Whether you’re a brand new start-up or an established business, as a company you’ll never stop trying to think of new ways to increase brand awareness with printed promotional merchandise. If you’ve got an awesome logo that you think will grab people’s attention or if you’ve created a brilliant tagline that you want everyone to see, you’ll be keen to find innovative ways to get yourself noticed and increase your business’ potential.

Attending events, conferences and other network events is a sure fire way to get your name out there and make people interested in what you have to offer – but how do you extend that beyond a single meeting? Printed promotional merchandise is a great accompaniment to any business meeting or encounter, as you will be encouraging every customer and client to spread the word and be reminded of you.

The more memorable, the better

Like anything in life, the more memorable an item, the more likely you are to refer to it, and if your printed promotional product is showcasing your brand accurately then what a brilliant way to gain more attention to yourselves. Your main aim will be to push yourselves to the forefront of customers’ minds, so you need to come up with something that resonates with your audience.

Too much repetition is off-putting and over-selling yourself will result in people not wanting to invest in you as a business. They key to becoming memorable is to develop a printed promotional product that demonstrates the values of your business, whether that’s with a USB stick, stress ball, diary, mug, or tote bag. It must also include a strong brand logo that people will recognise time and time again, because that’s how you gain trust and recognition from your customers and clients.

Bright colours and eye-catching designs will instantly draw the attention of a potential customer, so that’s ultimately what you want to be aiming for to begin with – but it must be reflective of your business. If you can also come up with a strong tagline that builds trust in your customers about the product or service you’re offering, they’re more likely to remember you the next time they come across your services.

The more unique, the better

Thinking outside of the box is how you want to think about choosing the right printed promotional merchandise, because the more unique the item, the more likely someone is to take time over it, mention it to others and keep it to use. It’s a fact that humans are extremely visual and have a limited attention span, so you’ll want the item to not only catch the eye of the customer but also draw them in with your logo or tagline, using colours and fonts that are attractive and bold.

Customers tend to choose a trusted brand over a new brand most of the time, so although you want to create something accessible for everyone, there have been some inventive promotional product campaigns in the past that have caught the attention of the world and catapulted a company to success.

Being unique does come with some warnings though, so it’s important not to stray too far from what your company is about. Don’t go for the quirkiest printed promotional merchandise possible just because it’s different from what everyone else is doing. It’s really important not to lose sight of your values and ethos, as it might send you off on a tangent that drives no results. Instead, take the time to research and discover all the different options available before you decide. The key id to focus on what it is that your audience want and need from your business.

The more practical, the better

As well as choosing a promotional item that’s memorable and unique, you also need your chosen product to be useful. If you hand out a simple tote bag with an unexciting logo, your brand vision isn’t going to come across to the customer and it’s probably going to end up in the charity shop rather than raise awareness to the world.

If you want your printed promotional merchandise to be aimed at office users, try to create something that will have a place on their desk. Think about how you can catch the person’s eye daily, when they’re sitting or wandering past. Plenty of companies receive notebooks and diaries each year, so if you’ve got your eye set on that idea be sure to choose good quality promotional notebooks and make the front visually pleasing so that the receiver chooses yours over others.

The more expensive, the better

Understandably, no company wants to spend a fortune on printed promotional merchandise when there are a million other more important costs to be considered, but choosing to spend more on the higher quality options could be the deal breaker over whether the receiver acts on the product they’re given.

If you spend too little, and opt for cheap promotional products then you run the risk that the product could end up in the rubbish bin. Choose to spend a bit extra, and you will stand out and have a place on their desk or in their bag. As tempting as it is to keep costs to a minimum, you will see positive benefits when you choose a quality product. The customer will then trust that the service or product you offer is also of good quality, and they’re likely to appreciate the gift and use it more.


How can GoPromotional help you?

At GoPromotional, we offer hundreds of printed promotional products to help businesses increase brand awareness and logo recognition. We provide unique products that will help to set you apart from your competitors. We are a small team who offer a personalised customer service, so we always work closely with you to help you choose, create and produce the perfect promotional product for your company.

Discover the range of promotional product options we have available online and find your perfect printed promotional merchandise today. You can contact us with any questions, or if you’re in need of some guidance, we can discuss your company’s requirements and help you promote your brand to the world.