Why Buy Promotional Mugs - 5 Reasons Why They Make Great Promotional Products

Promotional mugs are useful and convenient,
branded mugs are a step in the right direction

Promotional mugs have been around for quite some time now. More often than not, everyone has at least one of them at home or in the office. Even if you check your kitchen cupboard right now, you’ll probably find at least one promotional mug from that company you used to work with. But, have you ever wondered why everyone keeps using branded mugs?

A human brain is a wonderful thing that tends to follow the stimuli that the everyday life gives to it. So, when it comes to branded mugs, it’s all so very simple – we’re using them because they are free, accessible and useful.

But, why are they the perfect type of promotional merchandise? Well, it’s because you’re not just helping people by giving them printed mugs. At the same time, you’re also raising brand awareness without breaking a sweat.

1. You can boost brand awareness one mug at a time

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? And how about tea? Are you a regular drinker? If yes, then you probably have a favourite mug. But, did you pick it or is it a part of a particular brand’s promotional campaign?

No matter if you are a new or a seasoned business owner, at the end of the day, you are a human being. You probably love free things too! And, just like other regular humans, your clients will also get EXCITED about the free, useful stuff.

Take McDonald’s as an example. They have been trying to boost their following by giving out free merchandise. And, to be honest, it’s going pretty well for them. There’s always an incentive related to the things you order, so you have to make sure you’re hungry if you want to get a free mug!

After you finish eating, you’re going to bring your brand new mug home and add it to your collection. Seems like a sweet ending, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, that little mug’s journey is not over yet.

That’s when the marketing campaign continues. Whether you like it or not, a day will come when all your other mugs will not look as attractive as that mug. You’ll start using it more often. You might even let others use it as well. What’s more, you might even go back to McDonald’s and buy more food – just to get another one! And just like that, you are very aware of the existence and the qualities of that particular fast food chain.

The idea of your brand will spread around

These mugs are some of the most effective marketing tools out there. You are going to give them to valued customers and potential clients who will then start using them over and over again. After a while, their whole network will know your brand just by looking at the mug every time the person takes a sip from it. And, since it’s printed and well designed, the idea of your brand and your company will get stuck in others’ minds.

2. Mugs Offer a cost-effective, long-lasting marketing campaign

Money trouble is what business owners try to avoid as much as they can. After all, in order for your business to blossom into a wonderful flower that it deserves to be – you have to know how to manage money.

However, custom branded mugs are a fantastic idea if you are looking to build a lasting marketing campaign without breaking your all important marketing budget.

Think about it. You’re not going to order one mug and give it to just one client you’re trying to reach – you’re going to order hundreds of them. Because of the amount, the price will be lower, but the results over the years will be as reliable as they are desirable.

Nevertheless, if you are worried about the ROI – don’t be. No matter what kind you get, there is a great chance that the printed mugs will cost a lot less than a traditional marketing campaign.

Because of that, the return on investment is almost unbelievable. During the next decade or so, someone out there will be using your branded mugs as everyday drinkware, and dozens of people will see your message – every single day.

3.Versatility and practicality and everyday use – oh my!

Sure, promotional mugs are an excellent type of corporate drinkware, and as you already know, you can, well…drink from them. But, usually, they are even more versatile when it comes to our day-to-day lives.

Most CEOs often use their branded mugs as pen holders. Their employees, who also got the mugs as part of an incentive (that’s another use!), keep them on their desk and use them every day.

And, let’s not forget about people who are connected to your company. They have all been in the presence of the branded mugs, possibly wondering if they could get one.

So, if you want to use promotional products, it’s crucial to think about the usage and the versatility. People don’t want something they can discard without giving it a second thought. They actually want things that can be used every day without even thinking about it – something PRACTICAL.

That’s why printed mugs appear in many homes and offices – everyone’s using them for all sorts of things, and usually, they are unaware of the marketing campaign that’s behind that one, seemingly simple product.

4. Mugs are promotional products for all occasions

Most people will tell you that there is a time and a place for everything. Well, luckily for you, printed mugs are a fantastic addition to any event, no matter how big or small.

Since everyone wants free stuff, and you want brand ambassadors who will use that stuff, you can create printed mugs for any trade show, exhibition, seminar or conference. You can even use them in the office!

It’s a reasonable decision to use corporate branded mugs as a way of getting more clients and customers. It all comes down to reciprocity; you give them free mugs, and they give back by being the message conveyors and unique supporters during or after different events.

Some of our best selling mugs include:

What happens once you give the mugs?

Once people get the mugs, they will become aware of your company’s message. They will know that you are thinking about your clients. What’s more, they will see that you have their best interest in mind – that you care. That will make them somewhat obliged to give back to the company that doesn’t see them as a bank account.

Therefore, they will use the mugs and talk about them. Most of them will see the mugs every day whenever they open their kitchen cupboard, and they will even use them whenever someone comes round for tea or coffee.

So, those few hours you’ve spent on a conference or any other promotional event will have an incredible effect on your company’s success. Furthermore, since the printed mugs come in all shapes, sizes and designs, you will be “imprinting” your brand’s logo and information in the potential customer’s memory.

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5. Mugs change perception via sips and stirs

Lastly, it’s crucial to mention one final detail – your promotional mugs can change the potential client’s perception.

How, you may ask? Well, again, it all comes down to our brains. The mugs will prove to be a great incentive if you offer them in your shops. Customers are more than willing to change their preferred brand for another one if they’re getting something new out of it.

Our need to have free things is a strong one. But, that promotional mug isn’t necessarily free if you have to spend an X amount of money on other products. Yet, in the customer’s mind, it’s something they need, want and can use. And, since it won’t actually require them to dig through their pockets, there’s no reason not to seize the opportunity!

Because of this change of perception, branded mugs are reliable tools in the everyday marketing campaigns. They are the first thing a supermarket will think of if they want to sell more goods. Not to mention that the benefits just keep adding up over the years.

Finally, promotional mugs are durable and made to last until they get broken. And, guess what? Even if that happens, there are bound to be more events where people can find more mugs.

Therefore, it’s time to seize the day and use the world of promotional mugs to your advantage. Only then will you ensure that your brand finds a way to someone’s home!

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There are countless options available when it comes to choosing promotional mugs and similar low cost promotional products to promote and in vigour interest in your brand.

Take a look at our wide selection of promotional mugs and drinkware and we’re sure you will find the perfect item for your next promotion. If however, you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.