Promotional Paperweights

Branded paperweights engraved or printed with your logo are a high quality way in which to promote your brand. Business partners, clients, and employees all use branded paperweights in the office or at home. Turn your brand into glass art with executive personalised glass paperweights. These high quality corporate gifts are perfect for keeping papers in place and will act as a constant reminder of your brand and message.

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Wicklow 7cm Round Glass Paperweights promotional branded with a company logo for custom recognition gifting
Wicklow 7cm Round Glass Paperweight
From: £5.81
Min Qty: 10
Wicklow 9cm Round Glass Paperweights branded with a logo for employee giveaways
Wicklow 9cm Round Glass Paperweight
From: £6.16
Min Qty: 10
10.5cm Optical Crystal Star Paperweights engraved with a logo for corporate office promotions
10.5cm Optical Crystal Star Paperweight
From: £13.02
Min Qty: 10
5cm Jade Glass Square Paperweights laser engraved with a company logo for corporate brand promotions
5cm Jade Glass Square Paperweight
From: £5.46
Min Qty: 10
Personalised 9cm Jade Glass Rectangular Paperweights for award ceremonies at GoPromotional
9cm Jade Glass Rectangular Paperweight
From: £7.28
Min Qty: 10
Miami 9cm Optical Crystal 4 Sided Pyramids branded with your logo at GoPromotional
Miami 9cm Optical Crystal 4 Sided Pyramid
From: £32.27
Min Qty: 10

Executive paperweights for your valued customers and employees

Promotional glass and crystal paperweights make perfect gifts at corporate events or awards at celebratory meetings. They are aesthetically pleasing, and they evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication that people love.

If you want to include paperweights into your marketing campaign, our collection will off your exactly what you need. Browse through the options and find the best paperweights to promote your company logo and brand message.

Why choose branded paperweights

Engraved paperweights are perfect desk accessories. They will keep your logo and contact info on your client or employee’s minds every time they look at it. If you also make sure that the design on the item is catchy and beautiful, you will get promo items that will really get everyone’s attention.

Paperweights will add an air of professionalism to any environment. In addition, it will provide a desk or workplace with a touch of elegance that will look attractive to customers.

Engraved paperweights make perfect awards

Rewarding your team or employees for their hard work is an essential part of being a good employer. Giving them something valuable and beautiful will let your employees know you see and appreciate their hard work. It will provide them with a sense of pride and purpose that will only make them even more productive in the future.

If you want an amazing incentive or recognition gift for your employees, a paperweight is the way to go. It looks sophisticated and can be customised to look like an important award. You can also add your logo to it so that the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with the prize is associated with your brand.

Paperweights are great for any demographic

Promotional paperweights can find their spot on office desks all over the corporate world. You can gift them to schools, all types of businesses, and corporations. But paperweights aren’t just reserved for offices. People can also keep them in their homes, displaying your logo proudly for all visitors to see and appreciate it.

They are also ideal thank you corporate gifts and incentives for your own employees. Having a paperweight on each office desk in your building will provide everyone with a sense of a good team spirit and give the office an organised and professional look.

Where can you hand out paperweights?

Paperweights are a great choice if you are looking for a freebie to give out at exhibitions or other similar events. People will love taking something pretty with them when they leave, and they will use the items at their offices and homes.

You can also engrave paperweights for New Year or Christmas office celebrations. Handing them out will bring the year to a close beautifully and give your employees an incentive to work even harder next year.

Why paperweights make excellent corporate gifts

The main purpose of paperweights is to attract people's attention. As such, they are perfect for logo and brand advertising. If you design them creatively, people won't be able to take their eyes off of them, and your brand will get numerous impressions every day.

Aside from being great for offices, these promo items can also be found in homes on shelves and desks. Thus, your brand will reach even broader audiences as anyone who visits the house will be able to see and admire your design.

Finally, paperweights offer a great surface area to work with. You can design your logo however you want, and engraving it will be quick and efficient. Our engraving techniques are the best technology has to offer, so you can be sure that you will be getting high-quality products if you work with us.

Buy your branded paperweights today!

At GoPromotional, we want you to be in control of your promo campaign. That is why we offer you a wide range of products to choose from, and our paperweights are just some of them.

You can choose the material (glass or crystal) and style of your paperweights. You can also design the engravings all by yourself and make sure they represent your brand perfectly.

You can choose the material (glass or crystal) and style of your paperweights. You can also design the engravings all by yourself and make sure they represent your brand perfectly. We will make sure to bring your vision to life and provide your clients and employees with high quality business gifts.

For additional information on our collection of promotional paperweights and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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