Even when you are writing for business, humor can help your content. Of course it depends on the type of business that you have the persona or personality of your writing, but in almost every type of business, humor will help lighten the mood and make it easier and more enjoyable for your target audience to read. Here are 5 reasons why you should use humor in your content.

  1. Humor Helps with Social Shares: If most of your content writing is for the purpose of educating and being shared on social channels, then that is one of the best reasons to use humorous content. Humor gets more shares and helps spread your content through social. It also has many other benefits within social media settings. Whether your content is on your blog, your website, or your social channels, incorporating humor into it will help readers coming back for more and sharing your content on their own social channels.
  2. Humor Creates Unity: If your content makes your readers laugh, they will feel more connected to your company. Laughing together can help your customers feel a sense of community and even loyalty to your company or brand.
  3. Humor Triggers an Emotional Response: There are many different emotions that can be brought about through your company’s content. The emotional response triggered by humor is always positive. Positive feeling brought about by your company can only have positive results from your customers. They will have a more positive feeling about your company and so will others that they influence.
  4. Humor Makes Your Company Memorable: When consumers find your company’s content humorous, they are also more likely to remember your company. In addition, that memory is also likely to be in a positive light. Positive feeling create memories. Research shows  that positive memories are less likely to fade than negative ones.


Of course, not everything can be humorous when it comes to business, but adding in the right mix of humorous content and using it tastefully will go a long way towards helping your content get shared on social media, create unity among your customers, trigger an emotional response with your readers, and help your company be more memorable. Some ideas for humorous content:


  • Top 10 Lists
  • Funny things that happened at the office
  • Memes
  • Cartoons
  • Quotes
  • Behind the scenes (almost like bloopers)
  • Recycle old content
  • Infographics