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Branded highlighter pens are available in a range of styles and ink colours to meet all budgets. Perfect for brand building, highlighters and printed text markers are used in schools, universities, and business offices. Students or employees can highlight useful areas of text for future reference. Highlighters featuring your company logo and message are promotional products that appeal to all ages. They offer a practical giveaway that will be appreciated by everyone.

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UK branded Tri Highlighters for tradeshow, conference and exhibition giveaways
Tri Highlighter
From: £0.55
Min Qty: 100
Star Highlighters printed with a school, colleges or university logo for student promotions at GoPromotional
Star Highlighters
From: £1.58
Min Qty: 50
Logo branded Flower Text Markers with a company logo at GoPromotional
Flower Text Marker
From: £0.89
Min Qty: 50
Quattro Highlighters printed with a logo at GoPromotional for office promotions
Quattro Highlighter
From: £1.42
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Droplet Text Markers with your logo at GoPromotional
Droplet Text Marker
From: £1.06
Min Qty: 100
Custom printed Trident Highlighters for event giveaways at GoPromotional
Trident Highlighter
From: £0.94
Min Qty: 100
Gel Highlighter Crayons personalsied with a business logo
Gel Highlighter Crayon
From: £1.46
Min Qty: 50
Promotional Hauser Glow Highlighter Pens printed with your logo for employee gifts
Hauser Glow Highlighter Pen
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 100
Contour Max Touch Text Marker Pens printed with your logo at GoPromotional
Contour Max Touch Text Marker Pen
From: £0.48
Min Qty: 250
Hi-Cap Multi-Function Highlighter Pens branded at GoPromotional for trade show gifting
Hi-Cap Multi-Function Highlighter Pen
From: £0.79
Min Qty: 250
Hi-5 Highlighters personalised with your logo for office promotions
Hi-5 Highlighter
From: £0.75
Min Qty: 100
Custom printed Duo Text Markers for offices and schools
Duo Text Marker
From: £0.69
Min Qty: 100
Mini Tri Highlighters in white printed with a logo at GoPromotional Merchandise
Mini Tri Highlighter
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 100
Bingo Highlighter Pens branded with your design with full colour printing
Bingo Highlighter Pen
From: £0.66
Min Qty: 250
Janus Dual Function Highlighter Pens for college and univeristy students with a logo
Janus Dual Function Highlighter Pen
From: £0.43
Min Qty: 250
Boxer Highlighter Sets with a full colour printed logo for trade show and exhibitions gifts
Boxer Highlighter Set
From: £1.39
Min Qty: 50
Promotional printed Prima Gel Text Markers at GoPromotional UK
Prima Gel Text Marker
From: £0.56
Min Qty: 250
Syringe Highlighter Pens branded with a company logo for healthcare promotions
Syringe Highlighter Pen
From: £0.32
Min Qty: 500
Personalised BIC 4 Colours Fluo Highlighter Pens with full colour printing for corporate promotions
BIC 4 Colours Fluo Highlighter Pens
From: £1.29
Min Qty: 250

Highlighter pens breed loyalty and brand awareness

The evolution of the promotional products industry has made it possible for everyone to market their businesses, no matter their advertising budget. However, not all products offer the same exquisite results. Some, in fact, stand out more due to their ability to etch your brand's logo and company information into the audience's minds fast.

That's the deal with branded highlighter pens, they don't just advertise but are useful to consumers, both young and old. These are physical products with a ton of value and the potential to stay in use for a while. Thus, they can bring in new impressions every time someone picks them up to mark a crucial piece of information.

By being loved and used daily, highlighter pens can easily boost brand recognition. After all, providing customers with something useful and, in the case of pens, portable is a recipe for marketing success.

Soon enough, your brand will step into a new era of marketing and begin to flourish as the right people get your highlighter pens. While they're highlighting the crucial parts of any text, they'll also be calling attention to your branding. Thus, they will make everyone around them a potential loyal client or customer, one you'll have an easier time winning over later as you've already made a lasting first impression!

Highlighter pens are perfect for any company promotion

Suitable for a broad target audience consisting of clients, customers, staff, students, and even children, custom branded highlighter pens are a durable and convenient choice for those looking to create small but practical giveaways.

Our branded highlighters offer enough space for your logo to be seen well whenever they are in use. This allows them to boost brand recognition and awareness with each stripe someone makes, highlighting both an essential part of a text and your brand. Since promotional highlighter pens fall into the same category as other writing tools, the benefits are the same and equally effective. 

And which companies would benefit most from branded highlighters? Well, both small and large businesses can use the practicality and appeal of highlighter pens to offer them to their target audience. There's no specific field or industry you have to be a part of to use these as giveaways. After all, everyone loves them and finds them useful!

Their promotional power results in dozens of impressions whenever a word or sentence needs to be marked as important. Besides, even if someone may not have a use for them right now, they won't throw them away. They'll likely share or pass them on to those who will make them their everyday writing tools!

A little history on highlighter pens

The history of highlighter pens spans back to the early 1960s. The predecessor that started it all was a felt-tip pen that used water-based ink. It was the invention of Yukio Horie for the Tokyo Stationery Company.

The original highlighter drew inspiration from this invention and was the work of Carter's Ink Company. The person credited for the first highlighter pen is Dr Frank Honn. The pen came only in one colour yellow and used eye-catching translucent ink. It was quickly trademarked as Hi-Liter.

Today, companies like BIC, Stabilo, and Senator offer highlighters in various shades of the rainbow and beyond. The classic colours, such as green, orange, pink, red, blue, and yellow, have remained a staple for most users.

Highlighter pens are perfect for any promotion

Since highlighters are small, they can become a part of a freebie bag you hand out at various trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. Add a printed notebook, a branded lanyard, and a promotional pen to the bag, and you've got yourself a giveaway no one would object. 

You can always keep some on hand in the office too and give them out whenever new or old clients come to a meeting. And as an internal giveaway, your branded highlighter pens will decorate every workspace and become an everyday tool for your employees. You can use them in the office as a part of the welcome package for your new staff. Alternatively, give them away to boost productivity.

Give your campaign a fun and creative edge over typical pen options with these fantastic giveaways for schools, offices, and conferences where recipients are likely to use them straight away.

Extensive branding options

We use the latest print technology to ensure a professional reproduction of your design. From crisp text to vibrant coloured logos, our highlighters feature UltraHD print, screen printing, or full-wrap-around imaging!

Buy your highlighter pens today!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best possible prices. Why not explore our full range of pens, including budget plastic pens, premium plastic pens, highlighter pens, stylus pens, eco-friendly ballpens and full colour printed pens, or browse all of our pens?

For additional information on our promotional highlighter pens and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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