What is a Brand Promise?

Your Brand Is a Promise of What We Deliver

We are all aware of the fact that brands lead to responses. After all, there are many people out there who are obsessed with their brand new iPhone or car. That tells us that we connect certain feelings to a brand, and that we have expectations. That’s why brands are known for their promises with which they attract customers.

However, brands must keep up with those promises if they want to keep their consumers. Otherwise, consumers can easily select another brand – one that hasn’t given them empty promises about service or product performance, for example. Thus, it’s obvious that a brand promise is what we say to consumers – we tell them what they can expect from our brand. As such, it’s expected that brands deliver on those promises and meet the consumers’ needs and expectations every time. Only that way can brands actually flourish into large enterprises with lots of followers and success.

Nevertheless, leaders tend to make certain mistakes in regard to the delivery and execution of their brand promises and below are the most common of these:


Mistake #1 -Failure to recognise customer’s expectations in advance

Let’s see an example here. You might be working on opening a gourmet restaurant. More often than not, when your target customer finds out about your restaurant, they will have certain expectations. Those expectations can be either physical or abstract, yet they will have them. They will expect from your restaurant to have a certain type of food, elegant menus and sophisticated placemats. Thus, they’ve realised what your brand promise is, and they’ve built their expectations around it.

So where’s the mistake? Some business leaders tend to forget about these expectations and later wonder why some people just don’t like their brand. In essence, it’s because they’ve had a whole different image in mind. Thus, it’s vital to wholeheartedly work on your brand promise and pay attention to the smallest of details.


Mistake #2 – System implementation that breeds negative experiences

Most business leaders want to save time and money at all costs. However, we often forget that human beings love being taken care of. They want to feel as if some experience is entirely unique and centred around them and solely them. Thus, if your gourmet restaurant only accepts certain credit cards, the customer might feel bad. They might even think that you are not that service-oriented. Therefore, you can easily lose sales and have to supplement the losses with other services that might lead to more customers. But what if you don’t have any alternatives? Then your potential customers can easily opt for another brand.


Mistake #3 – Not hiring the best candidates

Your brand is the entity that makes a certain promise, but your staff is actually the one that executes it. Because of that, if you’re not paying attention to who you’re hiring, you will never grow your business. Excellent staff is there to give your customers a wonderful experience. In contrast, bad staff can easily make you lose sales and build a horrible reputation. Thus, before you just hire anybody, make sure you can train that person. A trained staff is a good staff that will help you become a business leader. Meanwhile, bad staff is the one that will help your competitors drive you off the market.

In order for you to become a successful business leader, your brand has to be reliable, authentic, and most importantly, dependable. You ought to use your good name to build your business from scratch. Most importantly, you have to do your very best to always deliver on your brand promise. Only then will you have a shot at dazzling your target audience and leading your niche market.

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