We are in search of the ‘special one!’ is that you?

Due to continued growth, GoPromotional is delighted to announce that it is now in search of a talented individual to fill the very unique, and exciting role of …


UK Strategic Business Development Manager!

Why unique and exciting I hear you ask? Well read on!

GoPromotional is a tier one player in the online promotional products arena with a rapidly expanding presence, driven by an in-house team of internet marketing specialists most could only dream of having at their disposal.

Their unrivalled passion and desire to make things happen has resulted in the growth of an impressive client database which each month that passes grows by over 1,000 new opportunities from businesses and organisations of all shapes sizes.

Sadly, GoPromotional’s amazing internet sales team do not have the time to effectively develop these fabulous opportunities. They are exceptionally good at what they do and work tirelessly, but every day they arrive at the office, their inboxes are overflowing with brand new client quote requests to progress, and the volume just never seems to slow down!

With such an enviable problem to have, GoPromotional is now is search of a talented individual who sees this dilemma as a golden ticket opportunity!

So, this is where we hope you come in!

As UK Strategic Business Development Manager your role would be :-

  • To liaise with our Internet Sales Manager and cherry pick from over 1000 incoming (yes no cold calling – EVER!) client opportunities each month those which you see as prime opportunities to further develop into strategic client accounts.
  • From our huge existing database of buying and lapsed clients, to cherry pick again those accounts which you feel could be developed further, buy asking the right questions and building long term relationships.
  • To liaise with our marketing team to help devise and produce innovative new campaigns to help continue to grow the business.
  • Following your undoubted success at the above, over a period of time to develop your very own team – your people – your way!

What can GoPromotional offer you?

  • As a starting point, a great package and one with uncapped opportunity for personal growth – simply put ‘how hungry are you?’
  • A huge database of existing buying and lapsed clients with untapped growth potential – seeing is believing!
  • The full support and backing of our insane marketing team – and believe me they are!
  • A state of the art in-house developed software system to enable you to intelligently manage your database of customers and client opportunities.

What’s next?

Simple, we could list all the attributes that are required to make a success of this exciting opportunity, however if you have a proven track record of making things happen in a similar role, then we would be wasting our time as you know exactly what skills this role requires.

So, having laid out what we are looking for, if you feel this is the perfect one-off opportunity you have been searching for, simply pick the phone up and say ‘hello’ or email gareth@gopromotional.co.uk and let’s get the conversation started!


Remember – success comes to those who wake up hungry every day!