Align Strategy and Promotional Products for a Better Brand Experience

Marketing is all about leaving a good impression. You probably spent a long while designing the perfect logo with the ideal font that will catch everyone’s attention. You ponder over the colour scheme because you know it has to be striking. Yet, building a brand goes beyond the simple visual representation.

When it comes to marketing, every little bit counts. That means that every interaction you have with your customers can make or break your brand. Positive interactions will build their perception of your brand, your company, and your values. And, based on that, they will decide whether to go into business with you or not. Thus, you have to think about everything. No one said that building a professional image is easy. Your customer service, your website, even the building where your offices are at – it all matters.

Impressions are more powerful and will last longer if they are more than just a feeling. That’s why promotional products are an ideal way for you to represent your brand. They are a tangible representation of your company. People can touch them and interact with them every day. Therefore, custom printed promotional products is a huge factor in any marketing strategy.

The good thing is, promotional products have a lot of potential. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can use them in many different ways. They will help you create a compelling brand experience. So, use them in strategic focus areas of your brand representation. That way, you’ll intensify the customer experience.


Marketing and Sales Prospecting

Business promotional products should be the focal point of your marketing campaigns. Incorporating them in sales prospecting strategies will make your label unforgettable. A lot rests on the proverbial shoulders of promotional items. Therefore, you should put extra time and effort into choosing them. They need to make an impactful impression and tell the story of your brand. Since they are a small representation of you and an extension of your company, they should be unique and high-quality. In fact, it’s best to always go with valuable pieces. Your customers will associate your brand with these promotional items. Ergo, giving them something common will be counterproductive.

Trade Shows Giveaways

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting trade shows, statistics prove why you should be exhibiting. They can be a potent platform for you to represent your brand on. Trade shows are the place where your potential customers have a chance to experience your brand for the first time. Hence, you should be very thoughtful about the way you represent yourself. After all, first impressions are the most lasting ones.

Therefore, think about your target audience when selecting trade show giveaways. Choose to give them something they need for example printed keyrings or some promotional travel mugs. That way, they will associate you with helpfulness and convenience. If you give them something that matches their interests, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand.

Sales Leave-Behinds

An excellent promotional product probably won’t close the sales deal for you. You need to pair it with a compelling sales technique. That way, you’ll make the experience unforgettable for the customer. A high-quality promotional item, and one which is practical in nature, for example promotional power banks, will leave a lasting impression. It will serve as the proof that you are thoughtful. It’s the perfect way to show your customers that you’ll make an extra effort for them.


Mailers are a great addition to any marketing strategy. It’s simple – they are hard to ignore. Furthermore, they allow you to expose your prospective clients to your brand directly. However, that’s why it’s particularly important to select the right items for mailers. You have to make sure that the prospective customer will enjoy opening that box. Furthermore, they need to appreciate the item within. Mailers are a call to connect. Therefore, you have to ignite that will in your customers with an attention-grabbing piece.


The In-Person Experience

Does the nature of your business allow customers to visit your offices frequently? Excellent.  Use that opportunity to establish a relationship with them and create a positive image.


When you meet with someone face-to-face, attention to detail is crucial. You have to give the impression that you have everything under control. You also have to provide a well-rounded experience. Therefore, when you serve your customers some coffee, make sure that it’s in promotional mugs with your logo on it. Also, hand out only reusable coffee cups, promotional notebooks, printed pens, company logo branded mugs and other items necessary for the meeting. And, when the conference comes to an end, you have another opportunity to dazzle your clients. Leave them with a memorable parting gift and one which is useful, such as high quality printed bags. Choose a high-quality item as a small token of your appreciation. This kind of attention to detail will give your customer the feeling that they are welcomed and highly valued by your company.


At events, you have the opportunity to reach a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting the event or if you’re just a participant. Either way, it’s still a valuable opportunity. Therefore, seize it. Choose a promotional item that will make you stand out from the crowd. A unique piece will create demand. However, make sure you have enough promotional items to go around. If you don’t have one for each person that reaches out, your brand will look unreliable.


Customer Delight

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be focused solely on new customers. Your current customers also need some attention. You have to delight them so that they don’t abandon you. Promotional products will come in handy here. They are a guarantee that your customers will keep coming back to you.

Welcome New Customers

A thoughtful welcome gift goes a long way. It shows your new customers that you appreciate them and it does not have to be items of great value, for example you could hand out some printed earbuds which are both on-trend and practical.

Celebrate Anniversaries

You can use promotional items as tokens of appreciation of significant dates. Mark the date when your customers joined or signed up. That will prolong the positive impression they already have of your company.

Wish Customers Well

Everyone loves birthday gifts. Therefore, you can send out promotional items as gifts to your customers. That is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking about them. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you remembered their special day. Not to mention that they will feel special. That will allow them to connect with your brand on a personal level.


Employee Advocates

Your employees represent your brand. Therefore, they can strengthen that positive impression your overall brand leaves. Every interaction counts, and promotional items will enhance that even further.

Custom Apparel

If your employees wear uniforms or branded polo shirts with your name and logo on them, make sure they are high-quality. If they aren’t, your customers might think that you don’t care about the appearance of your employees. Therefore, they can conclude that you don’t care about them, either. So, avoid that by making the apparel well-fitting and stylish. That will make a good impression of the employee, and, by extension, of your brand.


Your employees can also give away promotional items on a daily basis. You should seize every opportunity to enhance the user experience. Don’t forget that each interaction your employees have with the customers needs to be positive. Every interaction shapes the perception of your brand. Therefore, arm your employees with items that will provoke delight in your customers and make them feel appreciated.

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