The Ultimate Guide to Personalised Phone Accessories

If there is one thing the majority of the modern world has in common, it is our dependence on mobile devices. Research suggests that 94% of adults in the UK have a mobile phone, and 86% of teenagers use it regularly. Considering these stats, customised phone accessories make perfect merch for increasing brand recognition.

Advertising with personalised mobile accessories ensures people engage with our brand daily. With an average person spending almost 5 hours a day tapping on their phone, our business will have significant visibility.


What Are Phone Accessories?

Whether iPhones or Androids, all smartphones come with various gadgets. Their purpose is to enhance the user experience. Items such as portable chargers, styluses, cases, and wireless headphones are great examples of both useful and fancy phone accessories.


Who Can Benefit From Personalised Phone Accessories?

Mobile accessories are a perfect choice for advertising just about any brand. Whatever line of business you’re in, investing on branded merchandise such as stylus pens, phone chargers, or phone wallets is always a good marketing move.

Here’s the list of businesses that can significantly benefit from using mobile swag when promoting their brand.

Mobile Phone Providers

It’s as clear as day that phone accessories can be a good advertisement for a mobile phone provider. So, what better way to remind people of your business than by putting your logo on some of the mobile add-ons.

Providers such as Vodafone, O2, Three, or any other, can benefit from offering free mobile accessories at their stores. Customers love getting gifts with their purchases. It makes them feel appreciated, and a simple microfibre cloth with a brand logo can go a long way.

Rideshare Services

Riding an Uber is an experience in itself, and we all love being pampered and taken care of. Besides that free bottle of water, you also get to charge your phone during your ride. Branding these phone accessories with an Uber or Bolt logo is a good way to increase brand awareness. Also, some freebies for the most faithful customers — a branded aluminium phone ring or a  custom smartphone silicone card wallet— can significantly increase the brand’s popularity.

Colleges and High Schools

If we want to advertise using phone swag, we should definitely aim at reaching Generation Z. And what better place to find them than colleges and high schools. Gen Zers are quite tech-savvy and entrepreneurial. It also seems like they can’t live without their mobile devices.

An average Gen Zer will become quite uncomfortable if left without their phone for more than half an hour. The importance of phones in their lives makes them very likely to buy any phone-related gadgets. This makes college and high school bookstores the perfect place to offer your promo merch as a gift with a bigger buy.

Streaming Sites

Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites can also use custom mobile accessories for advertising. They can opt for a phone case in its brand colours with a logo printed on the front as a gift for every new sign-up. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will make users feel more satisfied and appreciated.

Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are another example of a business that can greatly benefit from free phone accessories. A good way to go viral is by offering a cool gift, such as a custom phone holder stress toy or a branded metallic stylus pen. This simple yet unique gift is perfect for interacting with both existing and potential clients. Your customers will definitely be thankful and might even post a photo on social media of their new swag.


Since nonprofit organisations usually have a rather small marketing budget, they need some inexpensive merchandise. This makes phone accessories an excellent choice for such events. There are two ways we can use custom phone products at fundraising events.

First, we can sell them in a gift shop to help raise more money for the cause. The other option is to throw these affordable items in swag bags and give them out to the attendees. Either way, they are useful, long-lasting goodies that carry the logo of your organisation for everyone to see.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a perfect place to engage with prospects and customers. Whatever product we’re offering, we want to attract as many clients as possible. An important fact to remember is — presentation matters. For people to notice your display, it will take more of a marketing effort than using a cheap keychain or a stress ball. Instead, choose enticing phone accessories everyone will love and use.

Corporate Gifts

We can show our employees and business partners how much we care by giving them a special and practical corporate gift. But, we should ensure we know what our staff wants and needs before planning a giveaway.

For example, bluetooth speakers or wireless chargers are gadgets almost everybody needs. Trust us! Employees will not miss another gift card or any other impersonal item you were planning to give them instead.


Tips for Customising Phone Accessories

When choosing promotional tech products for our business or event, we want them to hit the spot with the consumers. But to get the most out of our swag, we need our merch to look trendy, unique, and fun.

Here are a few tips to follow to have the greatest impact:

  1. Choose appropriate mobile products to customise.
  2. Decide on the colours that work best for the chosen gadget.
  3. Print a memorable design on the front.
  4. Do not order too many phone accessories.


Which Phone Accessories Are Customisable?

We can custom print text and/or a design on almost all phone accessories.

Custom Phone Cases

Whether it’s for protection or only to embellish their phone, most mobile phone owners use a protective phone case. If we know for a fact that 80% of iPhone owners use phone cases, we can confidently say that a customised phone case is a good choice.

Logo Phone Holders/Stands

Most people experience their fingers going numb while holding the phone to watch that favourite Netflix show. Having a phone stand will solve this problem. Branding a phone stand with our logo reminds people of a useful product they got from us while binge-watching movie marathons.

