GoPromotional - Ribbon Awareness Pens

If your company plans to run some awareness campaigns this year or show support of causes that are near and dear to your staff, clients, or customers, then these promotional Ribbon Awareness Pens are the perfect idea. They are available in 7 different colours that represent the international symbol for awareness and each cause. Sure to be one of our most popular sellers because of the sentiment combined with a sleek looking design.


GoPromotional - Pink Ribbon Pen

Here are the causes that each colour ribbon represents:

  • The Pink Ribbon
    Breast cancer, childhood cancer
  • The Purple Ribbon
    Pancreatic cancer, domestic violence, Alzheimer’s, animal abuse,
    Crohn’s disease and colitis
  • The Blue Ribbon
    Child abuse, education, colon cancer, alopecia,
    acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • The Yellow Ribbon
    Supporting armed forces, suicide prevention, bladder cancer,
    spina bifida, endometriosis, testicular cancer
  • The Red Ribbon
    Aids and HIV, heart disease, stroke, substance abuse
  • The Green Ribbon
    Missing children, environmental concerns, kidney cancer,
    tissue/organ donation, homeopathy
  • The Orange Ribbon
    Leukaemia, melanoma, self-injury awareness,
    humane treatment of animals