Branded Notebooks

When it comes to giveaways, promotional notebooks remain one of the most popular promotional products even with the increased use of email and text messaging. And why wouldn't they be! The UK stationery market is worth around £2.1 billion, so it's clear as a nation we love writing in our custom notebooks. Colourful and practical, notebooks are a great place to jot down thoughts, ideas and to-do lists or even merely to enjoy some doodling or sketching. 

Embossed or screen printed notebooks are perfect for handing out at executive meetings and business seminars but equally used as giveaways at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions to increase brand awareness. Our range includes eco-friendly options, premium corporate notebooks, hardback and soft-feel options, and low-cost journals to meet the tightest of budgets. Top-rated around any office, school or university personalised notebooks are a product that everyone will appreciate.

On target Products

Branded Shine A5 Soft Feel Notebooks at GoPromotional
Shine A5 Soft Feel Notebook
SALE - SAVE up to 21%
From: £2.44
Min Qty: 50
Logo branded promotional Emotion A5 Soft Feel Notebooks at GoPromotional
Emotion A5 Luxury Soft Feel Notebook With Pocket
SALE - You SAVE up to 22%
From: £2.26
Min Qty: 50
Shine A6 Soft Feel Notebooks branded witha corporate logo in many colours at GoPromotional
Shine A6 Soft Feel Notebooks
From: £1.12
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Miami A7 Spiral Bound Notebooks in many colours at GoPromotional
Miami A7 Spiral Bound Notebook
From: £0.77
Min Qty: 50
A5 Memphis Notebooks & Contour Pens Branded with your company logo GoPromotional for event giveaways
A5 Memphis Notebook & Contour Pen
From: £2.55
Min Qty: 50
Promotional Orion A4 Hard Cover Notebooks With Pocket for office giveaways
Orion A4 Hard Cover Notebook With Pocket
From: £5.55
Min Qty: 25
A6 Spectrum Hard Cover Notebooks branded with your logo in many colour options
A6 Spectrum Hard Cover Notebook
From: £1.39
Min Qty: 50
A5 Coffee Spiral Bound Notebooks personalised with your design at GoPromotional products
A5 Coffee Spiral Bound Notebook
From: £2.05
Min Qty: 50
Promotional Diplomat A5 Notebooks With Stylus Pens at GoPromotional
Diplomat A5 Notebook With Stylus Pen
From: £3.59
Min Qty: 50
Florence A5 Crush Paper Notebooks personalised with your logo at GoPromotional
Florence A5 Crush Paper Notebook
From: £2.35
Min Qty: 50
Bio Recycled Notebook & Pen in a variety of colour trim options
Bio Recycled Notebook & Pen
From: £1.33
Min Qty: 100
Company printed A5 Colour Sharp Notebooks for office promotions
A5 Colour Sharp Notebook
From: £3.02
Min Qty: 50
Eco-Friendly A6 Boston Natural Pocket Notebook & Pen for sustainable promotions
A6 Boston Natural Pocket Notebook & Pen
From: £1.03
Min Qty: 50
Logo branded Mozart A5 Cork Notebooks for eco-friendly marketing giveaways
Mozart A5 Cork Notebook
From: £3.36
Min Qty: 50
Promotional Warwick A5 Soft Feel Notebooks custom branded with your logo at GoPromotional for schools and universities
Warwick A5 Soft Feel Notebook
From: £2.19
Min Qty: 50
Spectre A5 Maxi Soft Feel Notebooks branded with your corporate design in a choice of colours at GoPromotional
Spectre A5 Maxi Soft Feel Notebook
From: £4.07
Min Qty: 25
Promotional printed Delph A6 Recycled Jotter & Pens for exhibition and event giveaways
Delph A6 Recycled Jotter & Pens
From: £1.16
Min Qty: 50
Recycled Sherwood Recycled Notebook & Pens for sustainable promos
Sherwood Recycled Notebook & Pen
From: £1.47
Min Qty: 50
Logo branded Congo Recycled A6 Notebooks for eco-friendly office giveaways
Congo Recycled A6 Notebook
From: £1.95
Min Qty: 50
Branded Orlando A5 Wiro Journal Notebooks for company office giveaways
Orlando A5 Wiro Journal Notebook
From: £3.02
Min Qty: 50
A5 Havana Soft Feel Notebooks personalised with your company details at GoPromotional
A5 Havana Soft Feel Notebook
From: £1.90
Min Qty: 50
Doodle Colour Therapy Notebooks in white for business promotions at GoPromotional
Doodle Colour Therapy Notebook
From: £2.85
Min Qty: 50
Corporate branded Envoy Corporate A5 Soft Touch Notebooks in black at GoPromotional for conferences and seminars
Envoy Corporate A5 Soft Touch Notebook
From: £5.58
Min Qty: 25
Corporate Evora A5 Hard Cover Notebooks printed with your logo and message
Evora A5 Hard Cover Notebook With Pocket
From: £5.69
Min Qty: 25
Epping A7 Recycled Pocket Notebooks & Pen for eco-friendly business giveaways
Epping A7 Recycled Pocket Notebook & Pen
From: £1.15
Min Qty: 50
Somerset Notebook & Pen Combo Organiser in a variety of colours
Somerset Notebook & Pen Combo Organiser
From: £1.19
Min Qty: 50
Picasso A5 PU Soft Cover Notebooks branded with your company logo at GoPromotional
Picasso A5 PU Soft Cover Notebooks
From: £5.39
Min Qty: 25
Warwick A6 Soft Feel Notebooks printed with business logos
Warwick A6 Soft Feel Notebook
From: £1.28
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Rivista A5 Premium Notebooks for business gifts
Rivista A5 Premium Notebooks With Pocket
From: £4.10
Min Qty: 25
Diversity A5 Jotter Notebooks in lots of colours for marketing promotions
Diversity A5 Jotter Notebook
From: £5.58
Min Qty: 25
Phantom A5 Lite Soft Touch Notebooks branded for company promotions
Phantom A5 Lite Soft Touch Notebook
From: £1.86
Min Qty: 25

