One of the principles of giving away promotional products is that they should be useful to the recipients. Mini lights on keychains are very useful and easy to keep since they are small and fit right on a keyring or in a lady’s purse. Just about everyone can use a little extra light some time, so this is the perfect promotional gift to give that will be useful and kept for a long period of time since everyone needs to have a torch handy now and again. Each time that your customer or client uses the light, they will be reminded of your company and how your branded keychain helped them out in a tight spot. Below are two features out of the more than 30 different promotional lighted keychains we have to choose from.

GoPromotional - Delta Keychain Light - BlueDelta Keychain Lights:

The Delta Keychain Torches  have consistently been the best seller here in the UK of all the lighted keychain promotional products. They are dynamic in their styling and their price point is staggeringly low for the quality of the product. Each keychain light features a bright LED light which is bound to focus attention on your logo and is available in four different colours. See the link for a video description of the product.

GoPromotional - Beam Keychain Light - BlueBeam Keychain Lights:

These super budget rectangular shaped Beam Keychain Lights represent amazing value for money. Each keychain light features a super bright LED light and they are available in a variety of colour options to compliment your corporate branding. See the link on our site for a video description of this excellent promotional product which can be delivered to you quickly.