Promotional Products for Charities

promotional products for charities

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Budget Wristband
Budget Wristband
From: £0.15
55mm Button Badge
55mm Button Badge
From: £0.09
38mm Button Badge
38mm Button Badge
From: £0.07
Standard 12" Balloon
Standard 12" Balloon
From: £0.06
Ad Loop Keyrings
Ad Loop Keyrings
From: £0.35
Original Logo Bug
Original Logo Bug
From: £0.13
Campaign Ribbon
Campaign Ribbon
From: £0.11
Trolley Clip Token
Trolley Clip Token
From: £0.16
Contour Pastel Pen
Contour Pastel Pen
From: £0.17

Why buy charity promotional products?

Charity promotional giveaways - the gifts that just keep on giving!

Charity promotional giveaways - the gifts that just keep on giving!

Charity is all about giving! Thus, charitable organisations, fundraising institutions, and humanitarian, non-government organisations have to give a little too in order to receive.

Are you organising a fundraising or charity event? Are you fighting to increase awareness about a cause or an issue? Either way, you know that the key to a successful fundraiser is an excellent promotional plan.

Unfortunately, not all people are instantly ready to give to the needy. Sometimes, you have to push them a little. No one knows that better than charity organisations.

That's why a marketing strategy is a pivotal point of any fundraiser. You have to know how to get people to come, hear you out, and donate. Furthermore, you have to figure out how to keep them coming back.

Charity promotional products represent a great way to promote your cause

You have to give a little in order to gain a lot!

The ideal way to make people aware of your charity and your cause is to give away custom branded promotional products. Of course, promotional merchandise is an inevitable part of any marketing strategy. However, charitable promotional products have clearly slightly different purposes and goals. They are the gifts that entice giving.

Distributing printed promotional products has many residual benefits. It's not all about the donations!

Custom printed charity products help in raising voices and raising awareness of your campaign

Raising voices and raising awareness of your campaign

The primary goals of any charity events are to raise money and awareness of the cause. Raising awareness is sometimes the most important thing.

You're doing fantastic work, giving a voice to a group that isn't able to speak for itself. However, raising awareness and making people realise that there is a problem they can help with isn't always easy. Therefore, you need all the help you can get.

Customised promotional merchandise will do the job for you. You can hand them out at your events. Or, you can sell them at various locations. That will help you reach a bigger crowd and further your cause.

When you're fighting for a just cause, any weapon is welcome. However, it also helps if it's useful. Printed products will be the constant voice for your cause. Even after your event has ended and you've stopped speaking, the products will speak for you.

Branded merchandise can be more effective than you'd think. Consider printed balloons, promotional enamel badges, promotional trolley coin keyrings and other small items, not forgetting cheap promotional pens that people often carry daily. Those can serve as walking advertisements for your charity. People will gladly wear or carry them because it will remind them of the good deed they've done. Meanwhile, others will see your promotional merchandise, and it will pique their interest. Some of them will look into it, get acquainted with your agenda, and donate. Before you know it, your message will be spreading like wildfire. Or, at least that's the idea.

Promotional products - spreading the good word about your charity

Spreading the good word about your charity

Charities are always in need of people to hear their messages and pleas loud and clear. So, it's only logical that fundraising promotional products are regarded as a great way to get the message out. Branded with your logo and campaign awareness message they can spread the word, without you actually shouting it from the rooftops.

We know that charities depend heavily on donations, especially from the over 60's. Therefore, reaching people and getting them to donate is crucial for the survival of most charities. To be able to continue the excellent work, people need to support charities. However, they can't do that if they haven't heard of them.

Promotional products can be a source of income for the charity. They also make amazing giveaways. Furthermore, you can send them out to people along with a pamphlet and a call to donate.

Low cost charity giveaways provide great publicity

Low-cost publicity represents a true godsend

All charities work on a tight budget. Due to that, most charities weigh all their budget decisions thoughtfully. However, we're all aware that we have to spend money to make money.

Charities rely on donations. Sometimes people donate money; other times they donate their time or services. Therefore, a steady income isn't a reality for most charities.

Furthermore, charities have expenses. For example, they need to fund marketing campaigns. That's the only way to get donations, spread the message, and raise awareness. They also need to organise events, advertise, etc.

That all costs money. However, not every part of a charity marketing campaign needs to be a strain on the budget. There are a whole raft of cheap promotional products which are very affordable and ones which offer exceptional brand exposure for example, promotional clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies or printed cotton tote bags and printed drawstring bags, to name just a few. What's more, they offer excellent value for money.

You can choose for a huge range of customisable charity promotional items which will spread your message and affirm your charity's identity and integrity.

Repeat exposure to your message provided by printed charity gifts

Repeat exposure to your fundraising message

Sometimes people need a little nudge to get them to donate. The best way to push them in the right direction is by using items with your logo on them.

Promotional merchandise is an excellent reminder of your charitable cause. That's especially true if you choose to hand out useful and practical products. Think about items that people carry around with them every day, thus making them excellent reminders. These items can prompt people to send a donation your way, or spread your message.

Furthermore, repeat exposure is crucial for the success of any marketing strategy. However, charity marketing differs a bit when it comes to promotional products. People are less likely to throw away charity gifts they receive. Therefore, they will keep them, use them, and see them every day. They will have a constant reminder of you in their pocket, on their table, or in their closet.

The versatility makes charity giveaways well received

The versatility makes charity giveaways well received

You can hand out or sell virtually anything as charity promotional products. However, it would help your cause if the products were clearly of a practical and useful nature. By selecting the right products this significantly increases the chances of people keeping them.

You can choose any item that suits your cause. Still, some products are more appealing to people than others. You can take your pick between practical, fashionable, functional, versatile, etc. products. But, the most important thing is to choose a product that will resonate with people.

Fully customisable for your cause

Fully customisable for your cause

Every charity is different, and each cause deserves the attention, awareness, and donations. However, sometimes, it's hard to tell what the actual goal and agenda of a specific charity is.

Branded items can play a significant part in clearing that up. They are fully customisable, and you can fashion them especially for your cause.

Charity giveaways - the gifts that keep on giving

Charity giveaways - the gifts that keep on giving

Investing your time, effort, and money into raising awareness on social issues is a noble cause. However, working and operating a charity is an uphill battle most of the time. There's never enough money, and there's never enough people. But, not everything has to be a struggle. Charity promotional products will ease any marketing campaign without overburdening a tight budget.

Get your logo and message noticed in vibrant UltraHD full colour print

Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our vast range of charity giveaways from screen printing right through to the very latest in UltraHD photo print technology allowing us to reproduce full colour images and logos to a standard most suppliers can only dream of.

In addition, we are keen to demonstrate our support to as many charities as possible so when discussing your specific requirements, simply mention your charitable status, and we will do our utmost to provide any additional support we can. 

Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

We continually check our prices against the competition to ensure that you are receiving the very best prices!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer is receiving the very best possible prices. So, if you are looking for low cost, budget, bulk discount, value or cheap charity promotional products, and happen to find the same products cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just let us know and we will match the price and back it with our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our guarantee!!

For additional information on our charity promotional products or how to use promotional products effectively to benefit your fundraising marketing efforts, why not contact us and have a chat to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to advise you further.

Start promoting your brand today ... Promotional products WORK!

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