With mobile phone use on the rise, more people than ever before own mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. What’s fascinating about mobile usage is that most mobile phone and especially smartphone owners report never letting their device leave their side. That is why mobile phone holders make such a great promotional item. They allow users to get more out of their mobile phones, allowing them to have a place on their desk, car, or even bedside nightstand to prop up the phones for hands free viewing or just to keep them within an arm’s reach.

Gumbite iBlob Multi Pro Phone Holders

GoPromotional - Gumbite Phone Holder

Our iBlob multi pro phone holders are unique and will allow you to attach your phone to practically any surface leaving your hands free to be even more productive. Secure your phone to your car windscreen, desk or literally any other smooth surface.

The ingenious rotating ball-joint design means your phone can be pointed to wherever you want it. Furthermore, they are exceptionally convenient when you need to use your phone as a navigator or clock. Available in a wide choice of vibrant colour options they represent the perfect combination of form and function.

Gumbite are renowned for creating fun and functional products which are designed to make life easier. The whole world is connected 24/7 in this digital era. Our love for digital devices can often lead to some tangling frustrations which is where Gumbite have specialised in coming up with practical and fun solutions.

Brite Dock Mobile Phone Holders

GoPromotional - Brite Mobile Phone Holder

This innovative design is ideal for keeping your mobile phone in place and hands free on your desk. What is better than a promotional product with your brand name and logo right in front of your target customer’s face all day every day?

Smart Phone Holder Screen Cleaners

GoPromotional - Smart Phone Holder

Usefulness is one of the key factors in getting the most out of your investment into a promotional product. This smart phone holder is not just a holder, which is useful in itself, but it is also a smart phone screen cleaner as well. Your choice of colour options allows you to tie in the promotional gift to your logo colours and capture the look and feel of your brand.

Astro Mobile Phone Pouches

GoPromotional - Astro Mobile Phone Holder

Another take on an excellent promotional mobile phone holder product are these mobile phone pouches. They are portable and hold your client’s phone while keeping it safe from scratches and damage. All the while it displays your name, image, and logo on the pouch. They are well received and are one of our best sellers here in the UK.