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Even with the increased use of email and text messaging, promotional notebooks remain one of the most popular business corporate gifts. And why wouldn't they be! The UK stationery market is worth around £2.1 billion, so it's clear as a nation we love writing in our logo notebooks. Colourful and practical, branded notebooks are a great place to jot down thoughts, ideas and to-do lists or even merely to enjoy some doodling or sketching. 

Embossed or printed notebooks are perfect for handing out at executive meetings and business seminars but equally used as giveaways at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions to increase brand awareness. Our range includes eco-friendly options, premium corporate notebooks, hardback and soft-feel options, and low-cost journals to meet the tightest of marketing budgets. Top-rated around any office, school or university promotional notebooks printed with your logo are a product that everyone will appreciate.

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Shine A5 Soft Feel Notebook
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9 Top reasons to use branded notebooks!

The advantages of having a good marketing strategy goes without saying. It's crucial to consider all options, after all, every little helps! All promotional products should form a significant part of your overall plan, and one of the most popular giveaways are notebooks and journals. Branded notebooks can be one of your most reliable weapons in the battle to gain more customers. So, if you're wondering if you should invest in them, here are some great benefits they offer.

1. Promotional notebooks increase brand recognition

Every promotional product should make customers think positively about your brand. However, it's even more beneficial to hand out items that are useful. Everyone has at least one notebook at home or in the office with many people using them on a regular daily basis. This means if you can expose these potential customers to your brand enough, they'll start to trust you and your company.

So, becoming a part of someone's daily routine is essential, after all, sticking to things we know is deeply rooted in human nature and you want to be the thing your customers know well. That way, they will remain devoted to you.

2. Notebooks are an affordable and cost-effective strategy

A4 and A5 branded notebooks are very affordable and don't cost much when ordered in bulk and with a high perceived value due to their luxury feel recipients are bound to be more inclined to accept and use your products and services.

3. Printed notebooks are cost-effective corporate gifts

Corporate branded notebooks are perfect for handing out at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and other company or business events, thus enabling you to reach a wide audience. Available in a huge range of colours, styles and finishes, these popular company giveaways allow you to not only mirror your brand, but really stand out wherever they go.

Distinctive leather notebooks make excellent business gifts for a reason. They look expensive, so people will hold on to them and due to the quality, they will think highly of you and consider your brand to be exclusive, which ultimately will do wonders for your image.

4. Promotional notebooks increase customer loyalty to your brand

Everybody loves free merchandise! What's more, by giving your customers something that looks expensive such as a casebound notebook, you'll create a personal relationship with them. The repeated exposure to your logo and message will only go to strengthen your brand identity and the association between that and the products and services you offer.

5. Notebooks are like business cards, but significantly better!

When compared to traditional products such as printed notepads or branded post-it notes, notebooks and journals are proven to be much more effective. It's harder to discard a notebook than a business card! A business card can be easily lost or misplaced, while a professional leather-look notebook with an eye-catching design will be a trusted companion to most people.

6. Branded notebooks call for reciprocity

In any form of marketing, first impressions are crucial. You want to leave your potential customers with a positive feeling. It's true that humans are a bit selfish, but we do have a strong drive to reciprocate, which is so true if we have a positive attitude towards something or someone. Therefore, you should make the most of giving out promotional notebooks and think of it this way, if people like you, they will remember you, and, once you're in their memory, they'll be more prone to do business with you.

7. Corporate notebooks are customisable and practical

Branded notebooks are popular because they are customisable, come in a variety of sizes, including popular options such as A5 promotional notebooks, A6 branded notebooks and even as sets such as our corporate notebook and pens for added value! For the environmentally conscious, recycled notebooks are a great choice.

The versatility of these promotional items and great printing area allows personalisation to the last detail, which is important when it comes to brand recognition and your professional image. Furthermore, prices range hugely, so no matter what your marketing budget is, notebooks are a sure to fit

8. Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our vast range of promotional notebooks from screen printing, debossing, embossing, UV varnish, right through to the latest in UltraHD dye sublimation photo print technology. This ensures you always receive a professional finish on any notebook we supply. 

For special occasions then premium quality Moleskin notebooks or soft-feel notebooks are a must. This range can be customised with your corporate details and come in a range of cover options and internal page designs including dotted, lined, square and plain sheets.

Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

9. Fast UK delivery!

Our average delivery is around 5-7 working days, subject to the number of notebooks required and the nature and complexity of the branding. For last-minute events and a quick delivery service, give us a call us, and we'll do our best to help!

Buy your printed notebooks today!

We have literally hundreds of branded notebooks to choose from in many different styles and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your merchandise notebooks? If so, you may wish to take a look at our wide collection of branded pens, rulers, pencil cases and stationery merchandise.

For additional information on our collection of UK corporate branded notebooks and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 


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