Marketing with branded pens is a unique way to increase brand awareness and create a product that truly reflects what your business is about.

Promotional imprinted pens can be an integral part of a cost-effective marketing strategy and can work well for most businesses. When you think about how many times a pen is used and how often it’s passed around and lent to other people you soon realise just how visible your company can become. The cost per impression for a pen in the US is roughly 1/10th of a cent. Marketing with pens is therefore a great way to get your name out there in front of the world, particularly if you’re a small company or startup. Branded marketing pens are usually always sold in bulk, and when compared to other promotional campaigns such as email newsletters or radio ads, pens win hands down for value for money.

Compare pens to business cards for example – you take a business card from a new acquaintance, respectfully glance at it, then consign it to the depths of a pocket or handbag for the rest of eternity. But a pen gets far more mileage as it’s something that people use every day of their lives. Even as we find ourselves in a more digital age, the pen is still a classic must-have.


Maximise your marketing potential

Now you’ve decided you want to use printed pens as part of your marketing, you need to ask yourself some key questions to ensure you’re maximising their marketing potential. Here are 3 things you should consider:


Choosing the right pen for your business

There are so many pens available nowadays, from classy, weighted fountain pens to the standard biro. Though they carry out the same function, it’s amazing how different pens can be. Choosing the right pen for your business goals is an important decision and should be based on a number of factors including your marketing goals.

Be sure to consider your target audience when selecting a pen. It needs to appeal to the type of clients you’re looking to attract. If you deal with the IT community, for instance, consider a pen with a built-in stylus that will be able to interact nicely with computer screens and mobile devices.

You also need to consider what level of the company you are targeting. If you’re meeting with executive board directors, it’s best to opt for higher quality branded metal pens. Alternatively, if you’re carrying out a training programme with a large number of people, it’s more likely you’re promotional materials will include more than one item – so a cheaper alternative would probably do the job just as well in this instance. You could even opt for novelty pens to add interest and engagement.

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Uses of promotional marketing pens

Make sure that you reflect on the intended use of your branded pens. This will come from knowing your target audience. Are they business executives who will be signing and writing documents, or creatives who will be jotting down ideas, or drawing out new concepts? These considerations should dictate the materials, feel, and value-added features (such as a stylus or rubber grip) to make your pen your target market’s go-to writing implement instead of just another go-to-the-bottom-of-the-bag promotional product.

Also be sure to consider what type of ink you want your pen to have. Multi-function pens with different colour options are good for the education and medical sectors, as different colours can be used to signify or highlight different information. Other options include metal rollerball pens or marker pens.

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Consider distribution

Now that you have a stock of promotional pens, it’s important to consider how you’re going to distribute them. A cost-effective way of distributing your cheap promotional plastic pens is to hand them out personally; at client meetings, conferences, networking events and to visitors to the office. This personal handover conveys the notion of a gift and can really help to ensure your interaction is remembered. If you have the budget for postal distribution, this can also be an effective delivery method. Think about sending pens out as gifts at Christmas time, or with promotional mailings such as catalogues.


Get Your Branded Pens From GoPromotional

Branded pens are a simple, affordable and practical way to get your name out to prospective customers, suppliers or partners. Regardless of your target audience or budget, promotional pens are a low cost, effective option for almost any kind of promotional giveaway.

Browse our extensive range of pens and writing instruments to see what we have on offer to assist you in increasing your brand awareness.  If you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of our promotional gifts team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.

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