Why Should You Go for Branded Water Bottles?
Today, promotional items, such as branded water bottles, printed mugs, and custom pens, are a key part of any good marketing campaign. Provided they’re practical and well designed, they can tap into people’s emotions and make them not only remember a brand but also create positive memories around it.

Though branding isn’t anything new, we first came to know it in its present form back in the 1950s. Its goal was fairly simple — by giving a product an identity, it could stand out from the competitors’ goods. Sales could no longer depend on quality alone. It was time to add some emotional value to products that would essentially make customers loyal to one brand.

With promotional products, we’re trying to do something similar. Of course, your company has its very own services and products that it’s trying to push on the market. However, giving people some well-branded freebies should boost brand visibility and improve your company’s image. Better still, promo items let your audience interact with your brand without feeling pressure to give back.

Naturally, by making the products superbly useful and possibly even life-changing, those who receive them undoubtedly create positive associations with the brand itself. And that alone is enough to help them choose that brand over others every time.


How Promotional Products Help Your Business

1. (Free) Advertising at Every Corner…

Though businesses do need to invest a bit of money in creating their branded merchandise, the return on investment is well worth that chunk of their marketing budget.

The greatest appeal of promotional products is that they’re usually common items anyone can use every day. Think custom notebooks, branded clothingprinted keychains, and logo mugs — all of those are practical items that cater to the needs of both the young and the old.

More importantly, branded merchandise influences a variety of people with every use. Whenever those items are in circulation, they’re making impressions on anyone who glances at them. Pure visibility is their greatest strength. With them, your logo and company information end up in front of curious eyes every day without you even having to lift a finger for it.

A good example of this is a branded bag, such as the one people can use to pack groceries in. Yes, you’d have to find a reliable partner to make these bags and think of an attractive design that would make them impactful but still wearable. But they are worth the trouble when you consider how many impressions they’d generate on a daily basis. In the stores, checkout queues, and even on the street — anyone who sees the bag will also see your logo and perhaps even memorise it.

…and a Brand Recognition Boost

Given that humans have a striking ability to retain pictures, even when they’re presented to them for a short while, a surge in brand recognition is all but a guarantee with promotional products.

And the best part? People tend to gravitate toward things they recognise. So, the next time someone sees your logo, they may instantly feel more familiar with it and thus more interested in learning more about your company. Better still, if you produce readily available products, just seeing your logo on a few promo items a few times may be enough to make them choose your brand over your competitors.

2. Word-of-Mouth Advertising That Builds Fundamental Trust

No matter how incredible ads can be, good old word-of-mouth promotion is still a fantastic advertising method to rely on. The reason for this is simple — if someone recommends a brand directly, that kind of ad is seen as more trustworthy than something viewed on TV or in the newspaper.

With free promo item giveaways, you will essentially turn a whole group of people into your walking ads. But more importantly, by accepting those items and using them, those people are giving you their seal of approval. And everybody around them knows that — so they’ll be more inclined to trust you and your company.

What’s more, branded merchandise is also capable of sparking conversation. When someone sees an attractive, useful product with a gorgeous logo on it, they’re probably going to wonder what that company is all about. To find out more, they may look up the company online — or do the more sensible thing of asking questions directly.

That’s when the recipients of your freebies can truly shine. They can promote your company further and provide positive feedback that would undoubtedly influence those curious about your company. In the end, your promo items could not only cement the interest of your brand ambassadors but also generate long-lasting impressions among those around them.

3. Low Chance of Failure

Finally, one of the best parts about using promotional merchandise is that there’s hardly any person out there who’d refuse it. We all love free stuff, especially if it’s practical and can be used on a daily basis at home, in the office, while commuting etc.

No matter where or how you give away your freebies, you will achieve two incredible goals:

  • You will get a chance to etch your logo and company information into someone’s mind. If they continue using the product, each use will remind them of your company once more.
  • You will inspire positive feelings about your company. Promo items should be practical and make someone’s life easier or at least a bit more interesting. Thus, those who receive them could think more fondly of the companies that gave them. Better still, the items may slowly breed loyalty as they’re seen as valuable gifts that have improved someone’s life.


How to Get the Best ROI with Your Promotional Products

1. Consider Your Budget

Before committing to a product, it’s crucial to assess your budget and figure out how much you can afford to spend on branded merchandise. The good news is that the promotional products industry consists of various options suitable for any marketing budget.

When properly distributed, even the most affordable items can have a big impact. However, when you know where you stand budget-wise, you may find that spending a bit more now could pay off big time in the future.

You could also invest in different promo products at different times. Perhaps branded apparel isn’t the best option for you right now. Instead, look into more affordable items like water bottles that could also provide you with the ROI you’re after.

