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Gareth Parkin
As the founder of GoPromotional, Gareth has developed an enviable reputation as an expert in the promotional products industry with over 25 years experience. As an active member of the BPMA, ASI and Forbes Business Council, he regularly shares his wealth of industry knowledge and perspective in order to drive the branded merchandise sector forwards. With an entrepreneurial mind, Gareth has his finger on the pulse of our UK and international operations. Responsible for marketing and technical operations, he continually motivates the team with his vision, enthusiasm and desire to be the very best.

Articles By Gareth Parkin


Custom camping and picnic products - a practical way of marketing

In the ever-changing business landscape, brands must constantly seek new ways to stand out. Giving away practical yet effective promo products has proven to be the best option in that regard. Among the plethora of promotional items they can opt for,...


Personalised BBQ accessories - sizzling giveaways for your brand

Summer evenings go hand in hand with BBQs, just as corporate events go with giveaways. However, true magic comes when you combine them to create custom BBQ accessories. These genius marketing tools can captivate audiences unlike any other promo...


Promotional automatic umbrellas provide high brand visibility in all weathers

Rain usually evokes negative emotions, especially when it brings along cold weather and grey skies. However, brands can ensure people don’t dread rainy days by gifting them custom protective gear. Automatic umbrellas are a great example, as they...


Promotional calculators to elevate your brand

In today’s day and age, promo items that are equally practical and customisable have the most success. Calculators are one such example, as they blend utility and brand visibility. Below, we’ll introduce all the traits that make calculators the...


Branded car sunshades blending utility with promotion

In the ever-changing world of marketing, tangible branding remains a cornerstone of effective advertising. One excellent way for companies to stand out and increase brand recognition is by giving away custom car sunshades. In the sections that...


Drive up brand awareness with promotional car and motoring giveaways

Marketing can often feel repetitive in the business world, with most brands paying for custom billboards and digital ads. Thus, it is no surprise that companies prioritising tangible giveaways stand out a lot more easily. Car and motoring...


Custom card head logo message bugs: the ultimate giveaway items

In today’s day and age, brands that want to make a good impression need to customise and hand out memorable promotional items. Card head logo message bugs are an excellent example, as they blend practicality and marketing beautifully. Here is...


Promotional cycling accessories offer pedal power to your next promotion

Custom cycling accessories are gifts that anyone will appreciate, from casual riders to big enthusiasts. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many brands have started tapping into the practical and visible potential of these custom branded promo...


Executive desk blotters for corporate promotions

In the varied world of marketing products, custom desk blotters have recently emerged as one of the most popular options for brands across many industries. Seemingly simple, these products are affordable, visible, and easy to brand, making them a...


Timeless brand promotions with promotional desk clocks

In an age when digital clocks flash from every electronic gadget, many have disregarded the power of classic branded desk clocks. However, they still hold a unique place in the corporate world. Oozing both practicality and elegance, these desk...


Promotional fitness trackers to boost your brand awareness

In an age when people are becoming more and more conscious about their health, many have started using fitness trackers. These handy devices help them keep track of their physical activities, ensuring they get enough exercise every day. Thus, it...


Printed frisbees will allow your brand to soar

Among the large number of outdoor games, frisbees and flyers have always held a special place. Thus, it’s not at all surprising that they are still some of the most popular sporty tools that brands use to promote themselves. In this article,...

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