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Promotional pub and bar accessories are perfect for promoting your pub, hotel, bar or restaurant. The market in these sectors is so competitive, so amazing staff and good marketing is key. This is where our range of promotional barware accessories can help you to retain and attract new customers. Our range includes bottle openers, shot glasses, drinks stirrers, plastic glasses and corporate wine accessories. Custom printed with your logo and details, our promotional barware accessories are a budget-friendly way to promote your pub.

On target Products

Full colour logo printed ColourBrite Talon Keyring Bottle Openers
ColourBrite Talon Keyring Bottle Opener
From: £0.42
Min Qty: 100
345mm Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Trays in a range of colours with full colour printing
Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Tray - 345 mm
From: £7.63
Min Qty: 100
Skipton Bottle Opener Coasters printed with your logo for office promos
Skipton Bottle Opener Coaster
From: £1.32
Min Qty: 50
PVC Drip Mats - 600 x 100 mm for corporate promotions at GoPromotional
PVC Drip Mat - 600 x 100 mm
From: £4.03
Min Qty: 250
Promotional ColourBrite Fist Shaped Bottle Openers with your company design at GoPromotional
ColourBrite Fist Shaped Bottle Opener
From: £0.42
Min Qty: 250
Printed Metro Rectangular Stackable Serving Trays in a choice of colours for cafes and restaurants at GoPromotional
Metro Rectangular Stackable Serving Tray
From: £7.60
Min Qty: 100
Branded Acrylic Keyring Bottle Openers for bars, clubs and pubs
Acrylic Keyring Bottle Opener
From: £0.79
Min Qty: 250
Custom branded Arctic Glass Drinking Straws for pubs, clubs and bars at GoPromotional
Arctic Glass Drinking Straws
From: £1.59
Min Qty: 144
Branded Talon Metal Keyring Bottle Openers for night clubs and bar promotions
Talon Metal Keyring Bottle Opener
From: £0.43
Min Qty: 250
Promotional Hard Hat Keyring Bottle Openers in a range of colours for event gifting
Hard Hat Keyring Bottle Opener
From: £0.69
Min Qty: 250
Personalised promotional Zeus Extendable Straws in a choice of colours with your logo engraved at GoPromotional
Zeus Extendable Straws
From: £3.50
Min Qty: 100
Ibiza Travel Pop Up Ice Buckets custom printed with your logo at GoPromotional
Ibiza Travel Pop Up Ice Bucket
From: £2.49
Min Qty: 100
City Waiters Tip Money Trays branded with company logos for restaurants, cafes and bars
City Waiters Tip Money Tray
From: £0.59
Min Qty: 100
Custom printed Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher in many colours at GoPromotional
Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher - Coloured
From: £1.54
Min Qty: 250
Personalised Fist Shaped Bottle Openers in a range of colours at GoPromotional
Fist Shaped Bottle Opener
From: £0.25
Min Qty: 250
370mm Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Trays for corporate brand awareness at GoPromotional UK
Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Tray - 370 mm
From: £6.06
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Mayfair Wine Coolers with your logo at GoPromotional
Mayfair Wine Cooler
From: £14.44
Min Qty: 10
Engraved Verona Metal Drinking Straws with your corporate logo at GoPromotional
Verona Metal Drinking Straws
From: £0.99
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Hotelier Stainless Steel Tip Trays for hotel business promotions
Hotelier Stainless Steel Tip Tray
From: £5.46
Min Qty: 50

Draw attention to your logo and message with bespoke barware accessories

Are you looking for new and creative ways to promote your company? Then look no further, promotional barware accessories are the perfect way to go. Bars are full of items that can showcase your brand’s logo, from bar runners and straws to bottle openers and ice buckets. And considering how many people pass through a bar in a single day, your business will get great exposure in no time!

What counts as a barware accessory?

Most of the things you come across in public or private bars count as barware accessories. These don’t include just items used for decorative purposes but also those that genuinely improve every customer’s experience. For instance, barware accessories are:

As you can see, there’s quite a variety of items to choose from when deciding what to put your logo on. We wouldn’t recommend putting your branding on all of them at once, but picking a few for that purpose is always a good idea.

Why are promotional barware accessories so popular?

If you’re looking for an effective but subtle way of advertising your company, promotional barware accessories are an excellent choice. That’s precisely what makes them such a popular marketing tool as they reach a pretty wide audience yet aren’t annoying or jarring.

Just think about it; do you like being bombarded with loud ads and commercials everywhere you go? Of course not, and neither do your potential customers. So when you’re promoting your brand, you want the ad to be discreet but memorable. And typically, we remember things that we see often.

That’s where bespoke barware accessories come into play. Imagine that you’re a regular at a bar that features a particular logo or a company name on its barware. You probably won’t think much of it at first, after all, you’re just there to get drinks and have fun. But after you see this logo several times, you’ll remember it, even if you’re not aware that you did.

And once you actually need services that the brand in question offers, you’ll think of it straight away. How could you not, when you were exposed to its ad for so long? Then, you’ll probably give this company a call.

That’s exactly what will happen to people who see your logo on display in their favourite bar. But it’s not just that either, they’ll probably associate your brand with feelings of happiness and celebration. After all, bars are places where people gather to enjoy each other’s company. And if your brand is a part of the atmosphere, it’s sure to be seen as something positive.

Inexpensive and long-lasting branded barware accessories

Usually, proper marketing can cost hundreds of pounds, not exactly the kind of money everyone has lying around. Still, since it is an investment in your business, you might feel that it’s not a terribly high price to pay. But what if there was a way to promote your business without spending all your savings?

Well, custom branded barware accessories are just such a way. They are incredibly affordable and easy to come by. In fact, you’ll find dozens of promotional bar items here on our website. Then, all you have to do is choose the ones you like.

What’s more, low price doesn’t equal low quality when it comes to our promotional barware accessories. On the contrary, the logos are long-lasting and printed with particular care. We use various methods, such as laser engraving for metal items and screen or pad printing for other materials. The latter two techniques allow you to choose colours, too, ensuring that your company logo and message stands out on any background!

How custom printed barware accessories benefit bars

Obviously, promotional barware accessories are great for your business, but why would bars want to feature them? Do they have any use of such items at all?

Well, as it happens, branded accessories can help a bar’s reputation too. If the items are clearly high-quality, featuring an eye-catching logo and catchy slogan, they can add to the professional feel of the establishment. And that is sure to leave a great impression on both regulars and new customers.

Extensive printing and branding options!

We offer a range of printing options on our range of barware accessories. From screen printing and laser engraving right through to the latest in UltraHD full-colour print. Our graphic artists are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection. They will ensure your logo is reproduced to the highest quality and represents your brand in the best way.

Buy your barware accessories today

We offer a huge range of barware accessories to choose from in many colours and styles priced to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the market leaders! 

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your barware? Then maybe consider our range of branded t-shirts, headwear and embroidered polo shirts.

For additional information on our collection of barware and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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