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Synonymous with quality and style, branded Parker pens represent a distinguished way in which to promote your organisation. Available in a huge range of styles and finishes, all featuring Parker's trademark arrow clip, the emblem of Parker's rich heritage. Our selection of executive Parker pens branded with your company logo are perfect for employee recognition gifts or corporate giveaways for your discerning customers.

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Branded Parker Vector Pens personalised with your business logo
Parker Vector Pen
From: £7.78
Min Qty: 25
Branded Parker Jotter Pens with your company details
Parker Jotter Pen
From: £5.63
Min Qty: 25
Parker Stainless Steel Jotter Pens printed or engraved at GoPromotional
Parker Stainless Steel Jotter
From: £9.17
Min Qty: 25
Parker Jotter Cracker Pen Sets branded with your logo at GoPromotional
Parker Jotter Cracker Pen Set
From: £5.88
Min Qty: 25
Parker Vector Rollerballs printed with your logo for exhibition and event gifting
Parker Vector Rollerball
From: £7.86
Min Qty: 25
Parker Vector Stainless Steel Pens personalised with your logo
Parker Vector Stainless Steel Pen
From: £9.17
Min Qty: 25
Parker Vector Stainless Steel Rollerball Pens engraved with your logo for executive promotions
Parker Vector Stainless Steel Rollerball
From: £15.06
Min Qty: 25
Branded Parker Stainless Steel Jotter Pencils laser engraved with your logo for executive giveaways
Parker Stainless Steel Jotter Pencil
From: £8.28
Min Qty: 25
Custom Parker Urban Pens engraved with your business logo
Parker Urban Pen
From: £23.57
Min Qty: 25
Parker IM Classic Rollerball
Parker IM Classic Rollerball
From: £20.12
Min Qty: 25
Executive Parker Branded IM Classic Pens from GoPromotional
Parker Branded IM Classic Pen
From: £24.48
Min Qty: 25
Branded Parker Jotter Metal Ballpoint Pens CT laser engraved with your company logo at GoPromotional
Parker Jotter Metal Ballpoint Pen CT
From: £14.35
Min Qty: 25
Parker IM Ballpoint Pens personalised with a company logos
Parker IM Ballpoint Pen
From: £25.39
Min Qty: 25
Custom personalised Parker Urban Curve Pens engraved at GoPromotional
Parker Urban Curve Pen
From: £23.29
Min Qty: 10

Branded Parker pens give your promotional style and class

Promotional pens are one of the staples in the industry and a classic giveaway any business, both big and small, can use to its advantage. But not all pens are the same, and some brands stand out more for their reliability and popularity.

That's the case with Parker pens, which have become famous all over the world. Available in various styles and designs, Parker pens serve their primary purpose well and are a valuable marketing tool. Of course, branded writing tools are already popular because they can improve conversion and retention rates, not to mention breed loyalty and boost customer relationships. However, with Parker pens, such as classic Parker Stainless Steel Jotter Pens you also get innovative craftsmanship that has kept the company in the spotlight for more than a century.

The history of Parker pens

Let's look at the story of how Parker pens came to be started way back in 1888 with George Safford Parker. At only 25 years old, he applied for his first pen patent. However, he didn't stop there. He kept nurturing the philosophy that has helped the company stay in business for so long — it's possible always to invent even better writing instruments.

Another breakthrough came in 1894 with the second patent. Parker came out with the Lucky Curve, a pioneering anti-leak system. In the following century, the company came out with even more exciting inventions, such as:

  • Dry ink tablets that soldiers could use (1914) 
  • A superbly crack-resistant plastic material (1928) 
  • Quick-drying ink "Quink" (1931)
  • Vacumatic pen, which held more than twice the amount of ink of comparable pens in 1933
Going beyond that, Parker received various recognitions throughout the years. Queen Elizabeth II gave the company the Royal Warrant in 1962, and it became the official supplier of writing instruments for her majesty and her household. In 1969, Parker even decided to celebrate the Moon landing by coming out with a special-edition Parker Classic, which contained a bit of moon dust in it!

Today, we can expect even more from Parker as the company traverses the 21st century with confidence. But Parker isn't the only one benefiting from its popularity and designs. Anyone associated with Parker pens is bound to impress their clients and customers, as they are now a symbol of prestige and quality!

Why you should choose Parker pens

Among other things, Parker pens boast superb craftsmanship and various designs. Our best selling Parker Vector Pens and prestigious Parker Urban Pens are simple but effective designs which have found their way into our offering and hopefully, into the giveaways of both small and big businesses.

One feature that sets Parker pens apart from the rest is that they are made to last. The pens go through a range of checks at every production stage. As you can imagine, producing them calls for great attention to detail and, most of all, passion.

Another one is how stylish all of the designs are. Parker pens come in many colours and eclectic materials, and all of them are flawless in both style and function. This allows them to cater to a large target audience of clients, customers, exhibition and trade show attendees, and more.

How to use Parker pens to promote your company

Still, the power of brand transfer is the most significant advantage you have by choosing Parker pens. Yes, other suppliers are just as fantastic, and there is more than one brand that makes high-quality pens. But with Parker, you can make use of its ideals and values by linking your company with its products. Parker is a synonym for innovation and quality, so its pens can connect your company with the same attributes naturally.

And this stands no matter if you solely use them in the office or go a step further and dazzle your clients with them. You can print or engrave the pens and hand them out at holiday and birthday parties, as well as any PR events. Another option is to use them as a subtle way to say thank you to your clients, customers and co-workers.

Best of all, these promotional pens ooze sophistication, so they can easily make any freebie bundle much more valuable in the eyes of your target audience. We suggest pairing them with some of our notebooks or notepads, preferably with a design that complements the pens perfectly. That way, you can truly cement your company's logo in everyone's mind. Even better, this sort of pairing could make lasting impressions whenever it's in use, bringing you even more brand awareness than you expected!

Parker pen printing and branding options

We offer an extensive choice of printing options on our Parker pens, including screen printing and precision laser engraved to create a truly professional finish. We can also print on the clip for even greater brand exposure! We remain at the forefront of the print industry, continually investing in the latest machinery and technology. We can now offer the very latest in UltraHD™ print! With UltraHD print technology, we can provide a unique range of luxury pens that can be personalised in vibrant full colour. The standard we can achieve with this new process is stunning, which most suppliers can only dream of.

Buy your Parker pens today!

We have a wide range of promotional Parker pens to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders! Browse our wide range of Parker pens and request a quick quotation or give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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