So who buys promotional products? Well we are here to tell you, as a study from PPAI (reveals the top ten buyers – the people who believe in this marketing technique to produce high levels of endorsement for their business or organisation. This article will give you an idea of how far promotional products can take your business.



University promotional products and promotional student giveaways such as stationery and personalised bags and even clothing, to advertise and gain recognition. These are particularly used to engage students to promote their campaigns, societies or clubs, helping them to be recognised by local audiences.


Financial Organisations

Banks, stock brokers and insurances companies keep customers for the long term by ensuring they are happy with little incentives such as printed pens and promotional keyrings, which are also good reminders for customers so you are never forgotten.



Hospitals, drug manufacturers, care homes and hospices regularly use giveaways, such a medication organisers as well as stress relievers, to endorse their services, so that the product not only becomes an advertisement but it’s also a helpful day to day tool.


Non-profit Organizations

Charities (NGOs) such as Macmillan, RSPCA and NSPCC gain the attention of potential donors by using charity promotional products or fundraising giveaways to help inform others of their organisation, in the hope of receiving more donations for their respected charities.


Trades and Construction

With the growth of the construction industry, as well as the need for a trade increasing every year, the need to get your name/company known is becoming more important. So little giveaways will keep customers reminded of your services.


Government / Public Services

Governmental agencies and Public services such as transport and health care services, tend use promotional products to voice campaigns. Promotional products (giveaways) help these sectors develop a good relationship with the public, as well as as keeping them informed, should they ever need their services.


Professional Associations and Clubs

Associations and clubs interact with members on a regular basis. Members may dedicate more time to a respective club or association if they feel they are valued, this can be achieved by little incentives/ giveaways to show them that their efforts are appreciated.


Estate agents

Selling property is more competitive than ever, so estate agents are competing to get your business. Promotional product can benefit estate agents as they help build relationships as well as customers having something extra to remember them by.


Car dealers

Car dealers keep a convenient collection of promotional merchandise to give away to potential customers, helping them to gain more of a friendly relationship than their competitors.



Lawyers, doctors and consultants – these are just a few professionals that turn to promotional products to advertise their services, which are generally services needed all year round. A good promotional giveaway gives these professionals the recognition they require.

So do you want your company to reap the rewards of promotional giveaways? Do you need to be remembered or valued over your competitors? Is your campaign in need of boost?
If so, now you know what to do…