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Custom printed magnets are highly appealing and are one of the most popular branded promotional products to attract customers to your logo and message. Universally loved, they can be used by anyone who has a fridge or any other magnetic surface. Whether at the office or home, our best selling magnets are highly versatile, low-cost giveaways which offer a great branding area. Promotional magnets are great for handing out at trade shows, exhibitions, charities, fundraisers or even as part of a mailing campaign. Whenever your customers or employees need a snack or cold drink, they will be reminded of your message via corporate magnets stuck to their fridge. 

On target Products

Welcome to our range of custom printed magnets

Promotional magnets are effective advertising solutions

No marketer can ignore the advertising value of branded magnets. Our extensive range of promotional magnets is available in a variety of options in colour, shape, and size. This versatility makes branded magnets a cost-effective advertising giveaway to carry your logo and slogan. 

Magnets produce high brand impression rates due to their high visibility and placement. How many times do you walk past or open the fridge each day? Magnets are used to hold up essential or treasured documents to make them easily visible. 

Printed magnets will stay in the minds of your clients, and be seen by their family and friends for years to come. Magnets are most effective when bundled with other accessories such as engraved metal pens, branded keyrings, custom stress balls and printed mugs.

The history of magnets

In Ancient Greece, a Cretan shepherd named Magnes discovered magnetite, a natural mineral with magnetic properties. He uncovered this strange mineral after realising the nails in his shoes were stuck to the rock and investigated further. Due to popular faith at the time, this discovery was associated with superstition. 

It wasn't until 1269 when William Gilbert and Peter Peregrinus found that the Earth acted as a giant magnet. Later in 1600, magnets were created from iron, and in 1820 the link between magnets and electricity was noted by Hans Oersted.

The benefits of using custom magnets

  • Popular apparel with all age groups
  • Can wear t-shirts just about anywhere
  • Long-lasting durability for optimal brand exposure
  • People can wear t-shirts on the day you hand them out
  • Highly cost-effective marketing tools
  • Effective marketing tools for any promotion or event

Promotional magnets for events

Once you've designed your promotional magnets, give them out at almost any corporate event. They are perfect for handing out at raffles, trade shows, exclusive company tours, gift shops and tourist attractions. Magnets offer one of the highest ratios of advertising space to product size. This makes them efficient and effective for keeping your logo in the mind of your customers.

Best selling printed magnets

Our Flexible Fridge Magnets, in over 64 different shapes provide just about any company to create a totally unique giveaway to mirror services or products. If you’re launching a new product or have just kick-started a new campaign, these magnets are cost-effective and provide a great return on investment. When it comes to magnets, the choices are endless! Some of our best selling magnets include:

  • Ultra thin magnets:
    perfect for distributing via mailing campaigns
  • Magnetic word games:
    ideal as a fun, brain teasing giveaway for schools
  • Magnetic bookmarks:
    great for colleges, libraries, schools and souvenir shops
  • Magnetic photo frames:
    great for desktop promotions

Our price match guarantee!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer is receiving the very best possible prices.  

So, if you are looking for low cost, magnets, and happen to find the same products cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just get in touch and we will match the price and back it with our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our guarantee!!

For additional information on the benefits of imprinted logo magnets, why not contact us and have a chat with one of our dedicated account managers.

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