer eco-friendly merch, they’ll know what we’re about. There really is no better way to signal our dedication to the green cause. After all, if we’re ready to invest money in sustainable items, we’re ready to invest in a green economy in general.

That’s how powerful corporate branded bamboo pens are. We don’t even need a pitch to present our company to anyone. They’ll get all the info they need just by knowing what our pens are made of!

Promoting ethical practices at schools, colleges and universites

Do we associate with colleges? Are we connected to high schools, elementary schools, or private schools of any kind? Are we maybe a dean or a principal at one or a tenured professor?

Whatever the answer may be, working in education is a plus for us. It will provide a good chance to share our values with the students. And share our bamboo pens, of course.

Educating the young about ethical, ecological practices ought to start small. So why not start with a cute, slender pen made out of sustainable material? It will definitely be an item a student will want to own. Moreover, it will be their first step toward becoming ecologically minded and ready to save the planet.

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly products

Can we go green without spending too much? Why, yes, and bamboo pens prove that! A versatile material, bamboo is sturdy yet biodegradable and, most importantly — renewable. We can source bamboo for thousands, even tens of thousands of promotional pens. And we’ll still be doing the planet a big favour and not polluting.

The benefits don’t end once the pens run out, of course. Even with used items, we get thousands of biodegradable bamboo sticks. When we discard them, they help by fertilising the soil and growing more food.

More importantly, bamboo is not really that expensive. In fact, making a batch of 500 pens will cost us roughly as much as manufacturing 500 pens made out of plastic or metal. So why not use the opportunity and save money by going eco-friendly?

Stylish branding for ethical consumers

Naturally, we can’t forget the absolute beauty of bamboo. Thanks to its colour and structure, it’s a fascinating material that makes each pen look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the material is lightweight yet durable. It’s the perfect combination for an item that someone uses frequently but wants to keep as a souvenir of sorts.

Interestingly, bamboo also provides a lot of options for logo placement. We can either do standard printing like we would on any other pen. Alternatively, we can try etching or engraving, and the effects we get are close to magical. In other words, we’re providing our clients or partners with a unique item that will also help save the environment.

Extensive branding options

Pad printing is the best method for these unique writing instruments. It places a custom colour print of a logo or name on the side of the pen. Laser engraved bamboo pens are high-class and are ideal for executive gifts and are sure to impress any big client. An engraved logo placed on barrel of the pen provides for a professional and classy feel.

Make a statement with printed bamboo pens!

The bamboo pen is a multi-purpose item. It will perfectly fit any portfolio of a reputable eco-conscious business. More importantly, we can combine it with a range of additional complimentary promotional merchandise or promo package.

Here at GoPromotional, we offer the best eco-friendly promo merch for any occasion. Our selection of bamboo pens proves it well enough. So don’t waste an opportunity to improve your business. Get yourself a batch of refined, stylish, and eco-friendly bamboo pens today!

Buy your eco-friendly bamboo pens today!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best possible prices. Why not explore our range of eco-friendly pens or alternatively, take a look at our full collection of pens and writing instruments? If you are specifically looking for environmentally friendly products then we have an extensive range of inspiring options for you to consider.

For additional information on our promotional bamboo pens and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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