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Presenting a clean and tidy bar when displaying your brand logo is vital to convey a professional image. Your customers come to your bar because they want to have fun, not because they want to clean up! That’s why we offer such a wide range of high quality custom printed bar runners and drip mats which will grab the attention of your customers whilst waiting to be served. Available in many styles and sizes, they’re great to use behind the bar or just on the floor – and they look fantastic with any logo or design that you want to imprint on them!

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PVC Drip Mats - 600 x 100 mm for corporate promotions at GoPromotional
PVC Drip Mat - 600 x 100 mm
From: £4.03
Min Qty: 250
PVC Drip Mats - 600 x 90 mm with an embossed logo
PVC Drip Mat - 600 x 90 mm
From: £3.60
Min Qty: 250
Bar and Club PVC Drip Mats - 580 x 80 mm with your embossed custom design
PVC Drip Mat - 580 x 80 mm
From: £3.38
Min Qty: 250
Printed promotionall PVC Drip Mats - 550 x 210 mm at GoPromotional brand merchandise specialists
PVC Drip Mat - 550 x 210 mm
From: £5.45
Min Qty: 250
Logo embossed PVC Drip Mats - 390 x 190 mm
PVC Drip Mat - 390 x 190 mm
From: £4.23
Min Qty: 250
Printed or engraved Metal Drip Trays for pubs, bars, restaurant and hopsitality promotions at GoPromotional
Metal Drip Tray
From: £45.63
Min Qty: 10
Logo branded Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher in white at GoPromotional
Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher - White
From: £1.51
Min Qty: 250
Custom printed Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher in many colours at GoPromotional
Cool Wave Recycled Can Stasher - Coloured
From: £1.54
Min Qty: 250
Logo branded Cool Wave Biodegradable Can Stasher at GoPromotional
Cool Wave Biodegradable Can Stasher
From: £1.47
Min Qty: 250

The unmatched appeal of printed bar runners and drip mats

In regards to promotional brand marketing, the details hold a significant amount of power. In other words, it is the smallest and often seemingly insignificant promo products that can take a marketing campaign to the next level.

For example, bar runners and drip mats usually aren’t at the top of anyone’s list of essential promo products. However, their functionality and overall usefulness make them some of the most successful marketing tools you can opt for. Below, we’ll give you a short guide on what exactly makes these items such an excellent choice for your campaign. Read on!

Where can you use bar runners and drip mats

Here are some of the establishments that can always use quality custom drip mats and bar runners.

Bars and Pubs
When serving drinks to customers, bartenders need a slip-resistant surface for all types of glasses. Besides keeping the glasses in place, the mats also prevent spills and keep the bar area and tables cleaner. At the same time, these items let bars and pubs advertise themselves or a particular beverage brand in a simple yet effective way. The mats and runners are quite noticeable, and they can garner a lot of attention if you nail their design.

Many cafés serve a lot more than just coffee and tea. In fact, a lot of them also offer alcoholic beverages, so drip mats and bar runners are always welcome. Besides helping keep surfaces neat, the mats and runners can also help make the cafés appear more professional through branding consistency.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a nightclub with no bar runners and drip mats. They offer a great way to advertise the establishments themselves, as well as any premium beverages or special events.

Last but not least, these items can also be found in high-end restaurants. Aside from bar counters, staff can also use them on dining tables, especially during parties and special dinners.

Things don’t end there with branded drip trays and printed bar runners!

While the hospitality industry indeed requires drip mats and bar runners the most, these items can also be found in various other places. From corporate events to private celebrations and weddings, practical yet beautiful products are always welcome. In addition, mats and runners can easily be included in promo campaigns for beverage and liquor brands, as well as different drink distributors.

What materials are bar runners and drip mats manufactured in?

Bar runners and drip mats made of thermoplastic are particularly soft and easy to clean. In addition, they are extra flexible and durable, making them perfect for bars and nightclubs.

Rubber is one of the most slip-resistant materials you can choose. Thus, rubber mats and runners are ideal for crowded events and parties, as they ensure every drink will stay in place while the guests have fun.

And finally, metal is the most sophisticated of all available options. As such, it is excellent for upscale restaurants and popular bars, as well as campaigns for high-end brands.

What are the branding options?

Screen printing
If your goal is effective but affordable customisation, printing your logo on the drip mats and runners is an ideal option. You simply need to make sure the material you choose allows for the complexity of your design, and the rest will come effortlessly. Screen printing is a wonderful option if your design is vivid and colourful. In addition, it allows you to get large orders done quite quickly, so you can start distributing your merchandise on time.

Full-colour printing
Is your design extra detailed? In that case, full-colour printing will be your best bet. In the end, you’ll be left with visually appealing products that will catch everyone’s attention.

Laser engraving
Finally, laser engraving is the most sophisticated option you can use for your mats and runners. Perfect for wooden and metal models, it will add a dash of elegance to your campaign.


Combining functionality and affordability with high quality promo potential, drip mats and bar runners are some of the best marketing tools a business can use. From bars and nightclubs to corporate events and parties, these items will be a suitable addition for every occasion and are great when combined with low cost giveaways such as printed bottle openers. Even more importantly, they will send a clear branding message that not many will be able to overlook. As such, they are investments that keep on giving long after you let them go into the world.

Buy your custom branded bar runners and drip mats today!

We offer a wide variety of promotional bar runners and drip mats to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders! 

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your custom logo bar runners and drip mats? If so, you may wish to take a look at our wide collection of branded coasters and barware accessories

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