Broadcast Your Brand Identity With Customised Speakers

With smart devices taking off, companies across the globe are working on some excellent peripherals that boost the capability of each device. And few peripherals are as functional or as attractive as promotional wireless speakers. Granted, wired speakers are still a thing, and getting a pair will definitely be worth every penny. But there’s just something so modern and streamlined about a set of speakers that merely requires an app click to connect.

Now, using wireless speakers as promo material might sound expensive, and compared to other branded merch, it definitely is. But there’s a lot more to this particular item than meets the eye. In this article, we will go over exactly why we as brand owners need to consider wireless promotional speakers as our next item of interest to share with our clients.


The Benefits of Wireless Promo Speakers


A typical pair of speakers can do a lot for phone users. Most of these speakers play sounds in stereo, meaning that anything we have on will get a much-needed boost. Therefore, we get the convenience of a powerful music player with nothing but a Bluetooth connection and a couple of small peripheral items.

But it goes beyond even that. Considering that it’s a Bluetooth connection, we can also link any device that has the same type of connectivity. In other words, any smart pad, laptop, car radio, or even some new CandyBar numpad mobile phones can play their tunes over these amazing items.


We stress the Bluetooth point because it is vital for this particular device. And not simply because it can link so many devices that we own. Rather, it can link so many devices that other people own as well.

With the right pair of promotional speakers like our Melody Wheat Straw Bluetooth Speakers, both us and our friends and family can play music at an optimal volume and level of clarity. All we have to do is turn on sharing on each device, and anyone we know can access the speaker, playing those stunning songs, videos, or podcasts whenever they feel like it.


Let’s move on from what the speaker can do for the user(s) and focus on what it can do for the brand. Namely, when we think of brand items, what’s the first set of objects that comes to mind? Well, here’s our short, by no means an extensive list of such things:

All of those are great for a while, and people still use them as promo items for their brands. But when we look at these items, they don’t exactly scream ‘originality’, now do they?

On the other hand, if a client receives a wireless set of speakers, it’s a whole other story. Not only will the item stand out, but the buyer will be freely talking about it with other potential users, such as their friends and family.

Marketing Opportunity

Thanks to their neat design and a plethora of shapes, we can use promotional speakers as the perfect marketing tool. For example, we can print our company logo, slogan, and contact info on the broad side of each speaker. Some clever advertisers even use the speaker’s diaphragm to paint, emboss, or otherwise apply the company logo. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Naturally, marketing goes well beyond simply printing a few slogans here and there. In addition, it takes a bit of virality to make a product well-known. To put it differently, the more people take a look at our speakers, the more they will tell about it to their close ones, and we get a whole new batch of customers from there.


Broadly speaking, a pen will run out of ink, and a pencil will be sharpened to a tiny point, which makes them short-lasting items. However, most electronic peripherals, such as speakers, have a lengthy expiration date. Usually, that can be anywhere between 12 and 24 months after the day of the purchase, at least on paper. In practice, if we maintain them well enough, our speakers can last us for years before we even feel the need to replace them.

As such, speakers are perfect for people who want a bit more value for their money when it comes to promo items. They will last long enough and expire right around the time we as a brand can advertise a new batch of cutting-edge speakers for the next generation of shoppers.

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Expanding Brand Awareness with Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

As we can see, branded promotional speakers come with a huge set of benefits. And once we sell a batch or two, we can reap all of the successes that inevitably come with such spectacular branded items.

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