Promotional Cotton Bags - The Advantages Are Clear!

Branded cotton shopping bags are trending right now. And for good reasons. They are eco-friendly, they are cheap, and they are usually more durable than plastic bags. Furthermore, let’s not forget that stores will charge you for plastic bags too. Put all of those together, and you get an entire country full of people looking for new promotional cotton bags.

If you ask any marketing expert, they will tell you that there is an incredible opportunity staring you in the face for branding there. After all, wherever you can find a genuine interest of your potential customers, you can find a way to build brand recognition.


Using Promotional Cotton Bags as a Branding Tool

Promotional products as such are inexpensive printed items you can use to influence your potential clients and business partners. You can use branded cotton bags as your weapon of choice in these endeavours thanks to several aspects they have.

The Branding Ability of Printed Cotton Bags

Cotton shopping bags offer incredible opportunities to marketing experts who know how to use them. Cotton is a very receptive material that will take on the imprint easily and hold the ink for a long time. And, if you do it properly, there will be no bleeding.

Not only do they come with a large area you can use to brandish your logo or tagline, but they get a lot of “screen time” too. By that we mean that those who receive them are very likely to carry them around a lot.

Every time they go to the store (which is almost daily for most people), they will give your logo over half an hour of exposure. And, even without that, you should probably know that 8.5 out of 10 people remember the name of the company that gave them a promotional product for two years after the promotion took place.

When you combine those two facts, you can easily understand why this type of swag is a great way to advertise your brand.

Of course, the surveys didn’t really target promotional cotton bags as such. However, they are some of the most frequent items companies give away. In fact, branded cotton bags are the single best item when it comes to delivering large quantities of impressions. Namely, they bring in an average of 1,030 impressions per month. And, if you are looking to build your brand awareness rapidly, you really can’t do better than that.

Cost-Effective Bags For Your Next Promotion

Branded cotton bags are very affordable, which leads to two things. The first one is that you can organise your promotion without spending too much money. The second thing is that you can expect a much easier time in actually profiting from the promotion. Remember, many companies have spent millions of pounds on promotions only to see them fail. You can’t just throw some money at marketing efforts and expect them to work. In fact, studies show that cheaper marketing methods tend to have better success rates and this is where cheap cotton bags come into their own!

Surveys show that you can get the best average cost-per-impression through the use of promotional swag. In fact, promotional products are five times more cost-effective than TV ads and eight times more than magazines. Of course, none of that would be possible if you couldn’t afford to purchase the product in the first place.

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The Practicality of Promotional Cotton Bags

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the practical use for cotton bags. The prime expectation is that your customers will use these printed cotton bags as their shopping bags. However, the practicality doesn’t stop there. They are also an excellent choice for people who are going to the beach during the summer. They can hold the sunscreen, glasses, and phones while your clients are happily swimming around. Of course, all the while the branded bags will be there to build the brand awareness for your company.

Unlike regular plastic bags, they are very strong. So, not only are they a good replacement for plastic bags, but they are also superior to them in every way.

Just try to remember every time a shopping bag betrayed you, and you ended up with a dozen eggs broken on the floor. That is something that doesn’t happen with cotton bags. With that in mind, these bags can last your customers for more than a year, depending on how hard they abuse them.

Bags Send Out An Eco-Friendly Message

One of the biggest facts of the 21st century is that being environmentally responsible in business will create a positive attitude towards your company or organisation. So, using natural materials that are reusable is always a good idea for your advertising efforts.

Our range of eco-friendly tote bags offers plenty of options including best-selling lines such as our Broomfield 7oz Natural Cotton Canvas Bags or Sandgate 7oz Natural Cotton Canvas Bags. If your are looking for smaller gift type bags then we have a selection of mini gift bags including Camden Natural Cotton Jute Gift Bags and Lichfield Mini Jute Bags For Life both of which will send the right message out about your company.

Also, building an eco-friendly image opens the door to partnerships with other organisations. You can find companies that have ecological goals and cooperate with them to boost your sales.

Where to Use Cotton Tote Bags

Of course, you can use printed cotton tote bags wherever you want, but consider where you will get the best effect. For starters, cotton bags such as our best-selling printed natural cotton bags or printed jute bags are ideal giveaway items for trade shows and exhibitions. Other companies will be giving away various trinkets, and people won’t have where to put them. That is where your booth steps in. People will be walking over, generating excellent foot traffic to your booth. Your teams can use that opportunity to connect with potential clients or partners. An additional benefit to that is the fact that your brand will be the only one visible on the customers. Namely, all of the other branded products will be hidden inside one of your branded cotton bags.

The Return on Investment

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the exact monetary values you can expect to see when it comes to giveaways. There are too many factors that come to play there. However, studies show that handing out swag yields 2.5 times better results than online marketing. After receiving a single item, 17 out of 20 consumers were capable of identifying the advertiser that gave them that item.

Another industry survey shows that an amazing two-thirds of people do business with the company shortly after receiving promotional products.

However, if you really want to see good results, you should stick to useful products. That is why we would recommend low cost promotional products similar to printed cotton tote bags. After all, four out of every five customers will keep the product for over a year if it is useful to them.


Printed Cotton Bags – The Conclusion

In the end, studies undoubtedly show that promotional cotton bags are incredibly effective when it comes to advertising. After all, each bag can generate over a thousand impressions per month. And, you don’t even have to pay a full pound for a promotional bag. Therefore, there is simply no other promotional strategy that is as cost-effective as cotton bags.

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