Branded office stationery is one of the most popular types of promotional merchandise. There are many reasons for this, but some of the key ones are that it is genuinely useful, reasonably cost effective and can be highly distinctive if done correctly.

The key to effectively promoting your business with branded stationery is to know your target audience, what they need and what they look for in stationery. A simple example might be that a lawyer is more likely to want something that looks stylish and professional, rather than colourful and fun.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of questions to ask yourself when selecting the right promotional stationery for your business and 5 tasteful suggestions for branded office stationery that can help your business make the right impression while getting yourselves noticed.


Questions to ask yourself when choosing branded office stationery

To get the right promotional stationery for your business, you need to ask yourself some key questions. It is also important to remain focused on the recipients, as they are the ones you ultimately need to appeal to.

Make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

What kinds of stationery are your target audience likely to use on a regular basis?

A stapler is likely to be of limited use to a marketing manager, but might be very welcome to an accountant, who frequently has to staple receipts to other bits of paperwork.

What is the recipients brand identity?

Your branded stationery needs to match not just your businesses image, but also that of the people you are hoping to promote yourselves to. As mentioned above, a lawyer is likely to want something stylish and professional looking, while a design agency will probably be more impressed by something fun and original.

What information do you want to communicate?

If all you want to get across is the name of your business and some basic contact information, you are likely to be able to fit that onto most kinds of office stationery. If you want to convey a bit more, however, you will need to choose stationery that gives you a bit more space, such as branded notebooks or printed paper desk pads.


5 ideas for branded stationery for your business

Looking for inspiration to help you create the perfect branded office stationery for your business? The following are five ideas to get you thinking and provide a starting point for coming up with a promotional merchandise plan that works for you.

Encourage people to get creative

Heading to a conference or trade show and want a way to really make your business stand out? One idea could be to hand out logo printed notepads, then get people to doodle in them and share the results on social media with a specific hashtag. You could give people themes related to your brand or the event and give out prizes for the best ideas. That way you get lots of extra publicity for your brand by adding an element of fun and competition.

Create a sticky note campaign

On a similar theme, sticky notes offer another way to get people sharing your promotional products with others. Get promotional sticky notes into the hands of as many people as possible, then ask them to use them to share a specific idea or piece of information, such as what they are hoping to achieve that day or their biggest achievement so far this year. Again, have a campaign specific hashtag and get people sharing the results on social media to help your branded sticky notes go the extra mile.

Offer people inspiration

One way to make a promotional product memorable is to make sure you go beyond simply promoting your own brand. Choosing inspirational quotes that match your values to go alongside your branding can be highly effective. These quotes can be serious, funny or philosophical, just as long as they are memorable and fit with your brand identity. Quotes can fit easily on a variety of stationery, from branded rulers, pencil cases and erasers to logo printed pens and magnets.

A monthly reminder

Company branded calendars are a popular choice and are genuinely useful, so will often actually end up hanging around in the recipient’s office. The danger is that they get swiftly forgotten, so make sure you use attractive branding to make them as eye-catching as possible. You can also get a bit of cheeky extra promotion by filling in a few key dates yourself before handing them out, such as networking days you will be attending or anything else you want to draw attention to.

Give people a challenge

Banner pens are another ever popular option as they allow you to pack loads of information into the pull out banner. One idea to do something different and engaging with this is to use the banner to pose a puzzle, riddle or other kind of mental challenge. You can get people to tweet their answers to you and give discount codes or other rewards to those that crack the problem. By posing this sort of challenge, you will get people more actively engaged with your brand, making it much more likely they will talk about and remember you.


Find branded office stationery ideas for your business

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