Why Use Promotional Pens - 3 Key Reasons

New business owners have a lot on their plate once they establish their companies. However, there’s one thing all of them need to recognise as soon as they can: the value of advertising.

Now, don’t start worrying right away. It is sometimes difficult to implement advertising strategies if you don’t have the experience or the knowledge about marketing. What’s more, business owners often find themselves quite confused by all the elements, which is why they consider hiring professionals, such as marketing companies.

But, as with everything in life, even though this is a practical approach, it can really make a dent in your budget. Picking the best marketing approach is a challenge by itself, and most business owners would like to be in the green zone as far as their budget goes.

So, what other options are there? Well, you could try to create a marketing campaign around promotional items. Specifically, promotional pens.

With time, you can spread out and implement some other tactics. But, right now, even though it is somewhat of a DIY project, it’s safe to say that this kind of a marketing tactic is a great start and will reach a good number of potential customers. Let’s see why.


Why Use Promotional Pens – 3 Key Reasons


#1 Cost-effectiveness

When you are a new business owner, and a small one at that, it’s vital to consider your budget. You cannot spend too much on marketing because that means you won’t have enough money for other things. Therefore, the best solution is to find an inexpensive way of promoting your business out there.

Now, you might think that promotional printed pens are expensive. But, even though you will have to pay an X amount of money for them, you’ll soon see how cost-effective they are, and there are even specific ranges of cheap plastic ballpens to choose from, for example our contour pens or range of metal electra pens, so hitting your required budget should always be achievable.

Promotional pens are cheap to buy, and they are sold in bulk. Thus, you can get about 500 of them for as low as £170. The more you order, the less you’ll have to pay per each pen, which means that these items are far more budget friendly than some other means of advertising. For example, radio ads, as well as direct mailings and television spots will cost you a lot more than just one pen (or 500 of them, for that matter).

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#2 Portable Ads

Even though TV, radio and direct mail ads can be quite successful, they all have a feature we must not forget about. In order for them to work, a potential customer has to pay attention to them at the right moment. For example, your radio advertisement might begin when that potential customer is driving around. However, once the ad stops, the customer might forget about your business or your offers almost instantly. Not a great start, is it?

But, that wouldn’t happen with printed pens.

While designing the pens, you can add almost anything to the design (as long as it fits). Therefore, you can add the information you want potential customers to remember – name, address, phone number and web address. That way, every time someone uses that pen, they’ll just have to think of your business. And, as time goes by, they will think of it more and more until they actually require your products or services. That’s when your business will become the first on their list.

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#3 Practicality

When it comes to promotional items, you ought to make sure they can be used for a long time. Sure, custom printed bottle openers, logo bugs, bookmarks and even promo T-shirts are great promotional stuff, but how often will they actually be used?

In contrast to other promotional merchandise, pens are heavily used by all sorts of people. From working professionals to students – these recipients won’t throw them away. They will actually use them – often and a lot! Also, these pens are highly customisable, so you can pick almost any design and colour that you want. Therefore, don’t think that your limited budget is an obstacle for your marketing campaigns

There are many ways you can promote your business in the public – some of them are cheap, and others are expensive. But, if you start with low-cost marketing solutions, you can turn to some other larger ones once you get your business off the ground.


Final Thoughts

We know that it’s somewhat difficult to pick the right promotional pens that will bring in the results you’re after for your business. There are many choices, and not just when it comes to colour. You also have to think about the material, the weight of the pen, as well as all the branding and finish options.

So, since this is a daunting process, we wanted to help you out. Here’s a questionnaire you can fill out so that you can at least narrow it down to a few choices.

Consider the recipients of these pens:

  1. Will they find them useful in their sectors?
  2. Will the pens remind them of your brand or just what your sector can give them?
  3. Does the production go over your marketing budget?
  4. Do you have enough time to order and distribute the pens?

When it comes to ink, many people often forget that there are some requirements in different sectors. For example, black ink is a must for signing certain legal documents. Meanwhile, health sectors and NHS prefer to use blue ink so that the notes differ from the original copy.

Therefore, you ought to consider your audience and their sector, as you will be targeting a specific kind of people that may require specific colours, uses, etc.

For example, designers are more inclined to use fine liner pens because they find them practical. Therefore, if you were to gift them with some pens, they should be thin. Furthermore, your marketing campaign would have great success if you were to exchange standard cheap plastic pens for fine line metal rollerball pens or luxury branded metal pens. Many architects and engineers love these pens, which means that they might become your new customers if you present them with such gifts.

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