Printed Festival & Event Cups

Take a look at our extensive collection of promotional festival and event cups. We have everything from reusable and recyclable to disposable custom cups. Our reusable printed festival cups are made of shatter-proof materials like polycarbonate, polypropylene, and plastic. On the other hand, we offer recyclable paper cups along with paper cup sleeves. And if washing custom festival and event cups prove to be too burdensome, you can opt for disposable ones. Our range of branded disposable cups includes ones that are made of polystyrene and plastic.

Custom printed festival and event cups are perfect for busy events such as music concerts, festivals, and sports games. Maximise brand exposure and awareness by placing your logo and message on the face of the cups. Our catalogue is filled of budget-friendly promo items, so you would surely not break your bank.

On target Products

Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 390ml
Colour Change Plastic Festival Cup - 390ml
From: £1.46
Min Qty: 1000
Premium Lanyard Cup Holder
Premium Lanyard Cup Holder
From: £1.56
Min Qty: 100
296ml Disposable Polystyrene Cups for exhibitions, conferences and trade show marketing at GoPromotional UK
Disposable Polystyrene Cup - 296ml
From: £0.22
Min Qty: 1000
Custom printed 340ml Disposable Biodegradable Cups for corporate events and promotions at GoPromotional
Disposable Biodegradable Cup - 340ml
From: £0.29
Min Qty: 1000
Promotional Full Colour Paper Cup Sleeves - 360-480ml in white with your design for festivals, events, trade shows and exhibitions at GoPromotional
Full Colour Paper Cup Sleeves - 360-480ml
From: £0.17
Min Qty: 1000
455ml Rippled Java Paper Cups printed with your company design at GoPromotional
Rippled Java Paper Cup - 455ml
From: £0.49
Min Qty: 500
American Style Party Cups printed at Gopromotional for festivals and events
American Style Party Cups
From: £0.49
Min Qty: 1000

Get the party started with custom printed event drinkware

Nowadays, the business landscape is at its most competitive. As a result, businesses are struggling to stand out and offer products and ads that will resonate with their target audiences.

Fortunately, there is an effective way of bypassing this difficulty - picking memorable and high-quality promo products to give away. Among hundreds of available options, not many are as versatile and cost-effective as custom event drinkware.

In the sections that follow, we’ll explore the potential of different types of drinkware and give you ideas on how you can use them to promote your brand. Read on!

Low cost promotional plastic glasses and tumblers

If you’re organising an event and you want to put eco-friendliness at the forefront, branded plastic glasses are an excellent choice. From plastic beer glasses, logo branded plastic tumblers through to cute promotional shot glasses, we've got all the angles covered. Promotional plastic glasses are highly durable, so your customers will be able to reuse them over and over. Consequently, they won’t have to create more plastic waste than necessary.

Furthermore, these promotional glasses are lightweight, easy to transport, and incredible for customising. You can adorn them with your logo and message and raise brand awareness with every cup you hand out.

Just as importantly, glasses are cost-effective, so you won’t have to drain your budget to get a whole bulk. With some careful planning, this investment can be a superb long-term decision.

Stadium cups

These promotional cups are a great choice for all events with big crowds, from festivals and concerts to sports games and weddings and are available in a huge range of colour options and sizes. Made from durable plastic, stadium cups can withstand a lot of pressure and rough handling, making them perfect for huge events.

Another advantage is that many people keep custom branded stadium cups as collectables. That is especially the case if the cups are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, you have the opportunity to create promotional items that many people will see sitting on shelves and tables at home or in the office.

In other words, your brand’s visibility can increase exponentially if you play your cards right. This fact makes stadium cups one of the most effective promo items you can opt for.

Reusable paper coffee cups

Reusable paper cups are another staple corporate giveaway you can take advantage of. From employees and clients to customers and partners, you can give them away to anyone and make a great impression.

If you put your logo on printed paper cups, you’ll take a stand for the planet and show that your brand is sustainable. You can then give them away at company events, festivals, product exhibits, concerts, or as gifts in your own office. And every time the recipient takes a sip of coffee, they will remember your brand with fondness.

In addition, our promotional paper cups are available with the added option of including an outer sleeve to protect the user from the heat. our branded paper cup sleeves are ideal for use at festivals and events and also for corporate events. They represent great value for your money and a worthy consideration for any promotion where paper cups are to be used.

Branded plastic glassware

In case you’re looking for a more sophisticated branded gift but still at a competitive price point, then custom plastic glassware is a fantastic option. You can use these items during galas and other high-end events to impress all the attendees.

Moreover, you can personalise and give them away as elegant gifts to all potential clients and important partners. Your options include everything from regular drinking glasses, stemmed wine glasses through to fancy champagne flutes.

Regardless of the option you go for, you’ll ensure increased visibility as plastic glassware is frequently used. In addition, your clients and partners will form positive associations with your brand because you gave them such a useful and tasteful gift.

Of course, this type of drinkware is also a little more expensive. However, since you’ll only reach for it on special occasions, it is indeed a worthwhile investment.

Printing and branding options on event drinkware

We offer a range of branding options on our event and festival drinkware including screen printing and the latest UltraHD full-colour print. This allows us to reproduce full colour images and logos to a standard most can only dream of. Our graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection. They will ensure that your logo and message is produced to the highest quality. Ensuring your brand is portrayed in the best possible way is our priority!

Buy your custom printed festival cups today!

We offer a wide selection of promotional event cups and festival drinkware to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders! Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your event drinkware? If so, you may wish to take a look at our wide collection of promotional barware or printed caps and t-shirts.

For additional information on our collection of corporate branded event and festival drinkware and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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