9 Top reasons to why you should buy custom notebooks!

The advantages of having a good marketing strategy goes without saying. It's crucial to consider all options, after all, every little helps! All promotional products should form a significant part of your overall plan, and one of the most popular giveaways are personalised notebooks and journals. Branded notebooks can be one of your most reliable weapons in the battle to gain more customers. So, if you're wondering if you should invest in them, here are some great benefits they offer.

1. Promotional notebooks increase brand recognition

Every promotional product should make customers think positively about your brand. However, it's even more beneficial to hand out items that are useful. Everyone has at least one notebook at home or in the office with many people using them on a regular daily basis. This means if you can expose these potential customers to your brand enough, they'll start to trust you and your company.

So, becoming a part of someone's daily routine is essential, after all, sticking to things we know is deeply rooted in human nature and you want to be the thing your customers know well. That way, they will remain devoted to you.

2. Printed notebooks are an affordable and cost-effective strategy

Notebooks are very affordable and don't cost much when ordered in bulk such as our top selling Shine A5 Soft Feel Notebooks or Spectrum A5 Soft Feel Notebooks. With a high perceived value due to their luxury feel recipients are bound to be more inclined to accept and use your products and services.

3. Branded notebooks are cost-effective corporate gifts

Corporate notebooks are perfect for handing out at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and other company or business events, thus enabling you to reach a wide audience. Available in a huge range of colours, styles and finishes, these popular company giveaways allow you to not only mirror your brand, but really stand out wherever they go.

Distinctive leather notebooks make excellent business gifts for a reason. They look expensive, so people will hold on to them and due to the quality, they will think highly of you and consider your brand to be exclusive, which ultimately will do wonders for your image.

4. Promotional notebooks increase customer loyalty to your brand

Everybody loves free merchandise! What's more, by giving your customers something that looks expensive such as a casebound notebook, you'll create a personal relationship with them. The repeated exposure to your logo and message will only go to strengthen your brand identity and the association between that and the products and services you offer.

5. Personalised notebooks are like business cards, but significantly better!

When compared to traditional products such as printed notepads or branded post-it notes, notebooks and journals are proven to be much more effective. It's harder to discard a notebook than a business card! A business card can be easily lost or misplaced, while a professional leather-look notebook with an eye-catching design will be a trusted companion to most people.

6. Branded notebooks call for reciprocity

In any form of marketing, first impressions are crucial. You want to leave your potential customers with a positive feeling. It's true that humans are a bit selfish, but we do have a strong drive to reciprocate, which is so true if we have a positive attitude towards something or someone. Therefore, you should make the most of giving out promotional notebooks and think of it this way, if people like you, they will remember you, and, once you're in their memory, they'll be more prone to do business with you.

7. Corporate notebooks are customisable and practical

Promotional notebooks are popular because they are customisable, come in a variety of sizes, including popular options such as A5 notebooks, handy A6 notebooks and even as sets such as our notebook and pens for added value! For the environmentally conscious, recycled notebooks such as our best selling Malibu A5 Natural Recycled Notebook are a great choice.

The versatility of these promotional products and great printing area allows personalisation to the last detail, which is important when it comes to brand recognition and your professional image. Furthermore, prices range hugely, so no matter what your marketing budget is, notebooks are a sure to fit

8. Extensive printing and branding options for custom notebooks

We offer a variety of printing options on our vast range of promotional notebooks from screen printing, debossing, embossing, UV varnish, right through to the latest in UltraHD dye sublimation photo print technology. This ensures you always receive a professional finish on any notebook we supply. 

For special occasions then premium quality Moleskin notebooks or soft-feel notebooks are a must. This range can be customised with your corporate details and come in a range of cover options and internal page designs including dotted, lined, square and plain sheets.

Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

9. Fast UK delivery!

Our average delivery is around 5 working days, subject to the number of notebooks required and the nature and complexity of the branding. For last-minute events and a quick delivery service, give us a call us, and we'll do our best to help!

Buy your printed notebooks today!

