We recently partnered with Sova, a wonderful charity to help them build branding and awareness with our cute bug logos. Here are the logo bugs we designed for them:

Sova Logo Bugs - Gopromotional

Sova has been helping people and communities in England and Wales for over 35 years. They give support and guidance to people and help them stay away from crime. Sova offers support and inspiration to offenders and ex-offenders to help them rebuild their lives and be contributing members of society and their family. Sova does this by offering the following services:

  • Mentoring offenders
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Helping people get people back to work
  • Supporting children, young people and families
  • Helping people improve their skills
  • Support with life skills

GoPromotional - Logo Bugs

GoPromotional.com’s variety of bug logos can work wonders for your branding and help promote your business or charity too. They make a great, inexpensive and cute reminder about your company. With over 50 different bug logo styles, there is definitely going to be one that will fit your company style. There are different animals and also the original bugs, pictured above, with different hats or accessories to represent your field including computers, roofing, racing helmets, and much more.

Business Card Logo Bug

Business Card Logo Bug

Panda Logo Bug

Panda Logo Bug

Computer Logo Bugs

Computer Logo Bug

Nurse Logo Bugs

Nurse Logo Bug

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