Promotional Festival & Stadium Cups

Custom printed festival and stadium cups are ideal for those who are looking for branded merchandise that would stand the test of time. They are perfect for sports events, festivals, concerts, weddings, business gatherings, and parties. With shatter-resistant options, these branded cups are one of the most durable promo items out there. Available in a wide range of colour options and printed with your logo, reusable or disposable event and festival cups are a great way to create brand recognition.

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American Style Party Cups printed at Gopromotional for festivals and events
American Style Party Cups
From: £0.49
Min Qty: 1000
Branded Disposable Jager Bomb Shot Glasses with your branding at GoPromotional
Disposable Jager Bomb Shot Glass
From: £0.23
Min Qty: 1000
Logo printed Shooter Disposable 25ml Plastic Shot Glasses at GoPromotional
Shooter Disposable 25ml Plastic Shot Glass
From: £0.30
Min Qty: 1000
454ml Olympic Plastic Stadium Cup Ideal For Festivals & Events
Olympic Plastic Stadium Cups - 454ml
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 50
Premium Lanyard Cup Holder
Premium Lanyard Cup Holder
From: £1.56
Min Qty: 100
Sizzle Stadium Tumblers promotional printed with an event logo for festivals and concerts
Sizzle Stadium Tumbler - 350ml
From: £3.89
Min Qty: 50
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 390ml
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 390ml
From: £1.46
Min Qty: 1000
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 210ml
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 210ml
From: £1.33
Min Qty: 1000
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 420ml
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 420ml
From: £1.54
Min Qty: 1000
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 600ml
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 600ml
From: £1.32
Min Qty: 1000

The power of promotional festival and stadium cups

Investing in solid promotional merchandise is always worth it. After all, it’s what sells our brand to the wider public. Sure, they might like the occasional viral ad or a decent video campaign. But if they have an item they can touch, feel, use, and showcase to people, that’s a win-win scenario. Winning fits nicely with the theme of festivals and stadium cups as they are perfect for any business event.

Free event marketing with printed stadium cups

With a durable, reusable cup at their side, your clients will fill them with drinks whenever there’s an important game or a special social occasion. Sometimes they might just fill them with liquid during those slow Sunday afternoons when they flip through the channels or binge-watch that new Netflix show.

The key takeaway is this: the more they use the cup, the more they’ll be looking at your company logo, details, slogans, and other insignia. This constant exposure provides free marketing for you. After all, the more someone observes a brand’s colours and shapes, the more likely they are to remember it and even recommend it.

Pay less, get more with promotional stadium cups

No matter the material and the design choice, festival and stadium cups are relatively inexpensive. You can get a batch of printed stadium cups for a fairly low price and arrange for printing, embossing, or engraving for just a few pounds. Combine that with the durability and reusability of each cup, and you have the perfect low-cost giveaways that will generate more marketing.

A wide range of custom festival and event cups

What kind of event cups should you get? That’s quite the common question, and the answers are quite varied:

  • Plastic cups
  • Polypropylene cups
  • Paper cups
  • Polycarbonate cups
  • Tumblers, wine glasses, mugs, shot glasses, and beer glasses of all the aforementioned materials above

The absolute versatility of these products can only help your brand. For example, you can offer one batch of plastic shot glasses and then follow it up with polyurethane champagne cups. Not only does it give us tons of shapes to play around with, but also a lot of materials of different density, durability, and strength.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also opt for a wide variety of colours, patterns, and even textures. The best thing about a cup as a branded item is that it gives you a wide area where we can print your logo, so you should take advantage of it. In fact, you can even toy around with the basic brand visuals to get the best results that suit your campaigns.

Practicality with personalised festival and event cups

Logo branded festival cups are incredibly practical items. Sure, you can use them during special events and festivals, but nothing is stopping you from pouring a cup of juice on the weekends or early mornings. And considering their durability, you can take them out when camping or during a long trip. Plus, if the material is thick enough, both hot and cold beverages can end up in that wonderful promo item.

Festival cups for the eco-consicous

The absolute majority of cup materials we use are biodegradable or otherwise safe for the environment. Eco-conscious manufacturers use plastic without phthalates or harmful materials that can pollute the ecosystem. In fact, lots of promotional stadium cups can be recycled, and their plastic is reused to create other, equally durable and useful cups.

Long term brand investment with custom printed stadium cups

Unlike many branded items, a good festival cup will have a long shelf life. With the right material and a good paint job, our cups can last for several years with minimal fading. And since they will be used so often, that gives you literal years of advertisement and free marketing and brand exposure.

Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a wide variety of printing options on our collection of printed event cups, and are at the forefront of print technology. As such, we can also offer a range of promotional event and stadium cups branded in UltraHD full-colour print to a standard most suppliers can only dream of!

Buy your branded event and festival cups today!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer, is receiving the very best possible prices. If you are looking for low-cost festival cups, and happen to find the same cups cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just let us know, and we will match the price and back it with our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our guarantee!

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For additional information on our promotional festival and event cups and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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