We have literally hundreds of branded notebooks to choose from in many different styles and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your custom notebooks? If so, you may wish to take a look at our wide collection of printed mugs, branded pens, handy office rulers, pencil cases and stationery merchandise.

For additional information on our collection of UK branded notebooks and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

Frequent questions people ask about branding notebooks

Our best-selling notebooks are those which offer the best value for money, or those when printed or debossed enhance brand logos to make a truly distinctive giveaway.

We literally have hundreds of notebooks in different sizes and aimed to meet all budget requirements. If you feel spoilt for choice simply give us a call on 0800 0148 970 or email [email protected] and and our friendly team will guide you through all the options.

With GoPromotional you will receive:

  • Award Winning Customer Service

  • Quotes in Minutes

  • Over 50,000 Products

  • Free Virtual Samples

  • 100% Guaranteed Lowest Prices

  • Dedicated Professional Account Managers

  • In-House Printing & Production

  • Ethical Sourcing

Give our friendly team a call today on 0800 0148 970 or email [email protected] to experience the GoPromotional difference!

Yes! We have a wide selection of notebooks which can be dispatched in 48 hours from your final artwork approval. Additionally, most of our notebooks can be branded within ten working days or less. To find out more about our fast track services simply contact one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to advise you further.

Our range of eco-friendly notebooks includes many which are manufactured from recycled materials making them perfect for any environmentally conscious promotions. The product details page for each product will state if it can be recycled.

Yes! Due to our extensive buying power we receive the best prices the industry has to offer. This allows us to pass savings on to you. We regularly check our notebook prices and are so confident in our pricing that if you do happen to find a cheaper quote elsewhere, we will match, and usually beat the price. Further more, with GoPromotional you will always receive our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our guarantee!!

All of our notebooks are available with a single or multiple colour imprint. UltraHD™ full colour print, via dye-sublimation allows us to reproduce vibrant pictures and complex designs to a truly professional standard.

Debossing is the process by which we take your logo and 'blind stamp' this into the surface of the cover material. This provides for a unique impression of your logo and a truly classy finish.

Yes! You can select a mixture of colours, so long as the artwork to be printed is the same for each colour run.

We use the following printing processes depending on the color(s), material and other factors:

  • Screen printing
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Debossing
  • UltraHD™ full colour printing
Yes! Our factories hold millions of notebooks, however it is advisable that if you require to place a large order, we would recommend calling our customer service department on 0800 0148 970 or send us an email so we can check our current stock levels.
Yes! Please see the product detail page for minimum quantity information which does vary from product to product.

Yes! We source our notebooks from across Europe and around the world, and have a range of promotional notebooks and other products which are manufactured specifically here in the UK. Why not view our full range of UK made products.

The colours that you see on your computer monitor or that you print out on your desktop printer, will not provide the exact Pantone Matching System Colour of our products or imprints. This is due to the fact that calibration is different on all printers and monitors. If you are in any doubt of the notebook colour, please contact our sales team and request a physical sample.
Yes! We can send you a free sample to ensure you are 100% happy prior to production. Simply complete the quote form next to your desired notebook and when your account manager touches base with you then they will organise this for you. Most of our samples are free of charge, however for some higher valued items we may have to charge for these.
Yes! There is a set-up charge per order to custom print your notebooks. Please refer to the individual product detail page for setup charges.

Frequent questions people ask about Design and Artwork

Assuming you are happy with your notebook quotation, simply email your logo and imprint details to your dedicated Account Manager. Files we prefer to receive are EPS, AI and PDF vector formats; JPG and PNG files can sometimes be accepted. Please send us the highest resolution file you have available.

If your art resolution is too low to convert, we may have to redraw it and additional charges could incur depending on the complexity. This also could result in additional production time.

Production requires artwork to be at least 150 dots per inch at print size.
Different notebooks have differing print limitations, so for that reason we recommend sending your logo and imprint requirements to us in order for our production specialists to double check your artwork will work on your selected notebooks. If we cannot use your artwork, we will try to provide you with options. We may suggest using only text.
Of course! You can get free expert art advice from one of our trained graphic designers.
We typically keep artwork/designs on file for approximately three years.
We have 1,000's of fonts to choose from for your notebook imprint. If you want to use your own font, you must convert it to outlines (graphics) in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or a similar program before sending it to us. You can submit your favourite font name and we will use it if we have it, or we can search for something similar.
Yes! Most of our notebooks have multi-colour imprint options. Please see the product detail page for additional print colour options.
Yes! We have an extensive selection of custom notebooks where we can print in full colour using the very latest in UltraHD™ print technology.
Yes! We will send a FREE proof to you via email, typically the same day you decide to proceed, depending on the time of day we receive it. After receiving your artwork proof, we ask that you contact your Account Manager to approve your design or have any changes made.
The Pantone Matching System is a standardised colour reproduction system that will more accurately produce true colours for your pen order. Each PMS Colour is represented by a number and is used most often for logos and branding.

CMYK Value is a four-color process that layers cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to form your chosen colour. CMYK (UltraHD™ print) is best for projects with multiple-coloured imprints, such as photographs.

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