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Nowadays, many aspects of people’s everyday lives are tightly connected to their smartphones. They use their phones to communicate with others, handle business, and stay in touch with the news and social media.

Thus, making sure that the phones stay safe and protected is a priority for many. To that end, the vast majority of phone users buy protective cases and screen covers, as they can prevent the devices from getting damaged.

With the demand for protective cases being so high, many brands have started personalising their own models and offering them to customers and employees. The personalised phone cases offer an excellent opportunity to promote a company while still giving people exactly what they need.

If you want to customise your own cases, read on. Here’s how you can make them work for your brand.


Usefulness and High Visibility

In order to make a promo campaign effective, you have to base it on branded merchandise that people will find useful and practical. Luckily, phone cases fit into these categories perfectly, as they are always in high demand. Namely, people always have to keep their devices protected, and buying a case helps them do so.

However, cases aren’t just used for protection. In fact, their aesthetic appeal is just as important to many users. You could say that these items can also be fashion statements, as they are quite always on display.

This trait gives you an opportunity to advertise yourself. If you create a visually appealing case and adorn it with your logo, anyone who sees it will be more likely to remember your brand. That will, in turn, increase your brand awareness and overall presence.

So, pay special attention to the design of your cases. It has to appeal to your audience and it has to be memorable. For example, something bright and colourful will work for young adults, while most Millennials and Gen X-ers will prefer a case that is a tad more minimalistic.

Whatever your audience, you should definitely consult a professional graphic designer before ordering your cases. They will be able to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your cases truly make an impact.


Fitting for Every Event and Occasion

Not many promo items have universal appeal. In most cases, what appeals to one demographic isn’t suitable for another, so planning a marketing campaign can be really difficult.

Luckily, phone cases are different. They make excellent gifts for everyone, from teens and young adults to senior citizens. After all, most people have phones that need protecting, and the vast majority would never say no to a free case.

So, cases are a great choice if you need something that most people will love. Just make sure that you have different designs for various demographics, and your promo campaign will be off to a great start.

It is also important to mention that you have numerous distribution options as well. For example, you can gift every customer with a Capital PU Smartphone Card Wallets after making a purchase. Alternatively, you can sell the cases at a discount price, ensuring you get some of your money back immediately.

In addition, the cases make just as appealing gifts to employees. If you want to organise a team-building giveaway and show that you care, phone cases are great items to begin with. Either way, those you want to impress the most will appreciate your effort, and your impressions will be at an all-time high.

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Order Your Promo cases at GoPromotional

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Give us a call, and we can discuss pricing, delivery dates, and your design. Let’s kick off your newest promo campaign in style!

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