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Custom printed heat change mugs branded with your logo and message

Brand promotion using heat changing mugs is a fun and cool way to enhance your brand exposure. Promotional heat changing mugs leave a long-lasting impression upon everyone who receives them. All it takes is place a corporate logo or custom slogan on the prime print area of the mugs. Your image shows up as a hot beverage gets poured into the mugs. Ultra HD graphics help in giving a rich user experience and with a Therma-Glaze finish the colours come alive.

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How heat sensitive mugs can have a magic effect on your promo campaign

In a time when all promo campaigns resemble one another, finding new ways to stand out is essential for a brand’s success. Among countless options, heat-changing mugs have proven to be some of the best promo items a business can choose. By personalising heat sensitive mugs with your logo and contact info, you can leave a great impression on your audience and ensure no one forgets your brand and important message.

What are heat changing mugs and why are they called 'magic mugs'?

As their name suggests, these heat sensitive mugs change their appearance when they come in contact with hot beverages. Also known as colour-changing mugs, or magic mugs, they have a special outer coating that becomes transparent when heat is applied. In other words, the mug appears plain at first glance but reveals all its secrets when people use it. As such, it’s a perfect promo item if your goal is to stand out and leave a great impression on your audience.

The promotional power of branded heat changing mugs

Like all promo items in general, heat-changing mugs offer a lower cost-per-impression ratio than most other types of marketing. In addition, they are a lot more memorable than digital or printed ads. Namely, they offer people tangible reminders of your brand that they can actively use every day. Aside from these advantages, there are certain unique benefits that only custom printed colour-changing mugs offer. We’ll list them below.

Magic mugs are an innovative product selection
As we have already mentioned, the nature of these printed mugs gives them a certain amount of novelty that cannot be matched by other promo items. They are excellent conversation starters, and they will make sure your brand is always the main topic.

Heat sensitive mugs offer dual branding opportunities
These unique promotional mugs allow you to tell a story. For example, a travel agency can gift its customers mugs that depict a starry night when not in use. Then, when they pour hot liquid inside, the coating can reveal a sunny beach instead. By using the mugs in this manner, the agency can impress its audience while still sending a clear message about what it offers.

Better engagement with printed magic mugs
Due to their seemingly magical appearance, heat-changing mugs always get more attention than regular models. As a result, your logo and message will also garner more impressions, ensuring your brand awareness keeps rising.

How magic mugs can be used in the real world

Here are only some of the ways in which heat-changing mugs can be used for marketing.

Corporate gifting
No matter what type of business you run, heat-changing mugs can serve as excellent corporate gifts. That is true not only for employees but partners as well. From tech companies to finance giants, any business can benefit from personalising this type of custom printed drinkware.

Coffee shops and cafes
It goes without saying that businesses that actually specialise in serving hot beverages can and should use these mugs. They can help advertise their brand in an innovative way while still staying true to their mission.

Souvenirs for events
Whether you are organising a product exhibit or taking part in a conference, customising heat-changing mugs will help you stand out. You can rest assured that all visitors will leave with your brand at the forefront of their minds. In case your budget is small and giving these promo mugs away isn’t an option, you can always sell them in order to promote your brand.

Charity and fundraising events
Lastly, heat-changing mugs can also help raise awareness about different causes and charities. To ensure they are at their most effective, the design printed on the mugs should depict the cause they are connected to.

What organisations benefit from printed heat-sensitive mugs

As mentioned above, most organisations and businesses can benefit from these unique mugs, including:

? All corporations and small businesses
? Schools, colleges and universities
? Event and conference planners
? Travel agencies
? Nonprofits, charities and good causes
? Community groups

Summing up magic heat-changing mugs

By combining everyday functionality with the magical appeal of transformation, heat-changing mugs have become some of the most successful promo items on the market. If you include them in your marketing campaign, you can easily win over your audience and ensure you make a lasting impression.

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