Printed RFID Smartphone Card Wallets

A silicone phone wallet is a practical, durable, and trendy item. It is convenient when we don’t want to lug a heavy bag around because all we need is a credit card and a phone. Every time our clients reach for their new cool wallet, our logo will be visible.

Personalised Phone Rings

How to reach a young audience with mobile merch? Easy! Offer them some PopSockets and make sure they have a trendy design. These items are particularly popular with teens and adolescents, so we’re certain this product won’t lack likes and shares on social media.

Custom Styluses

A custom stylus is a perfect gadget for both students and business professionals. They can use the pen for taking down notes and memos or even send emails using the rubber tip. It’s a stylish and fashionable product that discreetly catches everybody’s eye. Is there a better way to increase brand recognition among potential customers?

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Printed Power Banks and Logo Wireless Charging Pads

The truth is — everybody needs a charger, and everyone can find a use for it. Whether it’s a power bank or a wireless charging pad, it’s a promo material you can’t go wrong with. Just make sure you’re offering both types of USB connectors since iPhones have a type C one, while most Androids use a micro-B connector.

Branded Headphones

This product is great promotional swag for record studios and listening apps such as Spotify or Audible. However, it can work for just about any business since it is an item used by all ages, professions, and gender groups. It might be a bit more pricey than the other merch, but it’s worth it.

Personalised Microfibre Cloths

Unlike headphones, branding a microfiber cloth and giving it as a freebie costs very little. It’s an affordable strategy to promote your business and a guaranteed way to make your clients happy.

Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Similar to headphones, this is another product that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Your clients and potential customers will surely thank you whenever they listen to their favourite song or podcast. It’s a great way to connect with consumers and show how much you care for them.


Which Phone Accessories Work Best?

When choosing accessories that will work best for our business, we need to be aware of the demographic we’re trying to reach. Merch such as football phone holder stress toys, bamboo wireless charging desk organisers, or keyring bottle opener phone stands will work great with teenagers. Teens and adolescents love cute phone accessories.

Yet, if we’re aiming for a more professional audience, we might opt for something a bit more stylish. Wireless charging bluetooth speakers are impressive products that look amazing and work well with older, more serious generations.


Which Colours to Use?

Our phones usually come in a limited number of colours, especially if it’s an iPhone we’re using. To make these dull devices look trendier, we can add some mobile accessories in pastel colours.

For an even stronger effect, we can choose some rainbow colours that are sure to grab attention. These shimmery colours work wonders for attracting people at job fairs and trade shows. In addition, you can choose neon colours, which work well if you want to appeal to the youngest generations.

On the other hand, for a more elegant look, you should opt for rose gold. This pretty and stylish metallic colour makes any product stand out. It is ideal for beauty stores, salons, and cosmetic companies.

Lastly, if you’re in search of promotional items for your eco nonprofit, wood phone accessories are what you’re looking for. These pieces are eco-friendly and recyclable. They are a perfect way to make a statement and show what you stand for.


What to Print on Mobile Accessories?

The custom design you print on your promotional products should look good and get people talking. The simplest decision you can make is to put your company logo, monogram, or phone number on the front. But you can also choose some more creative options, such as clipart, mascots, funny quotes, or slogans.


How Many Phone Accessories Should I Order?

The simple answer is — not too many. Mobile phones constantly change, and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of leftover promotional items. Make sure you know your current needs, and then restock later if needed.


Other Considerations When Buying Custom Phone Accessories


The first thing you want to ensure is that your merch is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Although Androids might be more popular, one billion people still use iPhones.


Most tech gadgets connect via Bluetooth nowadays. However, if your promo material needs batteries, make sure you include some with the product. People find it frustrating not being able to use the product immediately.


Ensure that your product meets the requirements of the latest generation of smartphones. In terms of USB cables, it means it fits a micro-USB, USB-C, or USB-A connector.

Minimum Order

The rule of thumb is that the fancier the product, the lower the minimum order. For example, the minimum order for speakers is 25 pieces, whereas phone wallets have a minimum order of 100 to 300.


Obviously, fancy products such as headphones will cost more than phone cases. Make sure you set the budget properly and know your reach.


Why Should We Advertise With Phone Accessories?

It is said that clients need to notice a business five to seven times before they remember it. This shows that marketing a business with custom phone accessories is a smart call because it exposes your brand to a wide array of eyes multiple times a day. Unlike Facebook ads or mailers, custom phone accessories are literally in everybody’s pocket.

A good example of how well mobile swag works is McDonald’s. When it opened its online gift store in 2019, one of its best-selling products was a custom PopSocket.


Bottom Line

Mobile promo accessories are an excellent marketing strategy to connect with your clients. They will use these items daily and will constantly be reminded of your brand. You can choose to splurge on fashionable and trendy items, or you can decide to go for more affordable products. Whichever you choose, you will help your brand’s visibility and recognition, as well as attract new customers.

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