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From students to business people, everyone loves promotional travel mugs whether commuting or around the office. Plastic travel mugs are a great way to ensure your logo remains firmly in the hands of your customers. Select from a range of colours and styles, some with silicone lids and comfy grips or even eco-friendly options. Promotional plastic travel mugs are budget friendly and great value for money. Printed with your logo and message branded travel mugs are popular promotional products with all sectors.

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Alaska Colour Touch Travel Mugs printed with a company logo for customer merchandise giveaways
Alaska Colour Touch 400ml Travel Mug
From: £2.79
Min Qty: 25
Echo Coloured 400ml Thermo Travel Mugs branded with a logo for employee giveaways at GoPromotional
Echo Coloured 400ml Thermo Travel Mug
From: £2.80
Min Qty: 25
Expedition 350ml Branded Take Away Mugs in a choice of colour options custom printed with a company logo for brand promotions
Expedition 350ml Branded Take Away Mug
From: £2.98
Min Qty: 25
Budget Alaska Colour Touch 400ml Travel Tumblers screen printed with a school logo for student gifting at GoPromotional
Alaska Colour Touch 400ml Travel Tumbler
From: £2.75
Min Qty: 25
Eco-Friendly Bio Universal 305ml Take Out Cups personalised with a custom logo for green promotions
Bio Universal 305ml Take Out Cups
From: £2.79
Min Qty: 50
Personalised Berlin 400ml Travel Mugs in a choice of colour options with company logos
Berlin 400ml Travel Mug
From: £4.20
Min Qty: 25
Americano Recycled 350ml Take Away Mugs personalised with a business logo for eco-conscious promotional marketing campaigns
Americano Recycled 350ml Take Away Mug
From: £3.65
Min Qty: 50
Coffee Shop 350ml Plastic Take Away Mugs printed with your company logo
Coffee Shop 350ml Plastic Take Away Mug
From: £2.60
Min Qty: 25
235ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cups branded with company logos for festival and event giveaways
235ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cup
From: £0.30
Min Qty: 1000
Americano Cortado Grip 300ml Tumblers logo printed for office staff promotions
Americano Cortado Grip 300ml Tumbler
From: £3.33
Min Qty: 50
Universal Deluxe 350ml Travel Mugs promotional printed at GoPromotional
Universal Deluxe 350ml Travel Mugs
From: £2.70
Min Qty: 50
475ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cups digitally printed in full colour with a design for cafes and coffee shops
475ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cup
From: £0.40
Min Qty: 1000
Branded 355ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cup Ideal For Office Receptions From GoPromotional
355ml Compostable Eco-Friendly Cups
From: £0.35
Min Qty: 1000
Americano 350ml Eco Take Away Mugs branded with a commpany logo for sustainable corporate promotions
Americano 350ml Eco Take Away Mug
From: £3.55
Min Qty: 50
Polo 355ml Foldable Take Away Mugs logo branded for leisure promotional giveaways
Polo 355ml Foldable Take Away Mug
From: £3.90
Min Qty: 25
Low Cost Bistro 500ml Plastic Take Away Mugs printed with a company logo for office promotions in many colour options
Bistro 500ml Plastic Take Away Mug
From: £1.40
Min Qty: 50
Sizzle Stadium Tumblers promotional printed with an event logo for festivals and concerts
Sizzle Stadium Tumbler - 350ml
From: £3.89
Min Qty: 50

The advantages of plastic promotional travel mugs and tumblers

Positive brand associations might seem tough to acquire, but it all gets much easier if you invest in some useful and reusable promotional gifts. An item that carries lots of ad potential and could help you increase brand awareness is a printed travel mug.

Who doesn’t love sipping on some warm tea or hot coffee in the morning? That fresh scent of “wake up, it’s time to go!” is the only motivation some people need to jumpstart their day. Drinking those beverages from plain old cups can get pretty dull, though. Instead, they should use high-quality, durable branded travel mugs made by their (soon-to-be) favourite company!

A short history of travel mugs

In 1892, James Dewar toyed with the idea of insulation and keeping chemicals at a stable temperature. The breakthrough experiment consisted of placing a glass bottle in another bigger one and then evacuating the air between their walls. The result was the invention of the vacuum flask.

