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Carry your drinks and your brand with our custom printed drinks and serving trays. These promotional products are made of a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Branded drinks and serving trays come in an array of designs as well. You can go for the classic oval-shaped trays to the rectangular-shaped ones with handles. Our collection also features non-slip trays, so you can rest assured that food and drinks would not fall off.

Custom branded drinks and servings trays are perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, canteens, and hotels. They are as stylish, stunning, and durable as they can be. For this reason, logo printed drinks and serving trays are sure to get your brand noticed for the years to come.

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Promotional Diner Plastic Food & Drinks Trays printed with your logo at GoPromotional
Diner Plastic Food & Drinks Tray
From: £4.79
Min Qty: 48
320mm Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Trays corporate branded for pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants at GoPromotional
Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Tray - 320 mm
From: £6.21
Min Qty: 100
345mm Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Trays in a range of colours with full colour printing
Ibiza Round Non-Slip Drinks Tray - 345 mm
From: £7.63
Min Qty: 100
Printed Metro Rectangular Stackable Serving Trays in a choice of colours for cafes and restaurants at GoPromotional
Metro Rectangular Stackable Serving Tray
From: £7.60
Min Qty: 100
City Waiters Tip Money Trays branded with company logos for restaurants, cafes and bars
City Waiters Tip Money Tray
From: £0.59
Min Qty: 100
370mm Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Trays for corporate brand awareness at GoPromotional UK
Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Tray - 370 mm
From: £6.06
Min Qty: 100
420mm Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Trays in black with full colour printing
Urban Round Non-Slip Serving Tray - 420 mm
From: £7.63
Min Qty: 100
Personalised Hotelier Stainless Steel Tip Trays for hotel business promotions
Hotelier Stainless Steel Tip Tray
From: £5.46
Min Qty: 50
400 mm Malone Round Non-Slip Drinks Trays in black for bar promotions
Malone Round Non-Slip Drinks Tray - 400 mm
From: £14.08
Min Qty: 12

Custom drink & serving trays: A great way to promote your brand

Nowadays, the power of custom merch is unmatched, and choosing the perfect promo items for your brand can make a big difference in how the world perceives you. Among the vast number of available options, branded drink serving trays are the unlikely stars that often remain neglected.

From bustling bars to upscale restaurants, these trays have found their home in countless establishments. Even more importantly, they do a lot more than just help carry drinks, they are powerful brand ambassadors that can elevate your business to unimaginable heights.

Where can you use branded drink trays?

Many businesses can make use of custom serving trays, but we’ll list the main ones below.

Bars and night clubs
When handing out drinks in bars and night clubs, a tray can do a lot more than keep the glasses safe. In fact, it can reinforce that bar’s message or logo and potentially instil a newfound loyalty to the brand.

Cafés, with their quiet atmospheres, require subtle yet effective branding options. In that regard, not many promotional items can compare to logo printed serving trays.

A well-designed serving tray can easily stir up a conversation in a restaurant, especially if it catches the eye of an important guest. That is why quality trays are a must in high-end establishments with a lot of customers every day.

Corporate events and organisations
While the hospitality industry is the main target audience for serving trays, they can be used way beyond that. For instance, brands can use these trays at all types of events including conferences and trade shows. Besides adding a touch of professionalism to the event, they will also emphasise the host and make them the centre of attention.

What materials are serving and drink trays made from?

Based on your budget and preferences, you can pick from various tray materials.

Cost-effective and lightweight in construction, plastic trays come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they are extra durable, easy to clean and can withstand a lot of tear and wear.

Wooden trays are usually found at upscale restaurants and bars with a rustic vibe. In case you’re planning an eco-friendly campaign, they’re the best choice you can make.

Stainless steel
In terms of durability, you won’t find a better material than stainless steel. Easy to print on or laser engrave, they are also excellent options for elegant restaurants and bars.

Non-slip corporate serving trays and their benefits

In bustling and crowded venues, safety is of utmost importance. Luckily, non-slip serving trays can ensure every drink gets to its designated customer with minimum slides and spills. The benefits of using trays include:

  • Safety 
  • Affordability 
  • Better service

  • So, every restaurant or bar can make use of at least a few non-slip models, especially during big events.

    What branding options are available

    The most commonly used method, printing, allows for extra vividness. As such, it’s perfect for all colourful designs and intricate logos. In addition, the end product can last for years, guaranteeing long-term promotion. UltraHD full colour printing is ideal for designs that require photographic quality. With its help, you can transfer photos onto the trays and even create colourful and detailed artwork. Finally, precision laser engraving works best on wooden and stainless steel trays. In addition, it makes for elegant designs that will stand the test of time.

    In conclusion

    Although they might seem inconspicuous, custom serving trays are some of the most powerful branded items out there. They seamlessly combine practicality and effective marketing, which is something that not many products can do. Seeing as brands are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to promote themselves, these trays will only continue to gain popularity.

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    We offer a wide selection of promotional drink and serving trays to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders when it comes to promotional barware

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