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Kids jackets and fleeces help business to promote their brand. Custom embroidered children’s jackets and fleeces offer a medium to firms to market and tap the untapped areas. A custom fleece jacket is a lightweight casual jacket manufactured in polyester synthetic wool, often with a zip or buttons to fasten it. Polar fleeces first originated in Massachusetts in 1979. Branded kids fleeces and jackets are perfect for keeping out the wind and rain. Highly popular with clubs and schools, printed jackets and fleeces are robust brand promoters and represent a great way to create an identity and get your logo and message noticed.

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Branded Regatta Kids Dover Fleece Lined Jackets with your logo at GoPromotional
Regatta Kids Dover Fleece Lined Jacket
From: £25.17
Min Qty: 10
AWDis Kids Varsity Jackets branded with your school logo for outdoor events
AWDis Kids Varsity Jacket
From: £15.74
Min Qty: 10
Result Junior Zip Neck PolarTherm™ Tops ideal for children at GoPromotional
Result Junior Zip Neck PolarTherm™ Top
From: £12.36
Min Qty: 10
Regatta Kids Ablaze Softshell Jackets branded with your logo in a range of colours at GoPromotional
Regatta Kids Ablaze Softshell Jacket
From: £15.05
Min Qty: 10
Branded Result Junior PolarTherm Fleece™ Jackets in a choice of colour options
Result Junior PolarTherm Fleece™ Jacket
From: £12.36
Min Qty: 10
Uneek Childrens Full Zip Fleece Jackets perfect for school and outdoor promotions
Uneek Childrens Full Zip Fleece Jacket
From: £9.66
Min Qty: 10
Result Core Junior Rain Jackets branded with your logo at GoPromotional
Result Core Junior Rain Jacket
From: £8.31
Min Qty: 10
Result Core Junior Rain Suits branded with your logo for kids promotions
Result Core Junior Rain Suit
From: £10.99
Min Qty: 10
Result Core Junior Winter Parka for schools, clubs and kids outdoor promotions
Result Core Junior Winter Parka
From: £19.10
Min Qty: 10
Result Core Junior Padded Bodywarmers for childrens outdoor promotions
Result Core Junior Padded Bodywarmer
From: £14.44
Min Qty: 10
Uneek Premium Reversible Fleece Jackets branded with your corporate logo
Uneek Premium Reversible Fleece Jacket
From: £18.90
Min Qty: 10

Custom branded jackets for children providing for dual delight

With the advent of cooler months, a child's need for warmth converges with an untapped marketing opportunity: custom children's branded fleeces and jackets. This fusion of practicality with promotional savvy offers a unique platform for businesses to naturally extend their brand reach.

These unique promotional jackets transcend their role as mere apparel, rising as potent marketing instruments. Their high visibility in rough weather makes them ideal promotional apparel for brand exposure. As children don these branded jackets, they become mobile billboards, parading your brand in public spaces and generating organic visibility.

Where can kids embroidered jackets and fleeces be distributed?

The appeal of logo branded fleeces and jackets stretches across multiple domains.

Schools and educational institutions
Schools integrate custom printed jackets into uniforms, especially in colder locales, fostering unity and inadvertently promoting the institution. In addition to enhancing school spirit, these promotional fleeces serve as functional keepsakes that continue to endorse the educational institution long after the school bell rings.

Clubs and organisations
Various clubs and teams adopt jackets and fleeces to strengthen group identity, offering them to athletes or supporters, thereby weaving the brand into the community fabric. By personalising jackets with emblems and mascots, clubs can transform a simple garment into a symbol of allegiance and shared values that resonate beyond the playing field.

Promotional events
Businesses leverage children's fleeces and jackets in promotional efforts, converting each jacket-wearing child into a brand ambassador at public events and gatherings. With every promo giveaway or prize, kids personalised jackets not only delight young recipients but also seed brand loyalty within families, creating a ripple effect of recognition.

The power of embroidered kids polo shirts

Embroidery is the classiest and most durable branding method you can opt for. The design you choose will not fade away easily, meaning that your polo shirts will keep bringing you new impressions long after you give them away. In addition, the shirts’ elegance will ensure kids wear them on a variety of occasions, further expanding your reach.

Practicality meets promotion with children's fleece jackets

The core function of custom children's outdoor clothing goes beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the essential duty of safeguarding young ones from cold and dampness. Advanced features like Thermo-Guard insulation are not uncommon, providing a cocoon of warmth even as the frost bites at the air. Additional defences, such as storm flaps and adjustable hoods, fortify these jackets, turning them into reliable bastions against the relentless onslaught of rain and gusts.

The choice of materials is a decisive factor in the jackets' performance. Custom kids jackets crafted from SoftShell material strike a fine harmony between retaining heat and offering mobility, enabling children to play unencumbered. Alternatively, options that prioritise water resistance or superior insulation are available, catering to the varying needs of a child's active lifestyle in different climates. Thus, each jacket becomes a testament to a brand's commitment to quality, comfort, and the well-being of its smallest patrons.

Stitching a brand's essence

Embroidery stands as a testament to a brand's legacy, offering enduring branding coupled with an elegant finish. Leaders in the industry, like Result, Regatta, and AWDS, epitomise this dedication to excellence, ensuring that their jackets are not only long-lasting but also serve as chic ambassadors of the brand's image.

A spectrum of customisation with children's fleeces and jackets

The versatility of kids promo jackets is evident in their wide array of prices and styles, accommodating an assortment of business requirements and financial plans. An extensive selection of hues gives businesses the freedom to synchronise their brand's visual theme with jackets, crafting a consistent and recognisable brand identity.

The strategic advantage

In the marketplace, custom children's branded clothing stand out as a strategic advantage for visionary businesses. Custom embroidered fleeces and jackets do more than just shield children from the elements; they envelop them in the brand's narrative. As children take them to the great outdoors, they also spread the story of the brand, embedding it into the tapestry of daily life and enhancing brand recognition with each adventure.

Buy your kids promotional jackets today!

We offer a wide range of promotional jackets and fleeces for children to choose from in many different styles, fabrics, colours and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. We also offer a wide collection of complimentary children's clothing such as printed t-shirts, cosy hoodies and sweatshirts, eye catching kids caps and also high visibility clothing to ensure their safety during the dark winter nights. If you are searching for adult outerwear then check out or main outdoor clothing section. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

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