The Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags

When people are looking to give their business a boost, they keep focusing on the digital. Google, SEO, AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – all of these stole the thunder from good, old-fashioned corporate promotional products. Well, we’ll show you the benefits of promotional shopping bags to your business – some of them unobtainable through the use of digital marketing tools.

When you need an effective way to promote your brand, and you need to do it quickly, there’s nothing better than a printed shopping bag. Practical and cheap to make, these are an unparalleled tool that will help your branding, boost your profits, and improve your company’s image.


The Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags to Your Business?

Branding benefits

Every company wants brand recognition and brand awareness, but as new competition keeps appearing on a daily basis on this global market, this goal is harder and harder to reach. In fact, that’s where branded promotional shopping bags come in.

With a clever placement and a good design of the print, promotional shopping bags can help increase brand awareness significantly. Another plus? You can use these whether you’re a foundation, an organisation, a business, or a charity.

What’s significant for you is the fact that these branded shopping bags will create brand advocates. If your design stands out, people will use these bags again and again, and they will become a walking ad for your company.

And, the last, but not the least important branding benefit of these printed shopping bags – people who get them will become loyal to your brand. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 people will remember your brand and 8 out of 10 will remember your message.

Marketing benefits

The more people carry your promotional shopper bags around, the more free exposure you get. It’s that simple. In fact, people who get them will become your walking billboards. They will carry them to the grocery store, to work, and in the process, dozens, if not hundreds of people will see them and notice your branded shopping bags. That’s the cheapest marketing you can imagine, and it’s better than any flyer, leaflet or simple ad.

Use these bags to spread the word about your sales, events, social media campaigns, as well as anything else that comes to your mind.

Helps your company’s image

These branded shopping bags are usually made out of eco-friendly materials. Even people who don’t recycle themselves appreciate the fact that a company paid attention to the environment, not to mention those who actually care about the planet.

Simple printed shopping bags are enough for you to show your potential clients, customers, or partners that you are looking to contribute to our planet’s well-being. That will help you build trust in your company.

Unique, versatile, and customisable

What people love about these is the fact that reusable printed foldable shopping bags are incredibly sturdy and versatile. You can put one in your pocket, backpack, or a purse. It can be used as a grocery bag, instead of a purse, or as a nifty laptop bag. Their durability guarantees that the people you give these to will use them for a long time.

These bags are literally an empty canvas that you can put whatever you want on. That means that you can create an eye-catching design that will get your message through to anyone who sees it. You can make something that people will want to use and that others will notice. Just be creative, and this marketing tool can have fast overwhelmingly positive results.


Advertising is, in most cases, astonishingly expensive. YouTube ads can cost you a fortune, and SEO can turn into a budget nightmare, not to mention that hiring experts in these fields is resource-draining all on its own. Well, none of it is the case with promotional shopping bags. They are cheap to make, and the more you order, the cheaper they are.

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Guaranteed return on investment

You get double value from these printed shopping bags. You don’t see how? Well, firstly, they will pay off as soon as you give them to a client or a customer. They will be inclined to look for your products or services the next time they need something from your niche. And secondly, the fact that they’ll be using their branded shopping bags will make others see them and become curious about your company. When they do run into your product or need your services, they will be intrigued enough to give you a chance.

Where and When Can These Be Used?

Literally everywhere. That’s why physical marketing is such a great thing. You’re not restrained by the marketing tool you’re using. If you run ads on Facebook, they’re only visible there. If you decide to pay for an ad in the papers, only people who buy those papers will see it. Same goes for TV and radio. However, if you get printed promotional shopping bags, you’re not limited to any of these, and you can use them all. You can organise Facebook giveaways for people who respond correctly to questions about your company. You can make a TV and radio ad where you guarantee a gift with every purchase and give these. Branded shopping bags are great for conferences, exhibitions, seminars, trade shows, and any other events you can think of. You can make an entire promotional gift bag – take these, pack them with branded notebooks, pens, and informative materials – and give them out to potential partners or clients.

The possibilities are endless.

The Choices You Have

You don’t want to be like everyone else? Great, because there’s no good reason for you to be. Branded promotional shopping bags you offer should be different in order for people to want to carry them around.

Luckily, when it comes to printed promotional shopping bags, you have hundreds of options – literally.

You can take canvas bags, promotional cotton bags, jute bags, or custom printed tote bags. Also, you can go with simple choices like natural cotton with long handles, or make something non-conventional and choose a bold colour. You can take small, medium, or large bags. You can go with those with no closing mechanism, with Velcro or branded drawstring bags.


In the end

If you want a fast and effective strategy that will bring results for sure, branded shopping bags are the way to go. You literally can’t go wrong with these, and the results will be either good or excellent. Give it a shot, and you’ll see we’re right!

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