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People from all industry sectors can benefit from handy printed clipboards at their side! There are many ways to spread your message using promotional clipboards. With a large branding area, these useful promotional products are ideal for holding paperwork and notes. Using branded clipboards in your advertising campaign will help get your message out to a wide audience. Teachers, coaches, doctors and lawyers all use clipboards to keep paperwork tidy and safe while on the go. Our range of branded office supplies, including A4 clipboards, can all be printed with your logo and marketing message.

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Clipboard Folder
Clipboard Folder
From: £2.70
Min Qty: 120
Office A4 Clipboard
Office A4 Clipboard
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Min Qty: 100
University A4 Clipboard
University A4 Clipboard
From: £1.49
Min Qty: 50

Practical and effective - the power of custom printed clipboards

In the crowded corporate world of promotional merchandise, easy brand recognition is a vital factor that allows companies to stand out. Although they are often overlooked, custom clipboards can help businesses significantly in terms of raising brand awareness.

By blending practicality with great pricing, these subtle promo items can ensure your logo always stays at the forefront of people’s minds. Here is everything you should know about them.

Where do people use branded clipboards

From business meetings, seminars and corporate events through to conferences, clipboards can be useful in a variety of settings.

Business meetings
When taking part in meetings, most people jot down notes and important reminders for later. Custom printed clipboards offer them an excellent way to do so, as they can fit a lot of information and are lightweight. Moreover, when clipboards bear the company’s logo, they can also help reinforce its ethos and presence.

These events offer all brands a chance to reach new audiences as they bring together people of all backgrounds. Low cost branded clipboards can serve as neat gifts to hand out in such circumstances, especially considering how affordable they are.

Trade shows and events
From trade shows to training workshops, clipboards can help elevate any event for both the organisers and attendees. Whether they use clipboards to write down memos or just take them home as keepsakes, these promotional products will ensure the event is remembered for a long time to come.

Educational training events
Whether it's the educational sector such as schools, colleges and universities, logo branded clipboards are a must for trainers to take notes and use as the perfect place to jot down training prompts.

Who can hand out clipboards

Many brands and people of various professions can distribute clipboards, such as:

Schools, colleges and universities
Schools and colleges often take part in various events, including seminars and conferences. To ensure they leave a good impression, they can hand out clipboards branded with their logos or messages. By doing so, they can also improve the institution’s reputation and help promote it to all attendees.

Event organisers
As we have noted earlier, custom clipboards can help elevate any event. That is why event organisers often use them as gifts to all who attend, regardless of the industry they belong to.

Corporate companies
Businesses and organisations of all sizes, especially the healthcare sectors can use branded clipboards during meetings, external presentations, or training sessions. In addition, these items can be part of welcome kits for all new hires, mainly due to their practicality.

The functionality of clipboards

If you’re wondering where the appeal of logo clipboards lies, the answer is simple - their practicality sets them apart from all other items. At their core, these practical items are tools that people can use to jot down notes and keep all their documents organised in a single place.

When you brand clipboards, their practicality leads to high visibility. As such, budget clipboards bring you new impressions and increase recognition. And seeing as they can last for years, they are some of the best investments you can opt for in the long term.

Summing up promotional clipboards

Blending utility and great promo potential, branded clipboards hold a rightful place as one of the most beloved corporate gifts. From schools to large firms, anyone can benefit from including them in their campaigns. With a memorable design, these items will ensure your brand awareness is always on the rise, and your company is exposed to new audiences every day.

5. Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our printed promotional clipboards. From screen printing right through to UltraHD print. This allows us to print your full-colour images, text and graphics to a standard most suppliers can only dream of! Our artists are always on hand to offer expert advice. They will ensure your brand is reflected in the best possible way.

Buy your promotional clipboards today!

We offer a wide collection of clipboards to choose from in many different styles and colours with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

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For additional information on our collection of corporate branded clipboards and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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