Branded Keyrings

Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, our branded metal keyrings are great for handing out as corporate gifts, launching new marketing campaigns and growing brand awareness. Choose from metal, chrome, nickel, brass, steel, two-tone or metal with a leather fob and advertise effectively with these highly visible promotional products.

On target Products

Elite Rectangular Metal Keyrings for premium executive gifts
Elite Rectangular Metal Keyring
From: £2.18
Min Qty: 100
Logo branded Pluto Polished Chrome Keyrings for corporate promotions
Pluto Polished Chrome Keyring
From: £1.74
Min Qty: 50
Branded Small Rectangular Recycled Leather Keyfobs with your logo foil blocked for corporate gifting
Small Rectangular Recycled Leather Keyfob
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 250
Pound Trolley Coin Keyrings die stamped with your logo at GoPromotional
Pound Trolley Coin Keyring - Die Stamped
From: £0.52
Min Qty: 100
Promotional printed Shimmer Polished Chrome Keyrings with a full colour logo
Shimmer Polished Chrome Keyring
From: £1.39
Min Qty: 50
Logo branded Congo Round Bamboo Keyrings with a company logo at GoPromotional
Congo Round Bamboo Keyring
From: £1.33
Min Qty: 100
Flamboyant Shopping Trolley Coin Keyrings in range of colour options for event giveways
Flamboyant Shopping Trolley Coin Keyring
From: £0.78
Min Qty: 100
Corporate branded i-Zu Epoxy Domed Rectangular Keyrings at GoPromotional
i-Zu Epoxy Domed Rectangular Keyring
From: £1.68
Min Qty: 250
Branded Eco-friend Large Rectangular Bonded Leather Keyfobs with foil blocked logo at GoPromotional
Large Rectangular Bonded Leather Keyfob
From: £0.56
Min Qty: 250
Corporate branded Clydach Square Beech Wood Keyrings personalised with a logo for eco-friendly promotions
Clydach Square Beech Wood Keyring
From: £0.76
Min Qty: 100
Devotion Polished Chrome Keyrings with a full colour printed logo
Devotion Polished Chrome Keyring
From: £1.58
Min Qty: 50
Eco-friendly Wheatly Bamboo Charger Keyrings Rectangle personalised with a logo for office giveaways
Wheatly Bamboo Charger Keyring Rectangle
From: £2.99
Min Qty: 50
Wishbone Trolley Coin Pound Keyrings printed with a business logo for exhibition and trade show giveaways
Wishbone Trolley Coin Pound Keyring
From: £1.17
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Dog Tag Metal Keyrings laser engraved at GoPromotional
Dog Tag Metal Keyring
From: £1.47
Min Qty: 250
Corportate branded Athena Polished Chrome Keyrings at GoPromotional
Athena Polished Chrome Keyring
From: £2.54
Min Qty: 100
Leather Nitro Series Keyrings laser engraved with your corporate logo
Leather Nitro Series Keyring
From: £2.16
Min Qty: 100
Arc Keychain Bottle Openers branded with a logo in a range of colours at GoPromotional
Arc Keychain Bottle Opener
From: £0.57
Min Qty: 100
Corporate branded Jakarta Square Metal Keyrings for executive marketing
Jakarta Square Metal Keyring
From: £1.27
Min Qty: 100
Promotional Round Geneva Metal Keyrings engraved with your logo for event giveaways
Round Geneva Metal Keyring
From: £1.60
Min Qty: 100
Laser engraved Rectangular Nitro Series Metal Keyrings for coproate business giveaways at GoPromotional
Rectangular Nitro Series Metal Keyring
From: £1.86
Min Qty: 100
Promotional i-Zu Rectangular Keyrings in black at GoPromotional
i-Zu Rectangular Keyring
From: £1.76
Min Qty: 100
Sherwood Round Beech Wood Keyrings for sustainable promotions
Sherwood Round Beech Wood Keyring
From: £1.88
Min Qty: 100
Branded Sherwood £1 Bamboo Trolley Coin Keyrings for charity and fundraising events
Sherwood £1 Bamboo Trolley Coin Keyring
From: £0.89
Min Qty: 50
Executive Vienna Epoxy Domed Metal Keyrings for business promotions
Vienna Epoxy Domed Metal Keyring
From: £1.41
Min Qty: 250

Custom corporate branded executive keyrings: A key business strategy

If you’re looking for a small yet incredibly impactful item that will help boost your brand visibility, consider these corporate custom keyrings. Apart from being an accessory, they’re actually powerful tools you can use to enhance your marketing efforts. Keep reading to find out why we think they can make a big splash in your marketing campaign.

The benefits of luxury executive keyrings

A daily reminder
One of the top reasons companies can benefit from these keyrings is that they’re an everyday utility. After all, we use keys on a regular basis. Ultimately, a branded keyring will ensure that your company remains on the top of your customers’ minds each time they need to lock or unlock something.

An affordable marketing tool
For companies that are new to the realm of promotional items, these personalised keyrings offer an affordable yet high-impact marketing solution. The production costs are quite low, which is what makes them especially attractive for businesses of all sizes. As a result, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience without worrying about breaking the bank.

Easy distribution
Above all, our corporate custom keyrings represent an easy and effective promotional tool for businesses across the spectrum. Since they’re lightweight and small in size, they’re ideal for distribution at various events.

Regardless of whether you’re in hospitality, real estate, technology, finance, or any sector, you’ll be able to hand them out at trade shows and conferences. This will help you reach a diverse audience with minimal effort.

Keyrings available in a variety of materials

When it comes to small promotional items, everything comes down to the details. In other words, at GoPromotional, we like to give our customers a variety of materials to choose from.

Metal and stainless steel
Our metal keyrings are sleek and sophisticated, making them an ideal promotional item for corporate events. This is the perfect material that will show your customers your brand means business.

Wood and bamboo
If the first thing you want your clients to know is that your brand is eco-friendly, we recommend choosing wood or bamboo recycled keyrings. Undoubtedly, this is the perfect demonstration of your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Leather and recycled leather
There’s no question that leather products exude an air of luxury. We recommend choosing leather keyfobs for premium giveaways to your most loyal clients.

Printed and branding options for executive keyrings

Depending on your logo and design, we have several printing options at your disposal.

Screen printing
Our screen printing method provides an eye-catching, crisp design. This option is best suited for logos that feature up to two spot Pantone colours.

UltraHD full colour digital printing
On the other hand, our UltraHD digital full-colour print option looks amazing for logos that feature photorealistic images and intricate designs.

If you opt for leather keychains, debossing will provide a much-needed dimension to the product. Ultimately, your customers will get to enjoy a tactile design.

Laser engraving
This precision branding technique is ideal for metal or wooden keyrings. This printing option provides a high-quality product that will truly catch your customer’s eyes.

Our graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection. They ensure that your logo is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the best way.

Buy your corporate branded logo keyrings today!

We have literally hundreds luxury keyrings to choose from in many different styles and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. If however you are on a tight budget, then why not check out our plastic keyrings which represent amazing value for money! With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

For additional information on our full collection of corporate branded keyrings and trolley coin tokens and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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