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Gareth Parkin
As the founder of GoPromotional, with over 25 years of expertise, Gareth has developed an enviable reputation in the promotional merchandise industry. Many see him as the leading, trusted authority when it comes to online marketing. His inspiring articles and content help clients when deciding on their next order of branded promotional products. With an entrepreneurial mind, Gareth has his finger on the pulse of our UK operations. Responsible for marketing and technical operations he continually inspires the team with his vision and enthusiasm to continually be the very best.

Articles By Gareth Parkin


Promotional mints are a classic refreshing giveaway

Everyone enjoys a bit of refreshment during the course of their day. Branded mints are not only sharable, but portable and convenient as well, allowing brands to provide an item to their customers which they are sure to use and likely to expose to...


Welcome to our range of essential working from home products

With an increased risk of COVID-19 Coronavirus here in the UK, many businesses are asking their staff to work from home where possible. Working from home during such a crisis, or in general offers lots of practical benefits,...


Welcome to our range of healthcare promotional products

The big event is fast approaching! You and your team could be having a difficult time trying to decide which promotional products to hand out. Whether this is to both loyal customers or potential customers of your business....


3 Key reasons to use printed t-shirts!

When it comes to a promotional gift that sets the standard for marketing excellence, nothing comes close to branded t-shirts. Think about how many bands promote their albums by selling customised concert t-shirts. Another good example would be a...


Welcome to our range of promotional rucksacks and backpacks

Drawstring bags and backpacks are trendy promotional products, similar to printed tote bags, branded pens and travel mugs. Now more than ever, backpacks, are fashion accessories for people of any age. Stylish and useful, backpacks and...


Branded ice scrapers for winter promotions

During the winter we are all too familiar with rushing out of the house only to find the car windscreen is iced over! Just as bad you see, the driveway needs to be shovelled. Promotional plastic ice scrapers are the solution! Durable and...


4 Top reasons to buy branded promotional cooler bags!

Distributing cooler bags as part of your marketing strategy offers great advertising potential. They will boost your brand exposure and for the following reasons:- Practical, with mesh pockets, zippers, and plenty of pouches and storage...


5 Top reasons to use promotional canvas bags

Branded canvas bags are one of the best marketing tools to promote your company. They are low-cost, durable, useful, and stylish. Customers will use them and spread brand awareness for your company. There are many custom products you can use to...


The perfect way to market your brand with promotional badges

The use of branded badges as a marketing tool is a smart way to boost brand exposure. Use custom printed badges as unique freebies at corporate events and trade shows. People from all age groups be it, adults, elderly, kids love to wear badges. They...


Promotional products for the COID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

The current global pandemic has been a huge change for the world. Everyone must deal with the coronavirus. Promotional pandemic gear helps keep clients safe and spread brand awareness for your company. Help stop the spread of the virus with products...


A new era of marketing with branded stylus pens

Promotional stylus pens are becoming the newest trend in marketing, and it is easy to see why. Their ability to serve as both writing instruments and modern tech gadgets puts them miles ahead in front of any other promo item out there. If you...


Your logo on custom branded recycled pens

Branded environmentally friendly pens help you market your product while showing your brand wants to save the planet. Your brand’s public image plays a big part in sales. Eco-friendly promotional pens are a great tool to help. These branded...


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