Richard Larson  |  Marketing Manager

Richard Larson
As Marketing Manager for GoPromotional, Richard is responsible for product sourcing, communications, digital, and channel marketing. Richard also oversees the implementation of new promotional products and content on our website to ensure they are presented in the most effective manner. Having worked for the company since its conception, he has extensive knowledge of the print and promotions industry and is the go-to person when it comes to finding new and exciting branded merchandise.

Articles By Richard Larson


Welcome to our range of branded sunglasses

Sunglasses act as a walking billboard for your business. Think about the dozens of people who could be wearing your sunglasses all day. They will meet potential customers that will immediately associate your brand with a sense of fashion. Here are...


Promotional tool kits and sets for your next marketing campaign

As one of the highest value promotional gifts, printed tool sets let your customers know how much your company appreciates them. Tools possess an incredible value when placed outside of the decorative toolbox. If you wish to move away from more...


Corporate branded smartphone accessories get your message heard!

Of all the promotional gifts on offer, perhaps no other delivers more benefits than Smartphone accessories. Smartphones keep us connected to friends and family via calls, texts, and updates to social media. Smartphones play an ever-growing important...


The benefits of branded car and motoring accessories

Personal vehicles are the most common form of transport in the UK. From car enthusiasts to the daily commuter, cars are an important part of our daily lives. The amount of time we spend in our cars opens up an opportunity for highly effective...


Custom Computer Accessories & Gadgets

Today life runs on computers more than ever before. For many of us, we work, socialise and relax all while facing a monitor. Many of us spend entire days in front of screens, so having the handy computer gadgets are a must for creating a positive...


Branded travel accessories are perfect giveaways for all occasions

How do you get the word out about your business to potential customers that live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away? An expensive television spot in prime time is not even a dream. You can't expect to reach customers that live outside of your...


Welcome to our range of promotional snacks and biscuits

How can something you eat be such an effective marketing tool? The answer is really simple, give away delicious branded snacks and biscuits that leave a positive lasting memory. Biscuits and snacks work as highly effective...


Promotional magnets are effective advertising solutions for any organisation

No marketer can ignore the advertising value of branded magnets. Our extensive range of promotional magnets is available in a variety of options in colour, shape, and size. This versatility makes branded magnets a cost-effective advertising giveaway...


Welcome to our range of promotional auto and car accessories

Branded gifts for vehicles are a smart marketing tool. Just like cowboys and horses, most people love their cars. They trust it to take them where they need to go every single day so branded merchandise designed to live in a car or...


Welcome to our range of promotional desk items

Branded office products are one of the most useful promotional items. Suitable for any industry, custom desk accessories will leave lasting impressions. The desk is the home to the office worker. Your day begins and ends at a desk....


Spread brand awareness with promotional enamel badges

Enamel badges are a low-cost, high-visibility marketing tool to promote your brand. Use your custom logo or corporate message on an item that will show them off to the world. Buy them in soft or hard enamel styles to your preference. Enamel badges...


Low cost button badges that generate powerful results!

Are you looking for a way to get your message across, yet you still want to be a little bit subtle? Fancy promotional products that everyone will instantly notice no matter if they want to or not? If this is the case, then you should listen up....


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