Branded Bags - Who Do They Work For?

In the competitive world of advertising, every business wants to promote their brand in the most effective way possible. It isn’t easy — advertising your business can be expensive, complicated and hard to get a return on your investment.

Branded bags are a fantastic way of raising brand awareness. With a huge variety of sizes, styles and designs, you can ensure there’s something for everyone. To make sure branded bags suit your customer’s needs, it’s important to spend some time considering which bag your customer might use and treasure for years to come. For example, if your customers are businessmen, then laptop bags would be perfect for their commute. Alternatively, if you’re appealing to students, printed drawstring bags or tote bags would be a great fit.

Why choose branded bags?

As the British Promotional Merchandise Association found, 73% of people given a branded item will go on to purchase from the company in future. Branded promotional items are a powerful tool for your business, giving you the option to advertise your brand, a particular campaign or an event you’re running. With the government’s policy on 5p charges for plastic carrier bags (with some stores increasing this to 10p), there has never been a better time to choose branded merchandise in the form of a quality, reusable bag.

Which branded bag should I choose?

It’s not hard to see the benefits of branded bags and, from natural gift bags to executive laptop bags, we have something for everyone. Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect branded bags for your customers.

Laptop bags for business professionals

For professionals, a high quality, stylish laptop bag is not only important for keeping laptops and tablets safe, but for making the right impression too. A good laptop bag needs to be comfortable to wear and easily organised, so documents or business cards can be found quickly. Whether commuting, attending meetings or visiting a trade show, custom printed laptop bags are reliable and professional.

Our laptop bags come with a hidden section to keep all your customer’s items organised. With room for a  pen, a mobile phone holder, travel wallet and business cards, they make the essential bag for business professionals on the go. These bags also come with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap for user comfort, meaning your branded bags could fit seamlessly into your customer’s day-to-day life.

Promotional backpacks for students and gym-goers

Custom printed backpacks are one of our most versatile branded bags. Used by students, office workers, gym-goers and more, a good quality backpack for example our best selling Pegasus Backpack has the space and convenience that everyone needs.

For students, lightweight backpacks are a popular option for carrying books, stationery and all the other accessories they need each day — and there’s still plenty of room for a lunchbox. They’re incredibly useful for gym-goers too, with side pockets to ensure important items like earrings or watches don’t get misplaced. Backpacks also offer a large space for branding on the main body of the bag, meaning that anyone walking behind your customer can see your company logo and message clearly.

Budget Drawstring Bags for schools and sports clubs

Ideal for schools, colleges and sports clubs, budget drawstring bags are a versatile and vibrant option of branded bags. Manufactured in durable 210D polyester and with simulated leather corners for extra strength, this type of branded bag can be securely closed and carried comfortably as a backpack or over the shoulder. Our budget Drawstring Bags are available in over eighteen different colour options, so you can easily find a colour that really resonates with your brand.

Mini cooler bags for families

Logo printed mini cooler bags offer a fantastic opportunity for your branded bags to be associated with the best of summer: picnics, cool drinks and valuable time with friends and family. A mini cooler bag is perfect for outdoor events, such as sports days or summer school trips, and can become a staple for families or teachers.

With an insulated lining, our Oxford mini cooler bags are cool, compact and easy for your customers to carry. Choose a colour option that beautifully fits your brand and your customers will have the perfect branded bags to enjoy for many summers to come.

Laminated paper bags for conference events

At conferences, it can be frustrating to carry around leaflets, maps and important information that you collect throughout the day. Luxury laminated paper bags are a smart and stylish choice to keep items organised.

These branded bags offer a huge amount of space for your company’s branding, and come with a choice of matt or gloss lamination. With rope handles, laminated paper bags are much stronger than regular paper bags, meaning that customers can continue to use them again after the conference. Best of all, laminated paper bags aren’t limited to certain industries or companies, so they’re perfect for any customer base.

Natural jute bags for the eco-friendly

From cutting carbon footprints to vegan lifestyles, the trend for natural products, wellbeing and sustainable living shows no sign of slowing. Choosing branded bags made from natural jute fabric is a great way to show your customers that you’re an eco-friendly company that they can trust to do the right thing for the environment.

Natural jute bags are a fantastic choice for conferences, exhibitions and gift shops. Lined with a laminated wipeable surface for even more durability, they can be reused by your customers for weekly shops or camping trips, offering maximum exposure for your brand. Choose from extra small jute bags, medium jute bags and large jute bags; they’re a flexible choice of branded bags that everyone can feel good about.

Natural cotton shopping bags for — everyone!

Natural cotton shopping bags are an environmentally friendly bargain that will be popular with all your customers. Conveniently sized and long lasting, tote bags, otherwise often called cotton tote bags, are a staple for shoppers, students and office workers.

Branded tote bags are a great way to reinforce your brand image, given the large area that’s available for printing on. Rather than being restricted to a simple logo or your company name, these bags offer room for artwork, slogans and social media details, all of which can be printed in high quality full colour. Often handed out at trade shows and events, you can bet that you’ll have customers seeking out your stand for these branded bags.


Find branded bags your customers will love

Whether your customers are businessmen, families or students, find something just right for them at GoPromotional. Our extensive range of promotional bags are a great way to strengthen your brand and make you truly memorable, whatever industry you are in.

At GoPromotional, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers. Our highly experienced team of merchandising specialists will be there with you through every step of your promotional marketing journey, from initial product sourcing and design to print and production. For thousands of products, competitive prices and fast turnarounds, let GoPromotional create high quality products your customers will use again and again.

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