Branded Microfiber Screen Cloths

Ensure your logo and message gets right in the hands of your customers with promotional microfibre screen cloths. Available in a range of sizes and printed in stunning UltraHD full colour print they represent great value. Microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops and tablet screens as well as glasses and camera lenses.

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Small Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths personlised with your brand design at GoPromotional
Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Small
From: £0.51
Min Qty: 300
Large Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths custom printed in full colour for office promotions
Premium MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Large
From: £0.78
Min Qty: 300
Small MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths branded with a company design for employee giveaways
MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Small
From: £0.41
Min Qty: 300
Large MicroFibre Cleaning Cloths personalised with your design at GoPromotional in full colour print
MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth - Large
From: £0.58
Min Qty: 300
Printed Sticky Screen Cleaners with your graphics in full colour
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Large
From: £0.31
Min Qty: 300
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Small
Sticky Screen Cleaner - Small
From: £0.20
Min Qty: 300
Promotional Screen Saver Microfibre Cleaning Mouse Mats branded with a design for employee gifting
Screen Saver Microfibre Cleaning Mouse Mat
From: £2.24
Min Qty: 100

Custom microfiber screen cloths make the ultimate promotional giveaways

In a predominantly digital age, screens are all around us. From the phones we carry in our pockets to the laptops we utilise for work, everyone uses at least one display on a daily basis. Naturally, with this widespread use also comes the need to keep these as clean as possible. That is where microfiber screen cloths come in, useful and affordable, they are the only tools you need to ensure your screens are clear of any spots and marks. However, they’re just as successful in leading promo campaigns and here is why.

Understanding microfiber cleaning cloths

As their name suggests, these cloths are made from microfiber and explicitly designed for cleaning screens. As such, they are soft and attract dirt and dust quite efficiently. The biggest advantage of using these cloths is the fact that they do not require the addition of any chemical cleaners. Consequently, they are completely safe for all screens types, regardless of their sensitivity levels.

The promotional potential of printed microfiber cleaning cloths

In addition to their practicality, these screen cloths also hold incredible marketing potential. For starters, they offer you ample branding space to work with, allowing you to ensure your logo or message gets all the attention it deserves. Due to their usefulness, these custom printed cloths are also promotional items that people will likely both keep and use. As such, they are excellent long-term investments for all companies, since they keep bringing in new impressions long after they are distributed.

Lastly, screen cloths can be powerful tools for increasing visibility. Thanks to screen printing, you can adorn them with catchy designs and guarantee that your brand awareness will increase with each use.

Who distributes branded microfiber cleaning cloths

Considering the ubiquity of screens, many brands from various sectors have started including promotional cloths in their campaigns. From tech giants to small local brands, everyone has realised the power that these small products may hold. Most of them give away screen cloths at different events, including trade shows and conferences. Additionally, they are also excellent gifts for all office workers, who interact with various screens throughout the day. Wherever they are given away, the cloths ensure a brand gets exposure and expands its reach. This fact makes them some of the most effective marketing tools available at the moment.

Going a step further with promotional microfiber screen cloths

If you’re planning a campaign centred around screens and keeping them tidy, including sticky cleaners is also a great idea. Merging convenience with utility, these products stick to the back of a phone or tablet and are always ready for a quick cleaning session. By combining them with microfiber cloths, you can give your strategy variety and save some money in the process. Plus, you can ensure that people have various methods to keep their screens clean based on their preferences.

Extensive printing and branding options

At GoPromotional we remain at the forefront of the print industry, investing in the latest machinery and technology. As such, we can offer the latest in UltraHD print! which enables us to personalise our cleaning cloths in vibrant full colour print. The standard we can achieve with this process is stunning and one which most suppliers can only dream of.

Buy your custom microfiber cleaning cloths today!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive the very best possible prices on cleaning cloths. Why not compliment your order of microfiber cloths with some additional technology related giveaways such as branded charging cables, practical power banks or even some practical custom notebooks and printed pens?

For additional information on our custom printed microfiber cleaning cloths and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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