Branded Bucket Hats

Branded bucket hats are a smart choice for marketing campaigns due to their high visibility, making them walking billboards for your logo. Logo embroidered bucket hats appeal to all age groups with outdoor and casual lifestyles and are renowned for their durability, ensuring long-term brand exposure. Available in a wide range of colours and styes, custom printed bucket hats are an effective, stylish, and sustainable marketing tool.

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Custom Beechfield Cargo Bucket Hats with a corporate logo and message at GoPromotional
Beechfield Cargo Bucket Hat
From: £6.97
Min Qty: 25
Beechfield Organic Cotton Bucket Hats branded with a logo for summer brand marketing
Beechfield Organic Cotton Bucket Hat
From: £6.40
Min Qty: 25
Promotional branded Beechfield Outback Bucket Hats at GoPromotional
Beechfield Outback Bucket Hat
From: £9.14
Min Qty: 25
Promotional Beechfield Reversible Bucket Hats in a range of colours for holiday company promotions at GoPromotional
Beechfield Reversible Bucket Hat
From: £6.19
Min Qty: 25
Beechfield Recycled Polyester Bucket Hats branded with a logo for leisure and outdoor promotions at GoPromotional
Beechfield Recycled Polyester Bucket Hat
From: £5.52
Min Qty: 25
Childrens Sun Hats personalised with a printed logo for summer promotions
Childrens Sun Hat
From: £2.11
Min Qty: 250

Custom bucket hats - the trendy promotional tool

Promotional bucket hats can be immensely effective marketing tools. They are items that customers frequently use when they go outside. With that in mind, they provide more than enough exposure for your brand, no matter how big or small it is. Another major benefit is the space they offer for printed information to be seen clearly.

You can choose any type of branded headwear as a promotional clothing item. But if you need to opt for one type over others, then research suggest that embroidered bucket hats are one of the most popular options.

Before we cover how effective printed bucket hats are, we first need to define our terms. With that in mind, here is a brief description of what bucket hats are, how it differs from others, and why they are so popular.

What are personalised bucket hats?

Bucket hats are a type of head covering. You can recognise them instantly by their wide brim that slopes downwards. They normally have a simple, cylindrical crown that is sewn to the brim. Because of the way they are sewn, they reminds the wearer of a bucket.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of these particular promotional hats. For instance, there’s a retro appeal to wearing one of these hats, taking you back to the 1990s and even before that In addition, as a clothing item, they're versatile because of their gender-neutrality. Any individual can wear one. Finally, thanks to their shape and versatility, custom logo bucket hats can match any outfit. In other words, no matter where your customers wear them, they’re bound to have an audience.

Why company branded bucket hats make great marketing giveaways

We touched upon it slightly in the previous paragraph, but let’s expand it here. There are several key reasons behind bucket hats being such effective promo merchandise:

? Cost-effective promotional tools
? Brand versatility
? Wide brand coverage
? Various styles and colourways

As a wearer, you can take your hat to multiple different venues, and the people around you will take notice of the corporate branding printed or embroidered onto its surface. That’s also where the "coverage" section plays a major role. A single client can wear the hat across their city or town, meaning multiple people will pay attention over a single day.

Naturally, brand versatility and a different selection of styles also play a significant role. With a selection of different shapes, colour palettes, and textures, you can customise your bucket hats in a way that fits your brand’s image creatively and with style.

Promo bucket hats in eco-friendly options

Like numerous other items meant for corporate marketing, bucket hats can be made of sustainable, green materials or recycled matter. Some of the most popular eco-friendly materials for bucket hats include, but are not limited to:

? Organic cotton
? Linen
? Hemp
? Tencel (Lyocell)
? Bamboo
? Recycled material (such as post-consumer plastic, polyester, and nylon)

Getting promotional bucket hats made out of these particular materials will surely benefit your brand image. Nowadays, the vast majority of businesses are aiming to distribute eco-friendly giveaways and utilise 'green' products in every aspect of their work. Therefore, by selling or giving away hats made out of eco-conscious materials, you’re signalling to the clients that you’re keeping up with the new, sustainable trends.

Using bucket hats as promotional merchandise

As a uniform, unassuming clothing item, a bucket hat can fit many different professions. For example, you can use it as casual wear with any type of business, be it office work or construction. The key to success is in variety, and if an item can cover a vast array of titles and areas of work, you will want to utilise that to your advantage.

Next, they make perfect additions to gift baskets, but they can function just as well in and of themselves. Feel free to distribute them during corporate events and as summer giveaways. It will help you connect with other brands and clients and enable you to promote your company effectively with every person who happens to wear it.

Custom embroidered buckets - your go-to solution for perfect branding

Personalised bucket hats have demonstrated longevity beyond fleeting fashion trends. Their fusion of practicality, fashion, and promotional versatility positions them as a preferred option for businesses seeking impactful and budget-friendly promotional approaches. The inclusion of eco-friendly materials further elevates these items, establishing a new standard in promotional marketing.

Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our bucket hats. From screen printing and embroidery through to the very latest in UltraHD print which allows us to reproduce full-colour logos. Our team of professional graphic artists are on hand to help you choose the right hats and assist you in creating an eye-catching design. We aim to help you increase brand recognition for your company at every event!

Buy your promotional bucket hats today!

We have literally hundreds of promotional caps and bucket hats to choose from in many different styles, colours and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. Our range not only features bucket hats but also branded beanies and trucker caps. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your logo branded bucket hats? Then maybe consider our range of printed water bottles, stylish hoodies, low cost t-shirts, or even some fashionable promotional sunglasses? These complimenting giveaways are perfect for sporting events, outdoor promotions, new product launches and a host of other marketing activities.

For additional information on our collection of hats and baseball caps and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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