For many, grabbing a morning coffee on the go is an unmissable part of the daily routine, whether at work or heading out to catch up with friends. For the busy modern individual, there is no time to sit in a cafe and sip on their chosen beverage, the morning meeting awaits, or the next tube, or that long-overdue reunion with a school friend. This means that promotional take away mugs have become the norm for the majority of us, and whilst many have the best of intentions of finding a recycling bin and separating out the plastics and cardboard, this often doesn’t happen.

Increasingly, reusable travel mugs are being used as the solution to this problem, so that coffee and tea lovers can get their fix, whenever and wherever they want, without contributing to their carbon footprint. Whilst this is most certainly a bonus for the environment, it also provides smart businesses with a brilliant promotional opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Promotional travel mugs are one of the best branded promotional gifts for companies looking for mass exposure, longevity of use, and a positive brand reputation. This is both the ethical choice and the entrepreneurial choice in promotional marketing.


Types of promotional travel mug

There are many types of distinctive printed travel mugs, all of which may be used for different marketing purposes. Classic stainless steel travel mugs or metal travel mugs are the clear leaders of the pack, with their sturdy design and thermal properties making them perfect for those who want to keep their coffee hot (or cold!) as they commute to and from the office.

However, there are other options available, such as logo printed plastic travel mugs, a low-cost and easily customised product, or travel mugs that up the ante on the environmental front, using recycled materials to create every component. Designs range from sleek tumblers to handy mugs complete with handles.

Which type of travel mug you choose to offer as a promotional product will depend on your business, audience and budget, but what is brilliant about these items is the wide range of personalisation options available. You can add your logo, company colours, and even a distinctive marketing slogan, ensuring that, wherever your client takes your branded coffee cup, others will notice their stylish mug and instantly recognise your brand.

Some of our best selling travel mugs include:


Environmentally-friendly promo

One of the main contributors to waste is time. When people are busy, they overlook the long-term impacts on the environment that a throw-away cup or lid will cause, because they’re simply focussed on getting from A to B, or completing the next pressing task. This is particularly the case when travelling.

If you want to support your clients and employees in reducing the amount of waste they create, offering branded travel mugs is a great solution. No company wants a new client to walk into the office and see the bins piled with throwaway cups – it looks untidy and shows a lack of care for the environment. Instead, encouraging the use of printed reusable coffee cups will show a commitment to ethical business, which is today a huge draw for partners.

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Perfect for clients on the go

Mind Body Green suggests:

“A reusable utensil set and tote bag are other compact, useful items to pack that can save you a lot of unnecessary plastic waste when you’re eating out in a new place.”

Think about your main business partners. Their top employees are always on the go, from the morning commute to rushing between meetings and conferences. They need to keep their energy levels up, but they don’t always have time to reheat that cup of tea they forgot about, or pop out to get a new drink. Choosing an insulated travel mug will ensure they have their favourite drink on hand throughout the day, without having to worry about the shock of a cold coffee.

Alternatively, employees will love taking the convenient Madrid Travel Tumblers on the tube, train or bus with them. These eye-catching printed travel mugs have a specialised mouthpiece meaning that, no matter how often the train stops or the bus swerves, they won’t end up with their morning tea all over their work suit ahead of that important client meeting.


Getting your brand out there

Of course, it’s not all about reputation – any promotional merchandise must also provide returns when it comes to conversions and brand awareness. Whilst traditional promotional mugs have always been a staple choice in promotional advertising, travel mugs may have even more benefits to offer.

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This is because promotional travel mugs are taken everywhere, from coffee shops to offices, meetings to shops. As your client or employee carries their drink around in their day-to-day life, thousands of people will see their mug, complete with your attractive branding. Many of these people may be curious about your brand, may take note of your company name or logo, and become customers themselves in the future. You could even invest in something quirky like a branded Mason Jar to really capture people’s attention. Travel mugs are a fantastic long-term investment because they are both affordable and effective. If you want to present yourself as an ethical business that cares as much about the planet as its customers, promotional travel mugs are a must.

Take a look at our wide selection of personalised mugs and drinkware or alternatively our range of outdoor promotional merchandise and we’re sure you will find the perfect item for your next promotion. If however, you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.