In just a decade, commercialisation was made possible thanks to Reinhold Burger. His business partner Albert Aschenbrenner and he were producing Dewar’s flasks when they decided to make a vacuum flask with a metal casing. To name it, they even hosted a competition, and the term Thermos (now a major brand) won.

Travel mugs got a surge in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. This was mostly due to the coffee club promotions people could make the most of at convenience stores. They could get discounts on refills if they brought their own coffee cups! Today, plastic travel tumblers and mugs keep getting better, with more features becoming available as production and technology improve.

Using printed travel mugs to promote your business

There’s nothing strange about using freebies to grow a company’s recognition. The practice has been popular for years, and today, we can offer clients and customers various tangible incentives, including branded stationery, printed clothing, and more.

Still, it’s evident that reusable and even multi-use products, like branded plastic travel mugs, come with some major pros. If they’re made well and are, above all, durable, users should see that as a sign of thoughtfulness and care. This, in turn, would let them make a personal connection with a company and view it in a more positive light.

Key features to keep in mind

Since promotional plastic travel mugs are portable and can be carried anywhere one goes (some cars even have special compartments for them), they are uber-practical for all sorts of users. Daily commuters, business professionals, parents, and even children — all of them could enjoy a quality-made travel mug.

And since most of them offer superb insulation, it’s possible to switch between hot and cold drinks too. This makes any travel tumbler with your company logo on it even more useful in the user’s eyes, boosting the chances of them using it — and promoting your brand — every day. Prepare for a ton of impressions, as they’ll be made everywhere the mug is!

Another feature to remember is that logo printed plastic travel mugs promote a more sustainable way of life. Don’t say it’s too little too late, as we can always help Mother Earth gain more strength. Plastic travel tumblers and travel mugs allow for such missions, as they’re reusable and can help us reduce waste. From a business standpoint, this also means they can give your company a better, more eco-friendly image.

Finally, materials used to make reusable travel mugs should be durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear. Luckily, we have some fan favourites here which are environmentally friendly and sturdy enough to keep impressing users for years.

The right audience for your travel mugs and tumblers

Since printed travel mugs are so versatile in terms of use, they are a must-have in any season, whether it’s cold winter (when we need a hot beverage to warm us up) or warm summer when we want to refresh ourselves with some cool iced tea.

Any audience works if you want to give away travel mugs too. Everyone could find them practical on a daily basis, including loyal customers, co-workers, business partners and clients.

Something that requires a bit more market research, however, is the design. While browsing our offering, you’ll notice some promotional tumblers and take-out mugs which are colourful while others come in solid colours. Some also have handles, whereas other ones may not (they may have silicone add-ons instead).

Variety is the name of the game here, as you can find durable travel mugs in all sorts of designs, from simple to a bit more complex. The choice depends on who your audience is. You may invest in more premium versions made from heavy-duty materials like metal travel mugs in stainless steel if you want to dazzle clients. Otherwise, you may go the more colourful route and opt for plastic take-out mugs for regular customer giveaways. With resealable silicone lids, comfortable rubber grips, and non-slip bases, our best selling Americano Mugs are designed with both functionality and safety in mind, so there won't be any hot and messy spillages

As long as you decide with your target audience in mind, you cannot make a mistake. And luckily, you don’t have to settle for just a few options. Our range of branded travel mugs and tumblers page features dozens of styles and price points. Better still, you can enhance them all with your logo for top-notch advertising that quickly generates the promotional effects you’ve been so eager to achieve.

Artwork and design

At GoPromotional we have a dedicated team of passionate and creative designers who are always available to provide professional advice when it comes to ensuring that your logo is reproduced to create the maximum visual impact, thus ensuring your brand is always represented in the best possible way. Why not take advantage of our free, no obligation virtual sample service and see what they can come up with.


We offer a comprehensive choice of branding options on our entire range of travel mugs and tumblers and are proud to be at the forefront of printing technology to ensure your finished promotional products always look truly eye-catching and professional.

Buy your branded promotional travel mugs and tumblers today!

We have literally hundreds of promotional travel mugs to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders! Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your travel mugs? If so, you may wish to take a look at our range of outdoor and leisure merchandise.

For additional information on our collection of UK printed mugs and drinkware and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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