2. Think About Your Audience’s Needs and Wants

Still, even when you have a particular promo product in mind, don’t forget to check how desirable it would be for your target audience. Use common sense here and find out what they’d find most practical to use — that kind of product could become a part of their everyday lives.

Better yet, keep the products tied to your industry. If you own a flower shop, for instance, don’t invest in hoodies but in tiny plant pots. Likewise, if you own a sports store, go for products that would serve both your current and potential customers well, like sports water bottles and sports bags.

3. Make the Products Relevant to the Events

Giving away practical freebies at various events is a fantastic way of creating positive associations in the audience’s minds. Remember, however, that these events give you access to a ton of potential customers — so first impressions definitely count.

Your freebies won’t achieve the deserved effect if they don’t match the event theme. Sure, they may be taken home at the end of the night. But if they are quite random, it’s likely that nobody will use them or be very impressed by them.

To avoid negative reactions, carefully consider the time and place of the event, as well as the whole atmosphere. Let’s say, for example, that you’re hosting a fundraiser at the beach. Don’t hope for your branded hoodies or customised calendars to win over the crowd. Instead, invest in promotional beach accessories that will be seen as practical right there and then (and definitely used throughout the summer).

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Timeless Water Bottles: How to Pick the Right Option for Your Marketing Campaign

By now, we have learned just how useful branded merchandise is for boosting brand awareness. Now, let’s get back to the question of the day — why should you go for printed water bottles?

Drinking water is essential to any human being, so you’re dealing with an eager crowd already. What’s more, spending money on disposable bottles is a huge waste. More and more people are trying to step away from such behaviour in favour of reusable containers.

Therefore, your branded water bottles could become everyday must-haves in your target audience’s lives. They’ll use them whenever they leave the house, so the bottles will be able to generate tons of impressions every day.

Better still, if you go for the right kind, you’re looking at years of impressions based on a single investment. As long as the bottles stay in use (and wear and tear don’t destroy them), they’ll keep advertising your company.

The type of bottle you go for, however, will depend on your budget and the expectations you have from your promotional campaign. Here are the options most businesses consider and their pros and cons:

Plastic Sports Bottles


  • Affordable for most businesses
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for high-volume events, like picnics, company outings, festivals, etc.


  • Not very durable
  • They can warp in the heat

Tritan Tumblers


  • Keep water cooler for longer due to increased insulation
  • No condensation
  • Usually come with straws, so they’re easier to use (especially for travel), and there’s less spillage
  • High-quality options for employee gifts and giveaways due to their durability


  • Shouldn’t be used with hot liquids
  • More expensive than plastic bottles, so they’re not ideal for high-volume events

Glass Bottles


  • Made from a more durable, inflexible type of plastic (so their shelf life is a bit longer)
  • A low-cost option that’ll stay in use for longer than regular plastic bottles
  • Great for sports events as they don’t get damaged so easily


  • At some point, the wear and tear will get to them
  • They shouldn’t be used for storing hot liquids

Metal Bottles


  • Both low- and high-cost options are available (from aluminium to stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles)
  • High-quality options for various events (raffles, holiday gifts, job promotions, etc.)
  • So durable that they could stay in use for years to come, thus constantly boosting the company’s brand visibility
  • They help the company appear more quality-focused (while more affordable bottles may make you seem cheap)
  • Will impress environmentally conscious people and help reduce global plastic bottle waste


  • They might be too expensive for high-volume events

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Are Branded Water Bottles the Right Choice for You?

It’s hard to ignore the appeal of branded water bottles after learning about everything they could do for your business’s future and its image. Apart from simply drawing attention to your logo, quality water bottles can help you build trust and make your brand more recognisable overall.

Their value is reflected in their use for both short and long-term goals. If, for instance, you want to generate multiple impressions at a sports event, investing in some classic plastic water bottles should be enough to drastically boost brand visibility. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to invest a bit more to keep generating impressions for years, your branded metal water bottles will help you achieve just that.

Plus, you can use custom water bottles for basically any event you have in mind, from concerts and festivals to sports events, parties, and picnics. These are coveted items even in corporate settings, so you could definitely use them as employee incentives, holiday gifts, and more.

So don’t wait any longer. It’s time to bring your brand recognition to a whole new level and invest in branded products that offer maximum ROI without draining your marketing budget. Check out what we have to offer right now, and let us know when you’ve found the perfect branded water bottles for your next promotional campaign!

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As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to talk through your ideas. Together, we’ll make sure your chosen water bottles or any other branded items fit any event or giveaway you have in mind! You may give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.