Branded Children's Hi-Vis Clothing

Our range of promotional high-visibility clothing for children, branded with your company logo will not only add a touch of style but also prioritise safety. Our custom printed hi-vis kids clothing is designed with bright, eye-catching colours and reflective features to ensure maximum visibility in low-light conditions, keeping your little ones safe during the walk to school or outdoor activities. Manufactured from high-quality materials and attention to detail, our kids hi-visibility clothing combines practicality with fashion, making them an essential choice for parents who prioritise both safety and style for their children.

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Children’s branded high-vis clothing: A blend of safety and brand promotion

The world is filled with the unexpected. That’s why keeping our little ones safe should take centre stage. Mainly, parents, caregivers, and educators need to understand how important it is to provide children with the right tools to navigate their surroundings safely.

With that in mind, brands looking for promotional items that are both useful and eye-catching should check out our customised children’s high-vis clothing. From school outings to evening strolls and the amazing adventures that childhood is so full of, high-visibility clothing is quickly becoming the beacon of safety and style.

The benefits of wearing custom printed high-visibility clothing

Apart from the immediate safety benefits, there is also a sense of empowerment that comes with wearing high-visibility clothing such as safety vests and waistcoats. Namely, children become active participants in their own safety. Even at a young age, they’ll begin to understand that their vibrant attire is not just a fashion statement but also a shield that contributes to their well-being.

Furthermore, this awareness will help them create a sense of responsibility and encourage good habits from a young age. Ultimately, the distinct design elements, such as neon colours and reflective strips, work harmoniously to capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike, which provides a visual presence that commands awareness.

The marketing potential of promotional hi-vis clothing for children

Apart from the safety benefits, producing children’s high-visibility clothing is also a strategic move. More importantly, it’s one that can be advantageous for brands on multiple fronts. 

It goes without saying; in a time where conscious parenting and safety-conscious consumers are on the rise, aligning your brand with products that place a child’s safety first can significantly enhance your reputation and allow you to build a trusting relationship with your customers. Additionally, high-visibility clothing gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and innovation. This is thanks to the fantastic customisation potential we offer.

Who uses children's high-visibility branded clothing

Thanks to their versatility, these items of clothing can be the perfect promotional tool for a number of institutions. Here are just a few examples of where this form of branded clothing is used to great effect.

Educational institutions
Schools recognise the importance of visibility and identification during outdoor activities. Most notably, our custom high-vis clothing comes in handy during field trips and sports events. These garments not only enhance children’s safety but also contribute to a sense of unity and school spirit.

Children’s clubs
Similarly, children’s clubs also find great value in custom high-vis clothing. This includes sports clubs, scout groups, or children’s activity centres. Again, the garments are meant to enhance visibility, promoting camaraderie and teamwork amongst the young ones.

Various corporations
Corporations looking to promote safety while simultaneously keeping their brand in the public eye can distribute custom-branded high-vis clothing during promotional events, fairs, or community outreach programs. Undoubtedly, this is a thoughtful gesture that will not only align with your commitment to safety but also serve as a practical and memorable promotional item.

Extensive printing and branding options

It’s our wish to empower brands to add their unique identity to every garment. That will help you transform the clothing into distinctive pieces that resonate with your audience.

For starters, you can add a playful graphic or your brand logo with our screen printing method, which has revolutionised the customisation landscape. Essentially, it offers brands an affordable and efficient option to print their designs, logos, and messages.

Also, remember that high-visibility clothing is subjected to the rigours of everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, our screen prints are incredibly resilient! Rest assured that branding will not only remain intact but stay vibrant and visible for years.

We offer a wide variety of printing options on our collection of kids high-visibility clothing, including embroidery and screen printing, and are at the forefront of print technology. As such, we can also offer a range of high-visibility clothing which can be branded in UltraHD full-colour print to a standard most suppliers can only dream of!

Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

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We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer, is receiving the very best possible prices.  

If you are looking for low-cost high-visibility clothing for kids, and happen to find the same products cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just let us know, and we will match the price and back it with our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our GoPromotional guarantee!

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