Promotional Tote Bags - The Options?

In the eco-conscious modern age, custom tote bags have become a staple of every person’s wardrobe, car boot and kitchen cupboard. The tote bag is no longer simply an option for the forward-thinking green shopper, it is a must for everyone who doesn’t want to waste endless pennies on plastic bags.

So, whilst printed tote bags might not seem like the most innovative of all promotional products, they are actually one of the most effective branded items to invest in at the present moment. Now more than ever, customers and clients need reusable bags and will appreciate receiving them from the companies they trust. Taking on a status of not only environmentalism, but also fashion, now is the time for your business to invest in custom tote bags.


1. Why consider custom tote bags?

Almost any company can benefit from offering customers and clients complimentary tote bags. Not only are these items very affordable to purchase and distribute, they also deliver impressive results when it comes to impressions and brand identification.

Whether you are a banking firm, a student housing estate agent, a bakery or a dog groomers, offering promotional tote bags is a fantastic way to allow customers to show off your brand while they’re running their daily errands.

You may choose to offer a tote bag to new clients who sign a letting contract with your company as part of a ‘welcome pack‘, or alternatively you could hand out free tote bags to individuals who sign up to your mailing list at a business fair. There are many ways to gift custom tote bags, but what they all have in common is that they provide recipients with a functional item that reminds them of your brand and services.

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2. Different types of custom tote bags

There are many different kinds of custom tote bags to choose from depending on your industry and how you intend customers to use them. The overall best practice is to keep it simple – use unobtrusive yet aesthetically-appealing designs that will effectively communicate your brand whilst giving the wearer a sense of identity. Our most popular tote bags are our Madras premium cotton tote bags available in a huge range of colour options and which offer a combination of durability and practicality.

Whether you choose to hand out grocery bags, fashionable tote bags or recycled totes such as our Colossus non-woven totes, there is a product for every situation, and there are also a wide range of customisation options. Whether you choose a simple, striking design featuring your company logo, choose to add your slogan to remind customers of your core values, or something a little more thought-provoking like a funny quote in your brand font, the opportunities are endless.


3. Printed shopping bags

One of the most simple and effective ways to implement tote bags into your advertising strategy is to offer customers with convenient shopping bags. There are many different kinds of reusable shopping bags, which can be used by customers depending on their needs including environmentally friendly options such as printed non-woven shopping bags.

For example, jute bags are brilliant for those going about their weekly grocery shop. These bags are strong, lightweight and durable, made with a thick canvas material that will last for years without tearing or wearing out. If you’re a food and drink brand, this could be a smart choice, as your branded bag will create a subconscious association between the weekly shop and your products, reminding recipients to pick up their favourites from your range next time they go out to top up the cupboards.

Alternatively, you could send clients some foldable shopping bags. These bags are more suited to the spontaneous shopper, who might be inclined to pop into the shop during their lunch break or on a day out just to pick up a couple of items. More and more people these days are adding these incredibly compact and lightweight bags into their daily handbags to avoid getting caught out by the 5 pence plastic bag charges.


4. Fashion-forward tote bags

Increasingly, tote bags are being worn by individuals as a fashion statement. This is not just the case for artistic designs, but also for branded tote bags. A chic, subtly branded tote bag that complements the wearer’s outfit may well be chosen above a traditional handbag or backpack because of its convenience, easy access and style.

Branded tote bags are also loved by individuals who want to show off their tastes. According to the New York Post:

“They come as gift bags at events and orientations, as sign-up bonuses for websites and magazines, and with purchases at some of New York’s hottest stores. Companies, realising the potential of turning customers into an army of brand ambassadors, are replacing paper shopping bags with branded totes. And by schlepping the totes around the city, consumers can tell the world where they shop, what they read, the music they listen to and their political leanings — or at least an idealised version, by picking and choosing which bags they carry.”

By creating stylish cotton tote bags and giving them to customers, whether after a purchase or at an event, you are allowing your logo to be seen by thousands of people on the street as your customer flaunts it for all to see.


5. Eco-friendly tote bags

With the introduction of restrictions on plastic bags, tote bags are now deemed as the ultimate eco-friendly option for shoppers. A study by StopWaste found a 210% increase in the use of reusable tote bags since the ban on free plastic bags in the U.S., and the same pattern is repeated in the UK.

This makes eco-friendly tote bags even more appealing to the environmentally-conscious customer. Offering eco-friendly promotional bags to clients will allow them to reduce their carbon footprint even further, as these bags are made out of natural cotton fibres, a renewable source that is even recyclable.

Environmental credentials are becoming more and more important to customers, with individuals now actively seeking to support companies that reduce waste and energy usage wherever possible. Adding recycled tote bags to your trade show stall or exhibition is sure to make you stand out to the modern green shopper.

If you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of the GoPromotional team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.